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The Best Standing Desk for an L-Shaped Workstation

23 July 2021

The Practicability of a Workstation Design:

If you are looking for the perfect design for your 20sq meter office, the design that you need to have in your office is the one that:

  • Would give you more space to put your belongings:

When you have the L-shaped workstation, you could put more belongings such as the office organizers, bags, and other materials. In an L-Shaped workstation, you may ensure that the L-Shaped office desk such as the L-Shaped Electric Height Standing Desks from Flexispot (a standing desk product that can carry the weight of more than two electronic devices such as a computer monitor and laptop), can be put at the workstation without difficulties. 

Aside from that, when you have this kind of workstation, you could store all the things that you need when working without cluttering your laptop area. 

When you have this kind of workstation too, you may share it with your co-worker because of the efficient space that you can have when you put the L-Shaped desk in that workstation.   

  • Would allow you to organize your workstation using distinct desktops 

With an L-shaped workstation, you may put the L-shaped desk in it that could give you distinct workspaces. For example, you may put all the paper and writing tools on the left side of the L-shaped desk while you put all the desk organizers and printer in the middle and you could designate the laptop area on the right side. Through these, you may be able to quickly access the files and materials that you need because there is a distinct designated area for your needs for your work needs.

  • Would take less of the space in your workstation 

There are some common types of workstations such as the cubicle workstation, linear workstation, and the L-shaped workstation. The type will depend on the nature of the work, the number of employees, and the office size. So, if your staff members are more than 15 and you are working in a 40 sq meter room then cubicle workstations are suitable however if you have more than 20 in a 30 sq meter room then a linear workstation would be the best because of the limited space that you have. What's good about the L-shaped workstation is it could take less space because you don't a desk that would take up the entire workstation area but would give you enough space for your office needs.   

  • Would let you reach the entire surface of the desktops easily especially if you have shorter arms: 

If you notice that reaching for the objects on the surface of your desk is difficult because you got shorter arms, then the L-Shaped workstation could be advisable for you. This is because the accessibility of the desktop is easier and you can make sure that with the right L-Shaped desk product such as the Seiffen Spliced L-Shaped Standing desk from Flexispot that has an anti-collision feature too and has the 121lb lifting capacity, you can make sure that it would be very useful and beneficial for you. 

At times, when you have shorter arms and you don't use the right kind of standing desk, you become prone to ergonomic problems. Hence, if you choose the stand-up desk that is L-shaped, you may ensure that you would not have the common pain around the upper body that you tend to have such as:

  • Frozen shoulders: This happens when your arms are overused and the shoulder blades become strained. 
  • Neck soreness: You might notice the throbbing pain that comes when your shoulders are strained after reaching or moving around the surface of a non-L-shaped standing desk. Usually, people with shorter arms and legs are the ones who get the ergonomic pain around their extremities or the shoulder area because they are the ones who need to exert much effort to reach a certain object. Hence, their bodies are forced most of the time. So, if this is your case, you need to choose a piece of equipment that can give you easy access to all the things that you need on the table.    

So, these things explain the practicability of the workstation design. The kind of office desk that you are going to have can dictate the type of workstation that you may have. This is because when you don't choose the right piece of equipment for your workstation, you could not pull off the best kind of workstation for you. This possibility could also affect your ergonomics in the office. Your condition should also be considered when choosing the right workstation for workers like you so you could avoid the ergonomic problems that you might encounter in the long run. 

Now, when we talk about the best pieces of sit-stand desks from Flexispot, we may come up with the two bestselling standing desks that are L-shaped. These stand-up desks are the best for you especially if you need to multitask and you do the clerical job in which you'll be needing to accomplish more paperwork. So, one of the standing desks from Flexispot that you could use for the L-shaped workstation is the:

  • L-Shaped Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desks:

This is a kind of standing desk that could offer you additional workspace. It has a shape that could help you designate a distinct portion for each of the work activities that you do.

It has incredible keypads too that could help you preset your favorite standing, seated, and under-desk cycling heights. So, working on this desk is easier because you could manage to access the features of this office desk without much strain that would come from your shoulders. Hence, when you have shorter arms, this could help you work on the surface without many struggles. 

This is economical too because for a flexible payment term through Affirm, you may pay this piece of equipment on credit; just pay $55 a month. Indeed, it's worth your money because it has a flexible payment term and could let you enjoy one of the best ergonomic standing desks from Flexispot. 

  • Seiffen Spliced L-Shaped Standing desk:

The second standing desk from Flexispot is more affordable compared to the first sit-stand desk; this is marked down to $324.00 from the original price of $399.99. Looking at the price, whether it's marked down or not, you may still consider it to be economical because, for less than $500, you may have an L-shaped standing desk that has the 121lb lifting capacity and has an adjustable height of up to 48" so this is a sit-stand desk that could help you alternate your work mode as you multitask in the office. If you choose this standing desk, you can have a standing desk that is a nice addition to your workstation.

Final Thoughts:  

As always promised by Flexispot, you may ensure that with these standing desks in your office, you could have the most efficient work output and smooth-sailing operations because they could support you ergonomically and could help you alternate your movements at work no matter how heavy the tasks in the office would be.