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Earth-Friendly Standing Desks from FlexiSpot

29 July 2021

A Workstation that Adheres to the Environment

This is probably the most challenging to do: achieve an environment-friendly workplace. We all know that Global warming has become a crisis that has affected most nations for the past decade. Recently, climate change has severely taken place and ravaged most countries in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world that did not experience detrimental catastrophes. In this light, the carbon footprint is one of the main culprits that they have connected to the severe typhoons and hurricanes that damaged the livelihood of many people.

They say that most industrial companies have contributed to the creation of carbon footprints because of the manufacturing of toxic materials. On the other hand, more companies responsibly create products that are environmental just like Flexispot-the home of the ergonomic chairs, standing desks, stand-up desks, office organizers, and sit-stand desks. It's a company known for the best ergonomic solutions to office workers and homemakers who experience spine-related injuries, ergonomic pain, and a sedentary lifestyle. 

At Flexispot, they don't just cater to the needs of office workers that need to alleviate body pain or avoid the sedentary lifestyle. Flexispot also cares for the environment. 

At Flexispot, they innovate pieces of equipment with the most natural materials. These materials do not create vast carbon footprints. In addition, Flexispot creates standing desks with the sturdiest structures. These structures ensure the safety and protection of the workers by supporting their lumbar, arms, shoulders, legs, feet, and head. Thus, when workers use these ergonomic standing desks, they may feel that they are ergonomically protected. 

Aside from that, workers could ensure that the sit-stand desks that they use are non-toxic and would not harm them. Indeed, with the stand-up desks from Flexispot, they could ensure that their workstations adhere to the environment. 

The Flexispot Ergonomic and Environmental Standing Desk

You might be one of the workers who are ergonomically protected and make sure that the workplace is environment-friendly. In that case, the right choice of product is from Flexispot. 

One of the topmost products from Flexispot that is certifiably environment-friendly is the Kana Bamboo standing desk. This sit-stand desk does not just promote the sit-stand movement of the person but also protects him from spine strain. 

This is a standing desk that is very sturdy and comes in two different models: EC3 and EC4. Each of the models has incredible lifting speeds (EC3 has a lifting speed of 1.26" per second while EC4 has a 1.5" per second lifting speed). Both models are powered by the dual-motor lifting speed. Hence, when you use them in your office, you can ensure speedy movement and you can multitask very well. 

The Kana Bamboo standing desk is made of real bamboo. Bamboos are far better than ordinary woods because of the way they are grown. In growing these bamboos, no pesticides are applied and the fertilizers used for this woody tropical grass are organic. Hence, you may ensure that before these bamboo canes are processed, no harmful chemicals (that create much carbon footprints) are used. Thus, you may ensure that the Kana Bamboo Standing desk would be beneficial to you and the environment. 

The next environment-friendly sit-stand desk from Flexispot is the Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk. The product's main materials are Rubberwood and Solid Wood Veneer. 

Rubberwood is a natural material that is eco-friendly and sustainable because it is not harvested in endangered areas hence, harvesting this material does not pose a threat of illegal cutting of trees.

Aside from that, in growing the Rubberwood, harmful chemicals are not used just like the pesticides and fertilizers that are non-organic. With this material, you can ensure that the Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk would not pose a threat because you know that the material is not harmful to the environment. 

In addition, Rubberwood is a durable material that could last for a long time. Hence, you can make sure that the Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk is a reliable piece of equipment from Flexispot that has a lifting capacity of 154lbs. This can ensure you that no matter how many materials you put on its surface, its structure would not be damaged. 

The Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk also has the top called the solid wood veneer. This gives the effect of solid wood which is very durable. Hence, you can use this sit-stand desk for a long time because of the durable materials that they are made from. 

Third, in the list is the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco and Pro). This standing desk is made of main materials: chipboard and MDF. These are durable, non-toxic materials. Hence, you can ensure that when you use this desk, you would not be exposed to toxins that are harmful to your health. 

In Actuality, one of these materials, the MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) has passed the CARB (California Air Resource Board-an agency that regulates and check if companies follow all the standards and if they avoid the greenhouse gas emissions) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency-the government agency that protects the health of humans and the environment) standards. Hence, you may ensure that using these standing desks from Flexispot could let you help avoid the carbon footprints and emission of greenhouse gases. If more clients would know the wonders of the MDF and Chipboard, they would patronize the sit-stand desk products from Flexispot. 

Final Thoughts

Flexispot is a well-dedicated ergonomic company that safeguards not just the spine health of their patrons but also the environment's protection. Their intensive research on environment-friendly materials such as Bamboo and MDF helps them to innovate more pieces of ergonomic equipment that would help conserve and save the environment. As an initiative, Flexispot continues to innovate standing desks, sit-stand desks, and ergonomic chairs using the most environment-friendly materials and safe processes to ensure that you would be protected from toxins and pollutants. Most of all, Flexispot commits to avoid the carbon footprints and emission of greenhouse gases. With these, you may ensure that Flexispot is the best when it comes to ergonomic solutions and environment care.