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The 4 Top Ergo Chairs for Differently-Abled Children

17 August 2021

Article 23 of the treaty which the CRC (Convention of the Rights of the Child) promulgated protects the children that are differently-abled to enjoy a life out of danger and is decent. A differently-abled child has long-term mental, intellectual, or physical disablement. Indeed, Flexispot - the home of the most trusted ergonomic chairs and standing desks honors this kind of law or advocacy that nurtures every child with tremendous potential. 

Superb Ergonomics: Every Child's Right

Despite the challenges of 2021, Flexispot does not stop gearing towards creating the best ergonomic products for all the people who need protection against biomechanical pain. As part of the advocacy, Flexispot engineers products that every child could benefit from, especially the differently-abled children because the company is against the stultification of individuals that experience long-term impairment. As a result, Flexispot commits to the empowerment of these children by creating 4 of their best ergonomic chairs. In this next part, we will see products go above and beyond the competition in the market. 

The Brilliant 4

Differently-abled children may experience physical limits, but with sheer determination, they could do even the most impossible task. Flexispot can still offer the best ergonomic solutions and protect your child's spine health and posture despite this challenge. Nevertheless, you must consult your child's physician first before letting him use any of these products. 

Deskcise Pro V9

The first on the list is the honoree of the 2018 CES Innovation awards. This ergo chair is the Deskcise Pro V9. It's an office chair and a fitness chair in 1 that is height adjustable. It has a seat range of 29.6-37.2 inches. So, you could be confident that your child could manage to sit here and enjoy the sturdy but comfortable seat. 

You may help him adjust the seat's height by just clicking the adjuster located under the seat cushion. What's impressive about this desk bike is it can help your child boost his immune system. Sedentary activities were rampant During Covid19 in 2020, and even in 2021, these activities are still a challenge to every parent. With the desk bike's 8-level resistance, your child may surely enjoy cycling on its pedals and stimulating his muscles, giving more oxygen to the brain and flexibility to his body. 

Lastly, you may also use this desk bike with a desktop and lower the height. So, you may ensure that your child could enjoy his time relaxing while reading a book or drawing after a short workout. With this desk bike, you may help your child have strong immunity and stay alert. 

Scalloped Accent Chair 1049

The second ergonomic chair is a chair that is smaller than the ergo office chairs from Flexispot. Some differently-abled children have certain conditions like ADHD, so what they need is a very conducive place safe from noise and nuisances. Hence, an accent chair from Flexispot is suitable for them because accent chairs from Flexispot, such as the Scalloped Accent Chair 1049, offer the stability that would let the child stay focused on what he does. 

One of the materials used for the Scalloped Accent Chair 1049 is the Velvet cushion. This product gives out comfort to the child as the chair's cushion fits the frame well. Thus it could condition the child and not strain his back and hips. With this chair, a child with a particular condition would not feel exhausted, making him uneasy and irritated. No nuisances can trigger or disturb him. Instead, he may feel invigorated with the Scalloped Accent Chair 1049, and his muscles get well-conditioned.

Ribbed Low Back Armless Swivel Desk Chair 1391L11

The following product in the list is an accent chair that is height adjustable. This chair, on the other hand, is armless. This product is the Ribbed Low Back Armless Swivel Desk Chair 1391L11. This accent chair has a curve that follows the spine and could condition the child's muscles. 

This ergo chair offers excellent stability because of the steel base that it has. Plus, it uses a gas spring lifting mechanism that is excellent. Thus, adjusting the height of the chair is more accessible because of this lifting system. 

What's impressive about this ergo chair is it offers a soft padded seat; thus, you can ensure that your child could sit on a chair with a very convenient seat depth. Indeed, your child would not feel the joint spine strain and muscle soreness around the hips, protecting the child against musculoskeletal pain. 

When you choose chairs from Flexispot, such as the first three ergo products that we have mentioned, you may fully help your child discover his potential despite the physical limits that he might have because, with Flexispot, your child would always ace the game called life. 

Office Massage Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair 5080

So, as we move on now, we will discuss the 4th ergonomic chair in the list. This product is the Flexispot Office Massage Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair 5080. This product is a kind of massage chair that your child may enjoy using because of the unique heating patterns. 

The Office Massage Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair 5080 has heating patterns on the backrest that you may operate through the remote. Once you press buttons on the remote, you can help your child instantly experience the comfort he needs so his muscles would be relaxed and energized. 

This ergo chair also has thickly padded armrests that can help your child rest his armrests after long hours of drawing, building blocks, or writing. When he uses this chair, he may enjoy it more and be more engaged in his lesson. 

So, looking at these products, you may ensure that your child would be protected ergonomically and could become more conditioned to keep his movements more active. 

Final Thoughts

A differently-abled child may have special needs far different from a child without physical or intellectual challenges. Still, when it comes to prowess, they do not differ because both could show intelligence and talent that could help them become the best in all the things they would do. Hence, it is best to let Flexispot help you protect your child ergonomically so you could help him win the life that he deserves.