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Benefits of: Stationary Cycling vs. Brisk Walking

12 August 2021

Ergo Pain and Work Performance

You work the 9-5 job that needs much of your energy and time. You often feel that you are losing the drive to finish certain tasks for more than six hours because the entire time, you are sitting on your office chair doing the same routine. This would result in ergonomic pain such as: 

  • Neck Soreness- This is the condition wherein the pain usually starts with numbness around the neck. Then you might feel that throbbing pain on the nerves around your neck. This is what we call neck soreness. This is one of the common ergonomic pain that you might encounter that is caused by fatigue and stress
  • Shoulder Pain- This happens when you overuse your hands and arms. Oftentimes, when you do the same routine in the office over and over, you tend to feel the pain around the shoulders. At times, this also affects your arm and hand movements especially when they become sore and achy. 
  • Lumbar Pain- This is common to workers that do not practice the sit-stand movements. Usually, those people who spend 5 hours and beyond sitting, experience this kind of pain especially around the lumbar. This is dangerous and could put anyone at serious health risk because when the spine is injured or the pain around the lumbar would get worse, it could pose a serious threat to the person. So, if this is what you experience when working then you must take precautionary measures and switch to something ergonomic. 

So, now that we are enumerating the ergonomic problems that you might encounter when you face a lot of stress and fatigue in the office, we would also talk about how these could hamper your work performance. 

Imagine that you need to submit a lot of paperwork lying on the surface of the standing desk. You are so busy when suddenly you hear a cracking sound or you feel like the veins around your neck are blocked. When this happens, you might not be able to focus on your device, and moving your head left and right is difficult. That's what happens when you have a sore neck. 

If not the sore neck, you might experience shoulder pain. What would happen if you got shoulder pain? You might not be able to move your arms and hands properly. In actuality, the pain is felt around the shoulder blades. Once you experience this, try to pinch or touch the edge of the shoulder blade, you would feel that it is swollen or there is a sudden jolt of pain when you experience it. 

The lumbar pain might be one of those types of pain that is difficult to deal with because it would limit your movements. When you experience lumbar pain, it is difficult to bend. The lower part of the spine is a bit swollen. It's hard to reach for something especially when you need to stretch the back and so on. This is because when you have lumbar pain, working around the office is pretty difficult. You might not be able to move back and forth on your chair too. Hence, what is good is to try some ergonomic products like the ergonomic chair or a good stand-up desk so you could move flexibly and you may stand up slowly without harming your spine. 

Aside from this, you may also try some other ways to alleviate the ergo pain. It is best to consider more workout activities aside from having the best standing desk like the Theodore Standing Desk from Flexispot or ergonomic chairs such as the Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B. Once you indulge in more workout activities, you may be able to regain muscle strength, core strength, good body balance, a healthy heart, and strong bones. However, the question now is: which would you prefer to have? The one that you could do outside to get some fresh air but you could not do during workdays or the one that you could do while working? So, in the next part of the discussion, we will talk about two different workouts that you may have to alleviate ergonomic pain. 

Stationary Cycling vs. Brisk Walking - A Closer Look

If you are choosing between stationary cycling and brisk walking you must know what these types of exercise could offer you. This may help you choose which would be most likely be suitable.

First, stationary cycling like the one which you could do with the Flexispot Under Desk Bike V9U may help you moderately cycle and burn more than 200 calories in 30 minutes. As you cycle as well, it could stimulate blood circulation and could stimulate your upper body too because you could also speed up a little faster on a Desk bike than when brisk walking.

Brisk walking can burn fats however it's not as swift as the Desk Bike V9U when talking about losing calories. This is because a desk bike could offer a faster speed compared to brisk walking. That speed could increase the ability of the body to get rid of the calories. Hence, workouts are far better done with a piece of equipment such as the Desk Bike V9U from Flexispot. 

We can consider brisk walking as a good form of exercise like cycling on the desk bike. However, there could be possible constraints with that especially if you are a worker who is busy hitting the gym or going outside for a brisk walk. Hence, cycling on a desk bike like the Desk Bike V9U could be more advisable because you could multitask well as you lose calories. Aside from that, cycling at a moderate pace would be more recommendable especially if your blood sugar spikes up because of intense workouts. 

So, looking at the advantages of stationary cycling over brisk walking may help you decide which of the two could be more suitable for your needs. You may choose the one that is stationary but would help you lose calories while doing some work or the one that could make you lose calories but would be needing much of your time and could not optimize your weight loss. 

Final Thoughts

Ergo pain is inevitable but could be alleviated with the right piece of equipment or a proper fitness routine. That's why Flexispot is here to offer the best ergonomic solutions through products like the Desk Bike V9U. These products ensure that you will be ergonomically protected.