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Should I buy a Used Ergonomic Chair?

29 March 2021

Whether you should buy a used ergonomic chair or not is a tricky question. If you want to enhance your office interior, replacing your furniture is a must for an impeccable look. Your office chair gives potential clients a good impression and also increases productivity of your employees. It is possible to spend up to 40 hours every week in your office. Therefore, you require the best ergonomic chair you can afford. Buying a used ergonomic chair sounds like a good idea because it's cheaper than a new one, but not the best in the long run.

Pros of Buying Used Office Chairs

Low price

The primary reason for buying used office chairs is that they are affordable. This is true, and your chances of buying a high-end brand one at a good deal are high. But, you should always consider quality first when purchasing a secondhand item. Buy a chair that will last for years and give you the value of money spent. Sometimes, you may be lucky to find a pre-owned chair as good as a new one. However, you should expect the chair to have some wear and tear signs here and there.

Good for the environment

When buying secondhand chairs, you save money and favor the environment. Buying second hand furniture keeps the chairs out of landfills. It is also an ideal way to support the local economy. This reduces carbon footprint and makes the earth healthier and safer for humans.

Allows customization

After buying a secondhand chair, you can customize it with the money you saved from the deal. You can add features and enhance its look to fit your needs perfectly. The chair gets some personal touch that suits your taste while offering convenience. Your dream to own an ergonomic office chair comes true at a low cost, which is impossible with new chairs.

Some of the customizations you can make include customizing an old chair's interiors and some back support changes and its base more comfortable. When customized properly, second hand office chairs can look as good as new ones while making them user-friendly and safe.

Cons of Buying Used Office Chairs

No warranty

The majority of used ergonomic chairs do not come without a warranty or any service plan. However, you may find some dealers who give a limited warranty and even offer return options. The warranty will definitely not be as good as what is offered for new office chairs. So, while you are saving money by buying a secondhand chair, you also put yourself at risk. You cannot be sure that the chair will be working in the next six months. The secret lurking beneath the used furniture is only known by the former owner. If you are thinking of buying secondhand items, reconsider because no one will ever tell you honestly why they are selling their chair

Low Price is costly

Sometimes, you find a used ergonomic office chair at a low price. But it may have numerous hidden problems that will cost you more than a new chair would. Be wise and buy something worth your money. If it is not safe or usable, do not buy. Go for a new ergonomic chair that you can afford. In most cases, the cheaper the chair, the lesser it's worth and will definitely not serve the intended purpose. It will require costly repairs to make it look good enough to use in your office.


Nothing can be tiresome and demotivating, like an office chair that cannot work with your desk or any furniture pieces. When buying used chairs, your choice is limited, and the reason some people end up with the wrong chair.

While you may find a priceless mid-century chair and fall in love with it, you can be sure that it will not match modern furniture. Size is another issue that you may have to deal with. An office looks terrible with some chairs bigger than others. Remember, these are pieces made by different manufacturers, so their functional levels cannot match. The best advice is to buy new furniture pieces, and they will connect seamlessly.

Quality check

It's difficult to point out minor dents and damages on some of the used furniture with just a single look. You know that it is impossible to get perfect goods when buying used furniture but the chair should have minimal imperfections. This ensures safety, functionality and an appealing appearance. Safety is also important and should not be overlooked regardless of the price.

Some of these chairs will not last a day despite looking perfect. Remember that used furniture can be made of high-quality materials, but the furniture's durability decreases as time passes. The chairs or tables are used, and there is no way the durability would be anything close to what new pieces offer. Its shelf life depends on how it was taken care of by the previous owner, which means you may end up with furniture that wasn't adequately maintained.

Limited quantity

For those fond of matching or pairing items, limited quantity implies no other similar pieces are available. If you want to have uniform chairs and desks, buy new items. You have no freedom of choosing the brand, model, color, and quality as a first come, first serve basis when buying used furniture. What was offered to you is just one piece, and it's hard to find a piece that looks the same.

Should you buy a used or new ergonomic chair?

You decide whether to buy a new or a used office chair depending on several things. Consider if your clients or customers will be visiting your office. If so, go for a new quality and appealing chair. Also, considering your staff members is essential. Young people are likely to be impressed by new chairs because they are modern. Some chairs can put off your employees, which is likely to hinder business growth as their productivity will always be low.

Above all, your budget will determine the chair you can get, but the best advice is to purchase an excellent new chair, whether you are an established or start-up business. You can start small and change later, but go for the right ergonomic office chair for inspiration, motivation, and energy at work.