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Stop and Refresh with a Glass of Lemonade

31 May 2021

Many people today are becoming more enterprising. The once introverted, shy type, working individual soon became an online seller. Some have put up their own physical store to sell their goods and even services to earn money. This became a fad around the world especially when the pandemic started to wreak havoc in the business industry. This caused many businesses to close and employers had to lay off most of their workers. 

On the positive side of the pandemic, some jobless workers became small entrepreneurs to make ends meet. Their creative juices really have flowed to become innovative in their new career as entrepreneurs in the new normal. I have seen one or two on TV that all the family members supported them in their new venture.

Don't be afraid to start small...

I heard the news about workers who started their own coffee business with only their car and an ordinary table to start with. They chose a good location on the highway going to vacation and leisure sports to flaunt their business. With one table and a plain poster, they were able to attract passers-by and motorists to stop for a glass of brewed coffee. 

 It was a whirlwind success and the two workers who became best friends little by little improved their business adding another table and another type of coffee to captivate more buyers. This is quite an inspiring story for those who lost their jobs. Don’t be disheartened or disappointed about your loss. Just remember there's always a silver lining at the end of a sad journey. You need to have the gut and courage to move on with the help of your family.

Don't be afraid to share...

Now is the time to share your feelings and thoughts however sad they may be. Sharing them will make you feel better and courageous for your continuous journey in this dynamic and changing world. 

Remember that there is always a solution to any problem. They say, if you know the problem, half of it is already solved. Try looking at the birds. They don’t look sad, do they? They just do what they have to do, fly. They don’t worry much about their future. 

Another inspiring video I have come across is another enterprising family who was seen selling lemonade in front of their house. Young children were selling lemonade and it was a blockbuster. Motorists line up in a long queue for a glass of refreshing and cool lemonade. How nice to see that even children know how to make their lives fun and fulfilling.

 I bet they earned a lot on that day. I think it is just a matter of zeroing in on your problem and listing down the solution with the help and advice from your family. They are with you through thick and thin. Then, decide what you want to be or what you want to do while you’re out of a job, to earn money. Then if you have already decided on it, try to draw a plan to jumpstart your new career as an entrepreneur or whatever career you would want to land on. There are online career sites that you could visit and consult with, otherwise, become an entrepreneur.

The British Library has an online article ( r on how to become one. I think this is a very inspiring piece of information for anyone who wants to start their own business. 

● When people say “No” to you, don’t take it as your failure. Instead, make it as an inspiration to go on with your business whatever it takes. Failures are a part of the business and successful businessmen do not quit. Be empowered by your goal of success. Eventually, failures will just be a thing to shrug off.

● Find out more about business from those who were already successful in this field. Take their advice to guide you on the way up. Be humble to learn from them because they also experienced being a greenhorn in this industry. Learn the tricks of the trade.

● Be ambitious and determined. If you do not have a dream or an ambition in life, you will end up with nothing. It is better to be aggressive and enthusiastic about whatever you’re into. Remember that those who are really determined and aggressive are the ones getting to the top faster.

● Be dynamic and innovative - Try to create new business ideas to make it grow and last. The business industry is very dynamic and you have to adapt yourself with the past pace it is going. You will be left out when you don’t do some changes on your product or services. Business and consumers are always changing.

● Create business relationships that are lasting and trustworthy. If you do, you will create a positive image and therefore make more business partnerships that will promote growth in your business.

● Be an inspiration to others. Have people who have the same goals as you have. Being with these kinds of people will encourage them to do more than you could imagine.

● Trust yourself and what you feel, not just the ones on paper. You are on top of your business and know well what is going on. The general success or failure of your business will definitely rest on you. 

If you have already decided to start with a small business like making a glass of lemonade or a favorite juice drink, you may need a desk that is bigger than an ordinary desk to flaunt your wares. And it should be sturdy as well. There are a variety of tables that are convertible to showcase your products to the would-be consumers or buyers.

Try to have a standing position from FlexiSpot. It is surely worth your money to buy a versatile Standing Desk Pro Series-Extra large desktopYou can do many things on the large desktop, study, draw, read, drink your favorite coffee, and of course, convert it into a showcase desk for your new business adventure. 

It has an adjustable height, greater loading capacity, and an advanced memory presets to program your sit/stand posture, and a reminder system. Why don’t you have one now!