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Sleek Office Desks To Prepare You Back To Work

26 May 2021

Nothing screams boring more than a plain old office desk that only serves one function.

However, FlexiSpot offers a whole array of desks that not only cater to your work needs but with the health of your spine as well. Aside from being ergonomically sound, these desks are also a sleek addition to hype you about working in the office again.

These are the sleek and stylish standing desks that FlexiSpot offers based on your budget and aesthetic.

Theodore Standing Desk-48" W

The Theodore Standing Desk-48"W features a classic look that exudes elegance and timelessness. 

The old meets the new with timeless and traditional American design elements and combines ergonomic technology with cutting-edge designs that would perfectly fit any office. The Theodore Standing Desk beautifully blends the past and future by featuring an embedded USB port where you can keep your phone powered through the day as you sort out your busy schedule.

Your spine would thank you as the Theodore can easily accommodate any height you want with a single touch of a button. The integrated storage drawer provides a seamless storage space where you can put all of your supplies for optimum convenience.

Customer Reviews:

“I've been using this desk for a few days now and it greatly improved my work from home situation. Alternating between sitting and standing is something I missed from days when I could still work from the office. The desk shipped quickly and the packaging was very high quality. Some parts were pre-assembled already, so it was not hard to assemble. The desk is elegant and sturdy. I am now using it every day and already recommend it to my friends.” - Teresa

“I bought this rustic standing desk for my girl for her virtual school days. I was trying to find something that matched her bedroom set as much as possible, this matched perfectly. And the good thing is that the desk is very easy to assemble, which only took us about 20 minutes. My girl was very happy with this rustic stand-up desk.Worth the money!” - John

“A bit expensive when I saw the price. And then, I searched the internet trying to find a similar desk with a lower price. But I failed. So here it is. I went back to FlexiSpot and I placed an order. When I got the desk, I assembled it right away. Very easy to assemble and the instruction is easy to read. Now I have been using the desk for about 1 week, honestly, I am very satisfied with it. The height adjustment of this desk is smooth and silent. And I usually put my books, my pens, and my Ipad in the drawer and leave more space when I need to work on the desk. Conclusion: worth the money.” - Amanda

“When it arrived, I opened the parcel and the desk frame and tabletop were there. Some parts were pre-assembled. And I took out the desk and assembled the desk legs. The assembly didn't take me too much time, which was great. After assembly, I pushed the down button to the lowest position to reset the desk, the desk smoothly went down with silence. And then I pressed the up button, the desk went up smoothly. What an amazing experience. All in all, I love my first standing desk.” - Ashley

“Just arrived and I love this desk. We normally get furniture from Target/Ikea/Wayfair. The quality of this desk for the price is excellent. The color is nice and elegant. And the best part - I didn't have to spend half my Saturday assembling it.” - William

“They have smooth surfaces, which are nice for using as a work surface. They don't look fake or cheesy. Delivery went smoothly, the installation was not hard. All packed in one box. No complaints at all.” - Adele

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

You can never go wrong with the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (eco & pro). The professional designers from FlexiSpot carefully crafted the Seiffen that are ideal for both home and office settings.

Choose between the two high-quality yet equally environmentally sustainable desktop options of your liking. The 1" thick chipboard desktop is available in a multitude of solid colors and wooden textures. This choice is excellent if you want durability, consistent matching colors, and symmetry in the patterns that comes at a great price. The chipboard desktop has also passed product safety testing and certifications by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Another option would be the medium density fiberboard. This is a great choice if you want a smooth working surface with no kinks or knots. The MDF comes with a curved desktop that makes it more comfortable for your wrist during long working hours. You will also make the environmentally-friendly choice with the MDF that meets CARB and EPA standards. Your MDF desktop comes equipped with dual cable management holes that help you keep your workspace tidy and organized.

“This desk is perfect—high quality, elegant and affordable. I have looked at standing desks all year but so glad to have found Flexispot. Working as a web designer, having this standing desk has been truly transformative. I work with a large screen clamped to the desk, can change standing/sitting easily, and can keep my desk organized on the large space without having to move everything every time I want to stand. Love it!” - Carrie H.

“I got the full single office set - standup desk, lockable cabinet, and desk cycle. The desk lifts and lowers whisper quiet, it is stable as a regular standing table and pretty. Some reviewers on Youtube said it wobbles, I'm convinced they simply did not tighten the main bolts underneath properly.

The set blends beautifully into my modern white walls and light gray flooring. It looks great, does not take up excessive space and the cycle rides whisper quiet. It is ridiculously easy to quietly and slowly cycle 9+ miles while working, just nice and slow. It gets your blood moving and your muscles gently engaged and toned. The seat is very comfy for a cycle.” - Anna B.

Whether you get the Theodore Standing Desk-48"W and Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (eco & pro), FlexiSpot guarantees the best ergonomic office desk that is a welcome addition to any working space.