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Summer Productivity: Working from Home

05 July 2021

Working from home, like working behind a desk in an office, has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Some remote employees may find it challenging to stay productive, and as the climate warms up in the summer, being an effective remote employee may become even more challenging. Regardless of where you work, once summer arrives, you'll definitely have less inclination to spend most of your time in a workplace. It becomes more difficult to concentrate and be productive as a result.

It cannot be easy to balance working and enjoying more time with the kids during the summer. You are restricted to your home office while your children are already out of school for the summer and frolicking around the house. According to a poll, 88 percent of people exceed 40 hours per week. Longer workweeks result in decreased performance, frustration, and stress. This is certainly relevant during the summer. Staying focused on conference calls and maintaining high levels of productivity may become incredibly hard.

You may have a better summer with a bit of forethought and attention. If you're concerned about your performance as a remote worker this summer, there are a few strategies that can be used to boost your output while still enjoying the sunshine. Here are tips for staying productive when working from home this summer.

Come Up With A Weekly Schedule

Because the timetable impacts everyone, allow everyone to comment. This ensures that everyone in the family has the way to accomplish what they desire. Set reasonable expectations for your working hours, lunches, playtime, and so on. If you decide to employ a sitter, make sure they are aware of the timetable as well.

You can plan fun easier when you have a better grasp of what you need to do each day. Make a list of everything you have to do on a typical day. This could involve the following:

  • Cleaning
  • Preparing meal
  • Laundry
  • Animal care
  • Tasks at work
  • Summer plans

This is not a list of things you wish to do. It's for the tasks you must accomplish every day regularly if you want to protect your wits.

Go over your list once more. Choose the ones you must accomplish every day because these are your daily necessities for the summer, while the rest can be assigned to somebody else. They're like your bare minimum to-do list. You're still in good condition; those are the only things that have happened on a given day.

Share Your Schedule and Streamline Tasks

Make a written timetable and post it wherever everyone can see it. It's normal for your schedule to change week by week. A plan allows you to know what enjoyable things are coming up quickly and gives your children something to look forward to. Remember to indicate your regular working hours. This ensures that the household is aware of your unavailability.

Take the time to simplify. It's the ideal time of year to:

  • Teach your children new chores
  • Meal plan
  • Templates or processes to help you do your work quicker
  • Consider automating or outsourcing certain aspects of your workplace

You might have to put in a little extra work initially. You will also have to devote time to developing these strategies. However, once set, they will save you a substantial amount of time in the long term.

Take Advantage of Mornings

You don't have to get up at the wee hours of the morning to make the most of your mornings. Take your time and sleep in if you desire and can do so. Even if it's a lazy day, get up with determination. Don't lie down for a few minutes and then try to persuade your idle mind that it's time to get ready. Your brain is in town for a few days by this point and will oppose you when you ask it to move. Do some of your everyday activities as soon as you wake up. Then, even if you take a short pause and rest, you will assist your brain to be more productive throughout the day.

People who get up early enough to take care of themselves before initiating their morning work ritual claim that they are more efficient, energized, and cheerful. Some motivational instructors recommend addressing your most complex activities first thing in the morning. Start your day with your most challenging, necessary, or loathed task, and the rest of your day will be a breeze in contrast. This can be a terrific approach to get started on a challenging assignment that has been looming over your head.

Have A Dedicated Workspace

Working from home demands the designation of a workstation that serves solely as a venue for you to complete your daily professional activities. This is done to keep you from becoming sidetracked and to assist you in concentrating solely on being efficient.

Keep your workstation as orderly as possible, and tidy up the clutter that will inevitably accumulate as you work. If you work a graveyard shift or hours that are not generally during the day, you may consider investing in a standing desk or desk bike. These types of desks will assist you in remaining alert during these hours.

Summer will undoubtedly be hot and muggy, so purchase in a comfy and ergonomically constructed office chair. These chairs not only cushion your lower back and spine, but they often keep you cool even after hours of sitting. These ergonomically built ones allow you to adjust the armrest, seat, and backrest angles, allowing you to keep a good posture. This is an excellent complement to your work-from-home environment.

When you work from home, you will be bombarded by interruptions and distractions, especially this summer when so many people will be looking for means to remain cool enjoy the outdoors. To combat this issue, choose high-quality headphones with a noise-canceling microphone. Purchasing this work-from-home staple will make your online meetings crisper and more steady when communicating with teammates.

Define Your Boundaries

Setting firm boundaries will make things a lot easier for both you and your children. Make it clear to them when you are "working" and when you are taking a break. 

Take Breathers

It's basic knowledge that taking breaks during the workday keeps you productive, which is true in both the summer and the winter. So, if you work remotely, don't spend the entire day staring at your monitor. This summer, if you're working from home, make it a point to take rests anytime you're feeling uninspired. Step outside. Stroll. Take a deep breath of fresh air. Make a mental note to relax. Some movement and vitamin D will reenergize you and push you to do that task you've been putting off. Speaking of stepping outside...

Meet With Nature

Get outside and enjoy a little sunshine in the middle of your day. Get up, step outside, and get moving at that moment in the day before you feel exhausted and have nothing left to offer. Even while it may appear counter-intuitive to most people, it has been demonstrated to provide you an advantage. Spending some time in nature may recharge your batteries. Even a 20-minute walk outside can reduce stress and anxiety and make us feel better.

Stick To Your Schedule 

When organizing your summer days, keep your rituals and capabilities in mind. Schedule your work hours around when you are most effective. Don't attempt to force yourself to stay up all night to work when all you want to do is sleep after the sun has set. Maintaining a routine will also assist you in being productive during the summer. You'll be able to plan out whatever you want and your day to look like, and so you can follow it till you sign out. Scheduling periods for each task and break will help you plan your day and manage your time, leaving you more effective while also enjoying the sunny weather.

Do Fun Stuff After Work

Planning exciting things for after work is the best approach to inspire yourself in this way. If we have something with which to look forward to, we'll want to accomplish whatever is holding us back as quickly as possible. However, if your after-work plans genuinely keep you from your work, keep in mind that if you're focused on specific tasks, time will fly by, and those intentions will come sooner if you stay on track and don't just gaze at the clock in expectation.

Final Thought

Although these recommendations apply to anyone working from home at any time of year or even in the office, they are especially beneficial for remote employees struggling to remain effective during the summer. If you're working from home this summer, remember to practice the things listed above to be an efficient remote worker without jeopardizing work-life balance.