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Sneaky Ways Home Office Chairs Can Harm Your Health

19 May 2021

An average office worker spends at least seven hours every day in an office chair. Industrially made office chairs damage your health and can make your back feel worse than it did at the start of the day.

Standard Office Chairs aren’t a Right Fit for Everyone 

Chairs are typically designed to suit 85 to 90% of the adult population. However, if you are particularly short, large, or tall, you may not be a good fit for a standardized chair design. Each body type requires a different chair style, which is why adjustable ergonomic chairs are a more suitable choice. 

The Problems with Sitting for too Long 

Sitting is medically recognized as one of the worst things we can do for our bodies, especially over a long period. Hence, it is crucial to realize that we should always sit in a chair that supports our body structure and does not damage our posture. Finding a chair that complements your body can be challenging. However, the Flexispot Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair can be your perfect match. 

Is Your Office Chair Hygienic?

Let's face it. You have no idea how old your office chair is or how long it has been used by someone else. There is no doubt in the fact that your office chair is a breeding ground for germs. All sorts of bacteria and germs can grow on your chai. We drop food on it, cough, sneeze, and even sweat in our office chairs. 

Your Office Chair Is Hurting You

Sitting in an office chair all day is bad for your health, especially if you are overdoing it. Some people work in intensive office settings where they cannot leave their desks that often. These employees usually face adverse health issues in high-pressure environments. 

Increased Body Fat 

Lack of movement and sitting in the wrong type of chair can cause weight gain. Other than this, work pressure can also result in you eating lunch at your worktable and not taking out the time to walk around or exercise your legs. 

It is crucial to understand that the body and mind both need to be healthy to reduce stress at work, even if you are working from home. Ensure that you take time out to move around and exercise your body at home or your workspace. 

Decreased Concentration

When you use a poorly made chair, you may feel a lack of concentration due to the discomfort. You will probably spend most of your time trying to find a comfortable position for your body and keep readjusting your position until you find a relaxing one. 

If your spine is not aligned with the rest of your muscles, your body has to overcompensate for you to stay upright. This can lead to increased fatigue and less oxygen circulation. Lack of oxygen stops you from being productive add makes you sleepy even if you got a full night’s sleep. 

Poor Blood Circulation

It might be unbelievable, but people who work desk jobs can also suffer cellular damage to the brain if their blood and oxygen levels do not function at full capacity. Even though this is the kind of damage that happens over a longer period; nonetheless, it is possible. 

If your chair is not adjusted properly, it can lower the blood flow towards your legs, shoulders, back, and neck. This can make you feel weak and unable to work. Even though you can contain this risk by exercising regularly, but sitting for long hours in a chair will continue to make you feel drowsy due to low blood circulation. 

Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain 

A popular misconception is that sitting around in an office chair all day will only increase your calories. However, a higher risk is of back and hip pain. 

If you have back pain or pain in your muscle tissues, your office chair is probably not well suited for your condition. Over sitting conditions can worsen your posture and can be detrimental to your health. You might not feel it at the end of the day, but in the long term, it is extremely harmful. 

You also might feel aches and pains in certain parts such as your shoulders, lower back, and lower rib area. Some chairs can cause muscle fatigue and cramping that can make you feel worse as the day progresses.

Digestive Problems 

Sitting for a long time can lead to indigestion. This happens because sitting in an ill-fitting chair can slow down the food's process to be properly dissolved in the bloodstream. If the digestion process does not take place as it's supposed to, it can lead to a sick stomach.

How Does Poor Posture Effect Your Productivity?

Workers who spend time in poorly designed chairs can suffer several negative consequences. Apart from being in constant discomfort, the workers are always distracted hence less productive. Other than this, a chair with poor body support can cause stiffness and numbness in the body that reduces your energy to work. 

What makes your Office Chair Bad for You?

Here are a few facts to help you spot flaws in your current office chairs:

· Chairs that don't offer lower back support are the greatest contributors to lower back pain and poor posture. 

· No padding on a seat can result in pressure on the discs and the lower back. 

· If your chair has a fixed backrest, it can put a strain on your back muscles as it is usually not adjustable. 

· Fixed armrests can get in the way of your desk, which can put pressure on your lower back and thighs as they aren't supported. 

· If your office seat is hard, it can put a lot of pressure on your lower back discs. 

· If your seat's height is not adjustable, it can lead to a lot of shoulder tension as you will need to reach up to your desk. 

· A hard backrest can put pressure on the spine. 

· If your chair does not have wheels, you can experience a lot of muscle strain to move your chair from one place to another. People can't sit still for 6 to 7 hours.

Why Order an Ergonomic Office Chair for your Home Office?

An ergonomic chair essentially allows your body to determine how the pressure gets distributed. In simpler words, you get to shape the chair; the chair doesn't shape you

Even if a person is short or tall, thin or bulky, an ergonomic chair can support each body type. The beauty of an ergonomic chair is not just comfort. It reduces the pressure on your body and encourages positive health factors.

An ergonomic office chair is supportive and comfortable to anyone who uses it through its adjustable design that can be customized to each person's body type. An ergonomic chair can encourage proper posture, minimize neck, hip, back, and shoulder pain, reduce the risk of neck problems, and decrease workplace distractions. 

The Flexispot Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair is the ultimate seating experience with a 3D lumbar support system. The 135-degree launch tilt and 4D adjustable armrests provide you with a gentle rebound system that helps conform to the neck and spine for maximum support. 

The cushioned armrests provide flexible and effortless comfort for your arms and elbows. The product itself is made from an ultimate breathable mesh. The temperature-sensitive fiber of the mesh offers maximum ventilation and is extremely durable. The 45-degree backrest allows you to recline in comfort, especially if you feel like taking a relaxing break. 

Investing a good quality ergonomic furniture for your home office has become a necessity considering the work from home situations brought about by the pandemic. Sitting in one designated spot to work all day feels much more challenging at home than it did at work. Hence, comfortable ergonomic furniture is essential not just for the body but also for the mind. 

Final Thoughts 

Regardless of the chair type, you need to realize that exercise is vital for a healthy lifestyle. No matter what your day at work looks like, you should spare a few minutes for yourself to walk around and let your blood flow. 

Working from home gives you the freedom to exercise while you work, which is something that you should take full advantage of. Many people in today’s situation have created make-shift home offices with the chairs they already had at home. 

However, the work-from-home situation is unpredictable and may last for a long time. Hence, it is wise to invest in a top-quality ergonomic chair for your home office because compromising your health is not a valid option.