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5 Reasons to Choose FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chairs with a Footrest and a Rocking Function

31 May 2021

The Immeasurable Back Pain

This is what most office workers endure. The back pain becomes severe and becomes unmanageable at times. It becomes a tough challenge to take if one worker has certain medical conditions that he needs to consider when working for long hours in the office such as:

● lumbar pain

● pain in the lower torso

● gout or rheumatism 

When these conditions worsen, a worker needs to bear a different kind of pain, especially at the back. This is worsened by the nature of work and the office practices that most workers do when at work. At times, they get unconscious that they do these things, especially with their posture. The following things are: 

● slouching 

● hunching their backs when in front of the computer

● sitting very close to the computer monitor 

If we take a closer look at the photos of office workers who experience poor ergonomic posture, we would see that there is something wrong with their posture especially the spine area. They are also the ones who complain of pain around the neck. Lastly, they also endure pain around their feet that runs through their legs and hips. Unfortunately, they also use pieces of equipment that do not have the proper ergonomic features or functions compared to the products from Flexispot such as their ergonomic chairs that have footrest and rocking function. So, looking at this, could we consider this kind of chair to alleviate the pain that workers experience around their lower torso? The answer to this is yes. The ergonomic chairs from Flexispot are effective in alleviating the pain around the lower torso of workers that are exposed to an improper work environment and posture. 

The 5 Reasons to Choose Flexispot's Ergonomic Chairs with a Footrest and a Rocking Function: 

● Ergo Chairs from Flexispot help the person maintain good blood circulation

The ergo chairs from Flexispot have this feature that helps them relax the veins around the feet up to the hips. The ergonomic function of these chairs helps the product aid a worker when he is at rest or while he is moving on the chair.

● Flexispot's ergo chairs offer great comfort and lumbar protection:

This is the reason the Flexispot's ergo chair could be an ideal piece of equipment in the office. With the lifting system of these chairs, one may simply adjust his seating without feeling much stress and strain on his back and buttocks. 

● Flexispot's ergo chairs are unique because of the rocking function:

When we talk about Flexispot, we may also mention, flexibility. This is what these ergo chairs are known for. They have a back angle that is adjustable that you may simply lock so you could have its position in the tuck. This could help you adjust based on how severe the back pain is or how stressed you get from the long day at work. 

● The ergo chairs from Flexispot could help you find your comfortable position

Because of these back angle functions and specs that help you adjust to the level and angle that you desire, the ergo chairs could help you sit comfortably compared to ordinary office chairs. So whether you want to sit sideways or sit straight, you may do it without straining your back because most of these chairs are immensely flexible. 

● Most of these ergo chairs have armrests. Hence, you don't have to worry about getting your arms tired when working because you may simply put it on the armrest that is padded and could help you bring back the good circulation around your arm. 

So, now that we have mentioned the 5 reasons that could encourage one to purchase the Flexispot's ergo chair, we will discuss the last part of this discussion that could finally persuade one who looks for the right ergo chair. The following products are made using cutting-edge technology that would help one alleviate the back pain, headache, and pain along the lower torso. The following products are: 

● Big and Tall Reclining Executive Office Chair with Footrest 290

● High Back Office Chair 2191E

● Ergonomic Office Chair 9127

The first ergonomic chair that is recommendable is the: 

● Big and Tall Reclining Executive Office Chair with Footrest 290:

● This large-sized reclining ergo chair has interesting features that one could prefer having in the office. This ergo chair allows one to rock smoothly without losing balance because of the heavy metal base. 

● This ergo chair also has a soft removable pillow that you could adjust or move if you prefer to do so. 

● This ergo chair has a height adjuster that could help you move the chair upward or downward depending on the condition of your torso and back. 

● This ergo chair has an adjustable built-in lumbar support that could help one sit comfortably while making sure his back would not get hurt. 

● Its back width could give you immense support too especially when you want to take a rest while back rock and forth on the chair. 

High Back Office Chair 2191E:

● This ergo chair also has a thickly padded headrest that would help one rest his head on when he feels heavy on the forehead or the back of the head.

● The double padded seat cushion could assure that one who wishes to take a rest after a long day at work could be ensured of a relaxing time on this ergo chair. 

● The rolling casters of this ergo chair could make it easy for a worker to rock this chair back and forth. 

● What's amazing about this is it has an adjustable built-in lumbar support hence it would be easier for the person to move the chair and adjust on this while in a steady or rocking motion. 

● This could also carry a weight that is as heavy as 250lbs. Hence, one could make sure that he would be fully supported while sitting on this chair. 

Ergonomic Office Chair 9127

● This ergo chair has a wide overstuffed headrest that could make one feel comfortable while at work.

● This chair has a retractable built-in footrest that could support the legs and feet of one who is working in the office and is experiencing low back pain. 

● Lastly, what's amazing about this chair is it could carry weight as heavy as 300lbs. Hence, one could ensure maximum comfort while finishing a task at work. 

Final Thoughts:

Stress and fatigue are things that are inevitable in the office. This could mean that our bodies are being triggered to move and may challenge us to function well although it has immeasurable pain. Despite these, choosing the best ergo products such as the ones mentioned above could help one worker overcome stress at work.