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Tabletop Gaming on a Standing Desk Pro Series-Extra-Large Desktop

12 May 2021

Some people think that focusing too much at work makes us dull and bored. Do you think so? There is an old proverb that say“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” The simplicity of the statement gives us a clear meaning that working too much could make us bored and uninteresting. There should be some kind of lull or a diversion from work to make our day brighter and more fun. There must be something that we do to break our monotonous life.

Some jobs produce stress, anxiety, and depression that affect an employee’s mental health. Research activities were conducted and finding affirmed that too much focus on the job may harm us emotionally and mentally. As such, some companies put up arcade pr game rooms in the office especially in the call center industry to release stress and mental fatigue among employees. With the game room. Employees can play online games, billiards, and other fun games to relax a worker’s mind.

For those freelancers or work from home individuals, research revealed that they are more relaxed and stress-free because the work environment is different. The home atmosphere is relaxing and more comfortable as the home has great lighting and ventilation. Fresh air passes through the window whereas, in the office, the air-conditioning unit gives off unnatural air and ventilation. And sometimes air-conditioners cause some sickness because of polluted air.

Working at home also promotes emotional stability and fosters smoother relationships among family members. They are ready to morally support their working family member as well as help him in any way they can. So, most works from home workers are happier and more satisfied working in the comfort of their homes. Aside from these, staying at home is more economical.

Working in the office is not bad at all. We have been working and commuting from home to office since immemorial. However, many challenges in the workplace adversely affect many workers. Stress and depression are inevitable because of too much workload, excessive hours of work, management, and peer pressures, and others. With increasing cases of depression and stress employees suffer in the office, mental health has become a public health concern.

In some of the surveys conducted among employees in a certain company, respondents were asked the reasons for stress in the workplace. Some of the reasons given were “too many tasks to handle, keeping up with technology, unpleasant relationship with superiors and co-workers, and other challenges in the workplace. These responses were found to be related to mental health.

As the pandemic is still haunting the world, the only positive thing about it is being able to have the chance to work from home to avoid interaction with others that could cause the spread of the virus. Many companies these days allow their employees to work at home and enjoy the pleasure of working offsite and be together with the family. 

If you are bored with your work, you can have some bonding moments with your family such as children and siblings. They are more than happy to play games as much as you want. Your workstation can be a great place to start table games in your big home office desk

There are several games that you could play on the tabletop. You can begin with board games such as monopoly, scrabble, chess, ping pong, Backgammon, Chinese Checkers, among others. Kids at home can also play board games such as Connect Four, Twister, Don’t Break the Ice., Hungry, Hungry Hippos, and Mouse Trap. All you need is to convert your extra-large desk into a tabletop gaming station.

If you are looking for a big and spacious desk where you can work freely and stress-free, Flexispot can help you find the best desk for you. That is making you work productively and making you mentally healthy as well because you can play games and have fun with kids around. The Standing Desk Pro Series-Extra Large Desktop is the right one for you. 

It has many outstanding features that will blow your mind away. Its maple-colored with a large 72'' × 30' size desktop. It has a loading capacity of up to 275 lbs. With this weight capacity, you can put more objects on top aside from your PC, laptop, favorite books, and other office equipment you might need at work. Considering the size of the desktop and its durability, you can apply your creativity and resourcefulness with this extra-large deck.  


This giant desk is also adjustable to the height ideal for you. You can sit or stand to change your posture. This table supports the wellness and safety of the worker.  


Another great feature of this desk is that each of its legs is powered by The Dual-Motor Lifting System that increases overall weight capacity with utmost stability, speed, smoothness, silence, and strength. 

To top it all, this Standing Desk Pro Series – Extra Large Desktop is made with powder-coated steel tubing giving the desk frame resistance to scratches and stains and provides maximum stability even at the highest setting. There are also multiple colors, sizes, and materials to choose from if you purchase this fantastic desk. 

You can also choose the material of the desktop. The desktop material could be made of bamboo. Or you can opt to have a desktop that is made of solid wood material, or you might like to have a laminated desktop for an added chic stylish look.

Bamboo is believed to be sturdy and harder than wood. Having a bamboo desktop will make your workstation a refreshing atmosphere as in nature. The wooden desktop is also out of the ordinary because the solid wood desktop is free of chemicals and was built to last for a long time. The laminated desktop will have different color options such as black, white, maple, mahogany, custom graphite, marble grey, special walnut, ebony, oak, and brown wood grain. You have a lot of choices at your fingertips. Why not purchase right now! It's just a click away.