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5 Ways You Can Be an Eco-Hero

13 September 2021

IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) released last August 2021 a report on the new findings of climate change. In their write-up, they found out that in about 20 years, the global temperature will increase by roughly 1.5 degrees Celsius. 

This warming seems to be low, but its effects are life-threatening. The report states that this global temperature rise may cause the severe melting of the Arctic glaciers, extended warm seasons, and shorter cold seasons. Furthermore, this warming may cause detrimental catastrophes such as the continuous rise in the sea level that causes flooding in the low-lying areas.

Sadly, in the same report, they had found out that human activities have something to do with the emission of greenhouse gases. Continuous deforestation and destruction of the rainforests like the Amazon add to the problem. Despite these catastrophic events and human acts that are beyond comprehension, there is still hope. There are still companies and non-profit organizations that work hand-in-hand to contribute to restoration and reforestation. 

Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk

FlexiSpot and OneTreePlanted

The company that has brought the patrons the Kana Bamboo Standing DeskStanding Desk Pro Series, and Standing Desk Converters M7MB has brought its environmental advocacy to a more extensive perspective. Recently, it entered a partnership with OneTreePlanted. This non-profit organization anchors its advocacies on goals and initiatives of the UN when it comes to creating more sustainable biodiversity that can save the forests from floods and fires. 

In coordination with OneTreePlanted, FlexiSpot has donated 500 trees. In support of the advocacy of saving the environment for more catastrophic calamities, FlexiSpot aims to provide the best ergonomic furniture pieces. These products can satisfy the needs of corporate people without abandoning their social responsibilities. Thus, the company continues to research the most sustainable and recyclable materials to engineer the most ergonomic products to help more corporate individuals achieve superb protection against RSIs. 

Moreover, FlexiSpot continues to support the advocacy of non-profit organizations by encouraging individuals to buy bamboo products. Because in every bamboo sit-stand desk or stand-up desk, FlexiSpot will plant a tree. It's a way to give back to nature and save the forests. 

The impact of global warming is unimaginable, but if other companies did what FlexiSpot and OneTreePlanted have done, there would be a change more prominent than the effects of global warming. 

5 Ways to Foster the Eco-Hero In You: 

Every individual needs a hero in their entire life, so does the environment. Indeed, you could be the one nature needs. Even as you continue the WFH-setting, you can contribute even in little ways. In your daily routine, you can find opportunities to help save the environment aside from assisting FlexiSpot to donate a tree when you buy a bamboo product from the company. 

a. Minimize Clutters On Your Desk. Consume Paper Wisely and Use Renewables

Kana Bamboo Curved Office Standing Desk

When you choose office materials, make sure to purchase the ones from renewable materials, such as the furniture pieces from FlexiSpot. It creates the best components such as the AlcoveRiser Bamboo Standing Desk Converter (a desk converter with flexible height adjustment and fast-fall prevention) and the Kana Bamboo Curved Office Standing Desk (a desk product that can help boost your relaxation and help you have the proper ergonomics). You can fold these pieces and make a pencil holder or table centerpiece out of these recycled materials if you have extra time. You may also reuse the scratch paper and make sure that you can write on both sides of the article to reduce the waste. 

b. Aim for Zero-Waste in Your Home Office

AlcoveRiser Bamboo Standing Desk Converters

Aside from the pieces of PaperPaper that you can turn into a centerpiece, you may also reduce the use of plastic utensils and cups. Use a tumbler from high-grade materials. You may also consider using eco-friendly office pieces that are from recyclable materials. Through this act, you can ensure that you can lessen the waste in your house. 

c. Choose Furniture Pieces that are Made with Sustainable Materials

standing desk

When choosing the best furniture pieces, they should be from highly sustainable materials, just like the bamboo products from Flexispot. It's because sustainable materials are easy to replace, and there would be no lack of resources when the materials are highly sustainable. You can ensure that, for example, you choose a bamboo desk from Flexispot, the supply of these materials would not deplete because there would be new trees that they will plant as a replacement. 

d. Try Doing Segregation At Home

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

It's a way of sorting all the trash at home. When you try to segregate, you can know the ones that you could recycle and the ones that you discard. When you sort the recyclable materials, you can make DIY crafts that you can put on the bamboo desk. With that, you can ensure that there will be zero waste or lesser waste in your house. Moreover, when you lessen the junk from your house, you can also lower your expenses at home. Hence, little by little, you train yourself to become an environmental advocate. 

e. Use Bamboo

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

Part of being an eco-hero is making the air cleaner. Even in an urban setting, you can try it through furniture pieces with bamboo materials, such as the standing desks from FlexiSpot. These materials can kill the pollutants that can harm you and the environment. Hence, having them in your house can help you have a safe workplace and a secure home for your family. 

Final Thoughts

No effort goes unnoticed when it comes to the protection of the environment. A considerable change starts with a small step. Hence, it can start with you. You are the unsung eco-hero of your generation. So, when you purchase products such as the bamboo desks from FlexiSpot, you can ensure that you can join the crusade against global warming and rapid climate change.