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11 Things to Avoid for Improved Productivity

21 July 2021

You've undoubtedly already seen "fail" videos to figure out what follows when a skateboarder slides towards the stairs, a bike comes too close to a hedge, or a dog charges at a patio door. Fail movies demonstrate Newton's law of motion, which states you'll keep moving until something stops you. 

Numerous small details can be your stairs, hedge, or patio door when it comes to promotions. You'll sit down to be doing something, start making a terrific effort, and then unexpectedly, some "external force" sends you on another path or completely stops your work. Even minor interruptions can have a significant impact on productivity. Luckily, there are safeguards in place to protect against them.

Distractions from people

Disturbances at the wrong moment can wreck you. Perhaps your boss swings by to meet when you've just reached your flow, or a teammate pings you on Slack with a "quick question." Even if you've turned off the annoying notifications, seeing those unread message signs can disrupt your concentration. Inform your colleagues that you would like not to be disturbed during particular periods. Create knowledge spaces that are accessible to everyone who needs them to prevent possible disruptions.

Obsessing about the future

Of course, you ought to have a long-term vision for your work, but to get somewhere, you must spend most of your time wisely every day on what is essential. Do at least one item every day that will help you achieve your long-term goals while keeping you focused on the now and not becoming overwhelmed by what might happen in the future. You don't have much influence over the future, especially given how quickly things are changing these days.


Everyone's sensitivity to clutter varies. Someone else's tidy office may appear dull and lacking the enthusiasm of others. Make your environment work for you. Each item in your field of vision should serve a purpose, and anything that is excessively distracting should be avoided. You may spend a few minutes each week cleaning up your physical workstation, but online, you can automate the maintenance so that you don't have messes in the first place.


The more you do at once, the less you get done. Multitasking might also cause you to miss deadlines and reduce the quality of the work. According to research, it is not possible to multitask since humans are not bred that way. Because the skill of multitasking is all about disruptions, you should avoid them if you want to be effective.

No ergonomics

One of the most serious threats to workplace productivity is a spike in injuries, which leads to an increase in the headcount who are absent from work. The majority of accidents are caused by strain from repetitive tasks or postures, rather than lifting large objects or slipping and falling. Employees who work on ergonomic workstations are more focused on their tasks. On the other hand, uncomfortable employees are sidetracked from their job and end up making blunders that they would not have made otherwise. Simple mistakes when operating equipment might result in raw material waste or catastrophic injuries. On the other side, errors in measurements, calculations, and other processes may degrade the quality of the product. 

Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular in many workplaces. Most people feel that standing for long periods can help them stay fit as part of a training regimen. Standing for lengthy periods at work, on the other hand, is frequently counter-productive. The majority of the workforce suffers from back and heel pain. You can boost productivity by reducing the number of hours that employees stand. Standard workstations should be used in addition to standing desks. Workplaces where employees serve consumers while seated can also be redesigned by making sure chairs are comfortable and that the body and limbs are appropriately aligned while working. Take some time to check out FlexiSpot for your ergonomic solutions needs.


Many people put off accomplishing a task because it isn't "perfect." Nothing is ever flawless, and it's far better to finish anything than to procrastinate on it for days on end. Many people will go over a document several times before they are satisfied with it. Instead, persuade yourself that you'd need to double-check it two or three times, and then it's done.

Excessive caffeine

Caffeine overdose can result in undesirable side effects such as dehydration, headaches, decreased blood flow to the brain, upset stomach, and elevated adrenaline, inducing jitters. Caffeine is safe to use in moderation. Limit your daily intake to less than 400mg, which is around four cups of brewed coffee. Also, resist the impulse to drink coffee as soon as you get out of bed. At 8 or 9 a.m., your body typically produces cortisol, a natural energy boost. Cortisol levels drop during peak coffee time. Caffeine tolerance can be built up by drinking coffee when cortisol production is at its highest, making it less effective in the future.

Too much "yes"

Stop feeling awful because you don't have time to respond to everyone who emails you. Your time is precious. You can't get anything done for yourself if all you seem to do is take on everyone else's work. People are more forgiving than you believe, as long as you explain your job situation to them. If they are unwilling to compensate you for your services, you should not spend your time there because it will not get you far.


Instead of whining about what happens to you, be someone who holds themselves accountable and responsible and takes charge of their lives. If you are dissatisfied with anything, take action. Everyone experiences adversity; thus, it is critical to understand how to deal with adversity and make the best of every situation.

Unhealthy eating

If you eat processed food for breakfast and lunch, your productivity will suffer since your body would have to metabolize that meal, which will exhaust you. The better you eat throughout the day, the more stamina you will have to complete your tasks. Make it a point to eat healthily regularly, or you will establish negative habits.


Don't be concerned about what people think of you. You should consider some of their input because it may assist you in becoming a better person, but some criticism is a complete waste of time. Don't be concerned when something doesn't go as planned because you don't have authority over all outcomes and factors as they occur. Worry about what you're doing now and how you can accomplish your best work with no regrets.

There is an infinite number of minor interruptions that can divert your attention. However, once you've identified those distractions, you can work through them, limit them, and even ignore them entirely. You can avoid those annoying "unbalanced forces" with mindfulness, organization, and minor changes to your environment and transform productivity flops into productivity gains.