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The 7 Must-haves for Serious Gamers

25 June 2021

Gaming has evolved to become more than just a pass-time hobby; it's a well-paying profession with professional gamers earning six-figure salaries. For people who game for fun or entertainment, a PS5, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox Series X with an average TV in their living room is just enough. For serious gamers, however, a well-designed gaming station with a powerful and customizable Gaming PC set-up as well as the accompanying gaming accessories is a must-have. 

As such, there is a huge divide between amateur gamers and pro-gamers regarding different aspects of gaming and the gaming setup. If you're a pro-gamer or looking to elevate your gaming from amateur to pro, there are several must-have equipment and accessories you need to acquire. Of course, the world of tech accessories is a bit vast, and it can be daunting to choose the best gaming device or accessory. Nonetheless, we've done the heavy lifting for you by coming up with 7 must-have accessories you need as a serious gamer. Take a look! 

Height Adjustable Gaming Desk 

When talking about height-adjustable desks, office workers and other professionals often come to mind. However, now more than ever, a height-adjustable standing desk is a vital requirement for any serious gamer to maximize their potential and take their gaming to the next level while still staying healthy. 

It’s a no-brainer that most gamers suffer from posture problems owing to prolonged sitting in hunched positions. Sitting for long hours while gaming also comes with multiple health risks, including lumbar issues, obesity risks, chronic health problems, and even mental issues. 

A height-adjustable desk is as important to gamers as it is to office workers who spend up to at least 8 hours sitting. However, gamers should be keen to choose height-adjustable desks custom-made explicitly for gaming. A height-adjustable gaming desk offers plenty of storage space for all your gaming essentials. It offers several perks, including enhancing your gaming enthusiasm and focus, and it also enhances your health and generally enables you to gain a better gaming experience. 

Most importantly, a height-adjustable gaming desk enhances your health and posture, eliminating the detrimental effects of prolonged sitting. With an adjustable gaming desk, you can be able to sit and stand intermittently between your gaming sessions, enabling you to game for longer while staying focused and healthy. 

In essence, as a serious gamer, you definitely need a height-adjustable gaming desk to prevent prolonged sitting, upgrade your ergonomics and stay focused in long gaming sessions. A highly recommended height adjustable gaming desk is the Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk from FlexiSpot. Read on to find out more about this impressive gaming desk that would surely take your gaming performance to the next level.   

A Gaming Headset with Surround Sound  

Want to get right into the game and experience gaming like never before? A gaming headset is an essential accessory to experience an immersive gaming experience. Gaming headsets achieve two key things: Offer you a microphone needed for in-game communication and filter sound directly into your ears, enabling you to stay focused in the game. 

Modern games require precise and accurate actions, most relying on audio queues throughout the game. For instance, you can hear an enemy approaching, or a gun cocking, or nearby gunfire, etc., and you'll definitely know what to do. Gaming headsets offer you superior, crisp, and clear sound enhancing your gaming performance.   

The gaming headset market is pretty broad, meaning you need to know precisely what headset to get depending on your budget and requirements. You can get good high-end models at a starting price of $200 and above. But there are cheaper, mid-range models available; it all depends on your budget and needs. It's also recommended to go for a wireless headset over wired for better cable management. 

In summary, gaming headsets with surround sounds offer plenty of in-game and out-game benefits. Gaming headsets block external noises limiting disturbances and offer superior sound quality for increased gaming awareness and generally enhanced gaming performance. Besides, they are mandatory for team communication. With that in mind, a gaming headset is a vital requirement if you’re looking to become a serious gamer. 

Ergonomic Gaming Chair 

As mentioned earlier, prolonged gaming sessions cause severe back pain, especially if you don't have the right gaming chair or height adjustable gaming desk. Gaming chairs offer support to your back when sitting, enabling you to maintain a good body posture and keep the spine straight. This goes a long way in alleviating the complications of poor posture, including spinal dysfunction, joint degeneration, rounded shoulders, back pain, and potbelly. 

With a good gaming chair, you can game for long hours without getting fatigued or losing concentration. A good gaming chair should be well-designed to complement the natural curvature of your spine and offer maximum back support. 

An ergonomic gaming chair will not only make you comfortable while gaming but also enables you to maintain a good posture and avoid poor posture issues. If you're looking to purchase the best gaming chair, the Big & Tall Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest from FlexiSpot is an outstanding option. Learn more about this gaming chair product later in this piece. 

High-Resolution Monitor 

If you're a PC gamer, a high-resolution monitor is a must-have addition to your gaming setup. A high-resolution monitor offers an immersive gaming experience with high resolution, fast response time, and vibrant, lifelike colors. 

There are two primary options available when it comes to high-res monitors: 1080p monitors and 4K monitors. 1080 p monitors are not visually attractive but drive higher frame rates facilitating smooth gameplay. 4K monitors, on the other hand, offer an exceptional gaming experience with lifelike color and a stunning visual experience. 

While 4K monitors offer exceptional picture quality and image clarity thanks to a high pixel count (4 times that of a similarly sized 1080p monitor), they are pretty graphic demanding, putting a strain on your PC. This means that you need a very powerful PC to be able to game comfortably with a 4K monitor. All in all, whether a 1080p or 4K monitor, a high-res monitor is a must-have for any avid PC gamer. 

Gaming Keyboard and Mouse 

While you can still use a standard keyboard and PC mouse to the game, they're not the best option, especially for serious gamers gaming for long hours. Gaming often involves repetitive actions to the keyboard, mouse, or gamepad. Standard mouse and keyboard are not usually ergonomically designed; therefore put gamers at risk of repetitive strain injury or developing carpal tunnel syndrome with time. 

To avoid such risks, it’s best that you invest in a comfortable ergonomic computer gaming keypad and mouse. These accessories will allow you to easily access all gaming buttons on demand facilitating a smooth and comfortable gaming experience. With a gaming optimized mouse and keyboard, you'll certainly enhance your gaming performance and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury. There are loads of gaming keyboards and mouse you can consider based on your budget and specifications. 

Gaming Glasses 

If you're going to be a serious gamer, you'll definitely be gaming for long hours. Prolonged gaming comes with its fair share of challenges. Overexposure to blue light causes several health issues, including blurry vision, dry eye, eye strain, macular degeneration, retina damage, and cataracts, as well as sleep issues. 

To be on the safe side, it's best to use blue light reduction gaming glasses while gaming, especially if you're going to game continuously for more than six hours. Gaming glasses significantly reduce your exposure to blue light, reducing eye strain and enabling you to game comfortably for long. There is a broad spectrum of unisex gaming glasses available today, some with the ability to filter out up to 90% blue light. 

HD (1080p) Webcam 

 If you’re planning on earning from gaming by streaming your gameplay to Twitch, YouTube Live, or Facebook developing a community of gamers, you definitely need a high definition (HD) webcam. Webcams can be placed on top of your gaming monitor and laptop lip and adjusted to the right angle to enable you to stream your gaming video with ease. The gaming market is not short of game-streaming webcams; some are even compatible with major streaming apps- the choice is always yours. 

Recommended Gaming Chair and Gaming Standing Desk 

Big & Tall Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest 293

The Big & Tall Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest 293 is the ultimate gaming chair coming with an abundance of features to make your gaming experience as comfortable as possible. This ergonomic gaming chair offers utmost comfort thanks to a high backrest with a detachable padded headrest and lumbar cushions to fully support your neck and spine. The existing seat cushion has been reinforced with memory foam padding ensuring maximum support even during prolonged gaming sessions. What’s more, the seat hugs every curve of your body with the high back and the padded armrest providing incredible comfort. 

Every part of this racing-style gaming chair is adjustable to precisely fit the type and height of your body, providing incredible support and comfort. It's superbly stable, coming with a heavy-duty metal base, integrated metal frame, explosion-proof gas spring, and smooth-rolling casters for allowing hassle-free movements across the room. 

The chair is noticeably large with a high backrest for extra comfort. Better still, it comes with a footrest and an adjustable backrest. You can tilt the backrest from 90° to 135°, retract the footrest and recline as you take intermittent breaks in your gaming session. To say the least, the Big & Tall Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest 293 has everything any hard-core gamer would need. It's truly a dream come true for gamers looking for ultimate comfort while doing something they cherish, i.e. gaming. 

Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk

If you're looking for a high-end height adjustable gaming desk without breaking the bank, go for the Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk from FlexiSpot. The adjustable desk features robust and stable construction with double-steel tubing providing plenty of support and guaranteeing the safety of your expensive gaming set-up. 

The desktop is pretty spacious, holding up to three gaming monitors. It's constructed with an environmentally friendly chipboard with a myriad of different color choices and finishing options available. The desktop will undoubtedly integrate nicely with gaming gear and interior décor, enabling you to achieve your dream gaming set-up.  

You’ll definitely be impressed with the powerful, super quiet motor facilitating quick, smooth and comfortable transitions from sitting and standing( or vice versa) in less than 10 seconds with a press of a button. The Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk would be a great addition to your gaming lifestyle, enabling you to alleviate the effects of prolonged sitting.   

Closing Words 

You probably spend hours a day playing games. And you may not think about it, but chances are that the way your gaming setup is set up has been influencing how well you play from a physical standpoint. If changing to new gear will make things more comfortable for long-term use or even just while gaming, why would anyone want to avoid doing something like this? Luckily there's an entire subculture of dedicated pro gamer tools with options ranging anywhere from ergonomic standing desks designed specifically for gamers, ergonomic chairs, all the way down to high-res monitors. The Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk and the Big & Tall Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest 293, all from leading ergonomics company-FlexiSpot, are highly recommended because becoming a pro-gamer is more than just your average call of duty.