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Standing Desks for your Office: Considerations

08 June 2021

There has never been a more exciting time in the world of ergonomic sit-stand desks than now, as the demand keeps regularly growing as more people want to buy. There are many factors to purchase a stand-up desk (also known as a sit-stand, height-adjustable, or standing desk), but there are so many options that choosing the right fit for your purposes can be daunting.

It's worth noting that standing all day can be just as bad as sitting all day. The best choice is to alternate between sitting and standing positions, even resting at a stool height counter. A sit-stand desk is suitable for someone who is tethered to a monitor or phone at a desk and cannot quickly get up to switch body positions. Another significant factor to remember is how you can implement sit-stand desks in your workspace. You could go all out (if you have the resources) and provide everybody with a height-adjustable desk, but this is not always possible.

Productivity is a Priority

A more active workplace is simply one with a higher number of the active workforce. Furthermore, it should have office accessories that promote motion and proper sitting and standing body posture. If the employers remain engaged, the organization's overall efficiency will undoubtedly rise. 

Most modern offices are now driving productivity in their workplaces with a brand-new rising desk and cutting-edge office products. These minor changes not only improve the overall workplace culture but also promote safe work practices. It is essential to have a comfortable workstation regardless of the office's setting. A pleasant workspace makes work more straightforward and allows you to offer your maximum performance.

Standing Desks in Workplaces

Our bodies are not sketched to sit for long periods. As a result, excessive sedentary eventually changes the brain and leads to a range of health problemsLower back pain is one of the most prevalent conditions. Furthermore, most who sit for long periods feel pain in their ankle, leg, back, elbow, wrist, and other areas. Weight gain is another health risk that could worsen as a result of too much inactivity. A stand-up desk is a creative way to function at your desk while still maintaining good health.

Standing desks are nothing new and have been around for a great many years. However, as software and job patterns change, office workspace ergonomics are constantly evolving, and the trend of embracing ergonomic equipment has been renewed. It is estimated that office workers spend about 1,500 hours, or more than 200 days a year, at work but spend most of this time sedentary. And, by now, numerous medical accounts have alleged the dangers of such prolonged sitting.

The use of a rising desk has dramatically reduced the harmful effects of sedentary living on overall well-being. Fewer back pains, increased stamina, clever calorie burn, and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease are only a few of the many advantages that stand-up users have methodically acknowledged. Standing is no longer regarded as a peculiar work habit but rather as a work trend. In reality, a few studies have validated the health and psychological benefits of standing desks. As a result, many companies have recognized the rising needs of their employees and have invested in customizable workplace equipment and flexible workstation devices.


With the sit/stand issue gaining traction, it is beneficial for companies to rethink office furniture design and the significant benefits of focusing on the health and safety of the workers. When selecting a standing desk, it is important to weigh all choices and carefully consider how they can use them. That way, you can be confident people will use them. Here are some items to think about when selecting a height-adjustable desk:

Desk depth

Many desks have at least a 30” width, which is sufficient for most users.

Anything less would push the display closer to the end-user, significantly reducing visual performance and inviting eye strain or irritation.


You will save more time for your task if you spend less time modifying your workspace.


Purchase a table, desk, or laptop device that moves from sitting to standing heights. They have the most versatility and resources for safe, productive activities as well as long-term well-being. Each desk on the market has its modification set, so choose one that fits you or whoever will be using it while fully seated and fully standing. The ideal range is 22.6′′ to 48.7′′, but this will vary depending on the height and needs of an individual. If several people would be using the sit-stand desk, it is best to find one with a large selection.


Motors are widely used in the construction of adjustable height desks. As a result, when they are used, they usually cling. Some types produce a lot of noise, while others have very little. When selecting a standing desk, keep noise in mind.


You want to be sure that your deck will withstand anything you intend to place on it. Not all of them would be able to support the weight of a desktop computer.

Desk width

Again, this is a function of limited space and your working interests. Adjustable desks and tables are available in a variety of sizes.


Consider whether you want to bring on or around it. You don't want to discourage people from adjusting their height for fear of knocking over an unstable display or slamming into a piece of equipment. You would be most concerned with how the desk performs the roles it is required to perform.

Leg fatigue

Standing fatigued is a common concern among people who use sit-stand desks. Wearing comfortable shoes, adding a riser to support one foot when standing, adding a gel pad or anti-fatigue mat, and encouraging people to gradually build up their tolerance by the amount of time they stand are several solutions.


Make sure you have access to a power outlet if you'd like a height-adjustable sit-stand desk that needs the power to work.

Adjustment mechanism

Standing desk adjustment mechanisms are classified into three types: electric, crank, and pneumatic. Electric or pneumatic is the most well-known of the three. The issue with crank changes is that they need you to crank them up more than once to achieve the best position.


Some desks can be easily programmed to various environments, making it extremely simple to achieve sound ergonomic principles every time.


Consider the best standing desk for your well-being and satisfaction. The best way to go about it is to determine how you'd like the desk to perform for you, the standard of excellence you want to achieve, and how long you want the stand-up desk to last.


A reliable standing desk can be expensive, so it must be worth something. That is where a decent warranty comes into play. It ensures that you are secured if your stand-up desks are damaged.

This desk furniture type of furniture will, without a doubt, play a significant role in optimizing your office as well as your regular performance figures. Browse FlexiSpot's extensive selection of standing desks and choose the one that best fits your needs. However, bear some of these considerations in mind when selecting stand-up desks for your office. After all, if you want your workers to work at their best, you should offer them what they deserve.