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The Best Ergonomic Chair for a Writer

10 June 2021

Writers usually lead a sedentary life on a computer. It is the nature of the job to be sitting for long hours to finish a writing task whether it is a creative one or academic writing. It is not easy to write even a simple composition needs concentration, the motivation to write, and other skills to make a composition readable, intelligible, and content produces a reaction that the writer wants to achieve.  

We all know that writing is a form of nonverbal communication and therefore the writer, the sender in the process of communication has to receive the feedback out of the written content to make the communication between the writer and reader a successful communication.  

In the process of communication, there are elements that should be present to make it a successful sending of messages. One of them is the sender. The sender is responsible for sending messages to the intended receiver in the form of verbal or nonverbal communication.

In a writing task, the sender is the writer and the reader is the intended receiver of the communication or content of the written composition. Generally, communication has basic elements that must be present in order to be called communication- the sender, receiver, message, and the channel or medium.

Goals of a Writer

When a sender sends messages, there must be some goals to achieve in a particular communication transaction. The purposes of communication are: to inform, to entertain, and to persuade. An example of the first goal is the news broadcast wherein the basic intention is to share contents of the news to the general public so that they will know what is happening around them. 

The goal of entertaining a target audience is usually manifested in watching movies, videos, etc. wherein the goal is to make the target audience laugh or be sad, or other emotions that could be felt while watching a certain movie or video.

The last goal is to persuade, which is also manifested in movies, advertising, speeches, wherein the intention is to make the target audience act or react to a certain product that is advertised or introduced. It could be a speech that is intended to persuade or convince people to believe or agree on a certain opinion introduced by a speaker.

In the case of writers, they also have certain purposes to achieve from the captive audience.

But it also depends on the field that the writer is engaged in. For example, a copywriter usually writes advertising copy that is intended for the consuming public for a certain product. Here, the purpose of the writer is usually to persuade the public to patronize or buy these products manufactured by big companies.

Some writers may write academic papers such as thesis, dissertations, essays that are usually intended for academic purposes. Other writers write for a certain individual doing publicity or what we call Public Relations for people to make a more positive impression on an individual or client.

So, writers have different purposes in writing and different audiences as receivers of their products or contents. Others also may write poems or essays to share their thoughts to their audience not to receive feedback but just to share their inner feelings for information and appreciation of the target audience.

Writing is one of the most difficult activities to perform because there are a lot of elements to be present in order to have a good composition that will be understood because of the simple language used and the grammar rules to be followed in order to make it more intelligible to the reader. It is more difficult to write in plain or simple English language to explain what the writer means for a certain topic.

Aside from simple language and English vocabulary to use to be understood by the audience, the writer must have the right mood to be able to write the ideas on paper. It is not automatic that a writer could write a good composition as soon as they sit at their desk. It is not spontaneous, although prolific writers may do so but not in general.  

Writing is a skill that must be nurtured and enhanced in order for the skill to stay.

Otherwise, if the writer does not write frequently or practice writing that skill would become stagnant and the composition may not be as good as the previous ones were written.

For this reason, you cannot force a writer to come up with thousands of words in an instant. A Writer has to plan about the topic, write his ideas based on his own and based on his research about the topic, organize these ideas in an outline, write a draft, check the grammar and vocabulary words to see if they are appropriate for the topic, Then rewrite the paragraph, see if there are still grammatical, organizational, and idea flaws. If the writer sees that the composition is good enough, then the final draft is written.

In other words, writers have to have sufficient time if you want them to produce quality articles.

Sad to say, the writing profession is not financially rewarded when you compare it to the herculean tasks they need to do in order to produce a quality composition or article. 

So for me, writing is a passion just like the teaching profession. If you are not passionate enough to be a writer and it is not your interest, you'd better shift to another profession because you may end up unhappy and confused. It is also your priority that should be taken into consideration.

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