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Standing Desk vs Yoga Ball: Which One Is Truly Better For You?

26 April 2021

Campaigns about workplace health management is on the rise thanks to the advent of social media and an overall awareness and thought put for a healthier lifestyle.

This in turn boosted the sales of two office paraphernalia, namely the standing desk and yoga ball, are said to both help with your health and specially your posture. But which of these office equipment will actually help you achieve your fitness goals? Also, how true are all of the claims and so-called benefits of these? Look no further on the internet because we will dive deep and investigate which of the two (standing test vs yoga ball) is truly better for you.

Let Us All Stand Up For The Standing Desk

Your usual office desk may have the useful drawers and space to put all your essentials on. However, the standing desk is the way to go if you want to alleviate back pain and help reduce the risk associated with sitting for extended periods of time.

A standing desk can also improve your concentration due to the fact that the act of standing can pump blood all over your body and the brain. If you have not noticed, look at how your work slows down even when you were just at the 2nd  hour mark of your shift. Let us also not ignore the fact that the monotony of an office desk job can be a round way ticket to Dreamland and sitting too much greatly improves your (bad) luck of accidentally dozing off at work. This is because we greatly associate sitting with time for relaxation-- meanwhile our whole body is at work when we stand up. Standing in turn makes us more alert to whatever the day brings and definitely more productive with each hour the clock strikes.   Which is why it is important to have a standing break in between rather than slouching.

Speaking of slouching, standing desks also helps minimize or relieve back pain. Standing even just for an hour while working at your standing desk helps mitigate the pressure your spine receives from sitting all day. You can also prevent the compression of the discs on your spine by using a standing desk.

With that being said, FlexiSpot’s wide array of ergonomic height adjustable standing desks can help you by a mile than a regular desk. Couple the standing desk with an ergonomic office chair (you can sit! Just make sure that you are mindful of how you sit and how long you do it.) and you got the perfect combination for productive work ahead

Having A Ball With The Yoga Ball

Between a standing chair and the yoga ball, it seems that the yoga ball is more of a fun choice than standing while working

There have been a lot of claims that the yoga ball is a fun and interesting solution for your sitting woes. And who would think so otherwise, right? After all, the yoga ball is used for exercising and it seems like a great way to inject some activeness to your burgeoning health from sitting too much.

Well, before you check out that yoga ball in your shopping cart, here are some things you need to know about the yoga ball’s claim to fame.

The yoga or stability ball is used to improve a person’s balance and activate the core and lower body muscles. It is said that by using the stability ball for sitting at your desk job, you also get the benefits it offers if you are working out at the gym. Some avid users even claim that using the yoga ball instead of a regular office chair have helped them improve their posture while lessening the pain associated with the latter.

While those claims sound too good to be true, it usually is. A comparative study by Gregory et al. Compared the stability ball versus an office chair. To do this, they had 14 participants to sit on the ball and chair for 1 hour each while doing various tasks at their workstation. They measured the activation of the eight muscles and lumbar posture while the participants go about their tasks. While they did find an increase in muscle activation, this pro is outweighed by the con that it is only by a small mile than using an office chair. The participants also reported experiencing some discomfort which proved to be a hindrance for them to focus on their work. Which is why the study concludes that a yoga ball does not really offer more benefits than a standard office chair. To have a great time using the ball, it is better if you stick to just using it while you are actually exercising and not just typing away. 


Still Stuck Between The Two?

If you are still on the fence between two seemingly great choices, just remember that what matters is your comfort and usage. To make your office experience worthwhile, you must still make an effort to add some exercise and activity to your everyday life. After all, there is no one solution that can cater to every one of your troubles. Just like the nutrients that you put in your body, you must put your body through different levels of exercise to have a greater chance at health. A yoga ball or a standing desk alone cannot solve all of your problems if not used properly. 

But for those who really need to make a choice, the standing desk is a better choice than a yoga ball. Aside from being multi-functional, it also is more comfortable than pressuring your muscles to keep your balance while working. Just get an ergonomic office chair with an ergonomic height adjustable standing desks to achieve greater results that is both comfortable and safe.

With that being said, fad health trends with hyped up reviews and testimonies have all sprung up on the world wide web. Even so, it is till your choice that your heart will follow in the end. And while getting information is definitely easier, it is still best to not get too caught up by a hype that is only backed up with claims.