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Improving Your Mood Will Improve Your Work

11 November 2021

Working can be hard. It’s a time where stress, frustration, and even doubt can affect us all. If work was easy none of us would want to do it. It would get boring and lose its luster over time. Hard work gives us purpose and gives us a reason to feel accomplished each day. We all want to work as hard as we can to provide for our families and have enough money to do the fun things we enjoy in our lives.

There are times people can feel that the work stress might not be worth all of this. No job of course is worth putting yourself under stress day after day. Times like these tend to cause you to want to take a step back and re-evaluate some of the choices you have made in your career.

You might be thinking of finding another job may be the answer to these stressful problems but taking a drastic step like that can be very easily avoided. The best thing to do is to find ways to improve your mood, lower your stress levels and find some joy in the time you are at work.

what brings you joy

Now of course this is easier said than done, but with the right outlook and plan you can accomplish this fast. The thing you would need to think of first is what brings you joy. Is there a certain thing that brings a smile to your face or helps you relax anytime you are stressed? Our moods are easily defined by the thoughts that roam through our heads.

Having a positive feeling rush through you when you are in the right state of mind can be truly powerful. A great thing to do on your break or when you just need to walk away from your work desk finds a quiet place to calm your mind. When you are in a nice and quiet place, you can close your eyes then center yourself. Of course, our breaks are only so long that we can take a few minutes to do this but once you get centered you can easily think of the things that make you happy.


These steps you take are very close to meditation. Meditation has been around roughly for thousands of years. It is used by many people even today who find it is the best way to calm any stressful moments. Meditation is used many times over by religious groups and even by people who are suggested to try it by their therapist. This of course is just one of the many ways you can relax but it is really what works for you.

Everyone is different so while meditation may work for many, it may not work for you. The bottom line is that no matter what you choose to help yourself relax when you’re on a break, it will do wonders for your mood and stress levels when you get back to work.

Having lower stress levels and being in a better mood will overall help you in many ways. With a managed mood and stress level you will be able to do so much more while you work. With a lower stress level, you will be more focused, more determined, and able to tackle the rest of the day.

Mental focus

Mental focus is very much needed while you work. It helps you to better structure the work that you do and can lead to much better things in your career. We all show our best work when we are happy and it reflects joy in the work we present. Not only that, but many people tend to be able to handle harder tasks at work with their mental health at a low level.

Mental health is hard to control sure, but if you can find ways to show that you are happy at work good things will follow. Part of work is how you are perceived. Perception is a big key to how you are seen at work. If you are unhappy it shows. Many of your co-workers will not want to be around you, nor will your employers want to include you in opportunities to lead or take control of special projects.

You want to be seen a someone who can do both. You want people to know that you can handle stressful situations and be able to take on any challenges that come your way. We aren’t meant to be stressed, especially daily. We are meant to find the simple joys in life and pridefully walk with a smile on our faces. This is the reason why perception can work in your favor.

mood improves

If your mood improves overtime at work, doors will open up for you. You may also start to enjoy your job more than you thought. It is a hard change but once you get there the road to better work-life will be much easier to achieve. Who knows, it may be a way for you to see your job with new eyes.

Over time the improvement to your mood and mental health will also be beneficial for your physical health. You will physically feel better and even find that you can handle things better in your life outside of work. Mental health is important but it is also important to keep an eye on your physical health as well.

Going forward if you feel a bad mood creeping up or your mental health starting to dwindle you should take a step back and evaluate things on a work break. Maybe even evaluate things when you get home at the end of the day and start the next day with a fresh start. You will have to remind yourself from time to time that even though things may be rough, you are still in control and can overcome anything that stands in your way.