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The Benefits of Alternating Movements in the Office with FlexiSpot

24 August 2021

The Risk of Sedentary Pain

In this changing world, the demand at work changes too. A lot of services need to be catered to well. Hence, the demand for a faster result is high. As the pace at work becomes faster, the chance of experiencing sedentary pain gets bigger too. Thus, the reason most office workers experience sedentary pain is because of work routines, improper sitting positions, and incorrect office ergonomics. 

You might be one of these people who experience sedentary pain and ergonomic problems. You might not notice but the equipment and work practice that you have will affect your posture. 

If you notice neck soreness after long hours of stooping in front of the computer or your back gets strained because of the chair that you sit on then, chances are you have ergonomic problems. 

Thus, in this case, what you need is the right ergonomic piece of equipment in the office because, with the proper equipment, you could protect your spine, neck, back, and feet. These are the areas very prone to ergonomic pain. 

In actuality, there is a way to protect the body parts that are very prone to ergonomic problems. The body parts that you tend to overuse most of the time. These are the practices that you should observe in the office. 

Daily Proper Ergonomics

The first thing to do in practice the proper ergonomics is to have the sit-stand motions. When you regularly practice standing while working, then sitting would protect you from making your spine strained. You can do this while in front of your standing desk (The best sit-stand desks are from Flexispot such as the Kana Bamboo standing desk that has the dual motor lifting system). When you find yourself doing the same routine at the workstation, like sitting for more than 2 hours without trying to stand up, then you must change your position and stand up while typing. This movement can be possible with the right stand-up desk (you may also try the sit-stand desk from Flexispot like Esben Standing Desk UD4 that is also height adjustable and has a spacious drawer). 

The second thing to do to ergonomically protect yourself is not to overuse your shoulders and arms. When you are working in the office, you must be careful not to overuse your hands and shoulders. Observe the proper lifting and do not force your shoulders too much. Try to stretch it every 30 minutes if possible so you may feel relaxed and your muscles would not be strained. For this, you may try a desk converter from Flexispot such as the Edge Riser Standing Desk Converter M8MB-35". This Ergonomic desk converter is spacious. It can allow you to put your devices on it and other office materials. 

With this desk converter, you can have a more flexible movement in the office and you can do the sit-stand movement perfectly. Indeed, this desk converter could protect you against the shoulder pain and neck soreness that you might get because of sedentary activities or sitting on a chair for a long period.  

Another way to achieve ergonomic protection in the office is, by getting periodic breaks like when you're going to stand up for 15 minutes and have a coffee break. This is another way to practice the sit-stand movement. You may perfectly do it with the ergonomic products from Flexispot like the Wobble stool BH2 or the Ergonomic office chair OC3B that are both height adjustable. These ergo chairs could help you sit and stand when you take your breaks. They are both powered by the incredible gas lifting system that you can easily control with the adjusters on these ergo chairs. 

The lifting system of these chairs could help you have the sit-stand movements easily and without much problems. When you have the wobble stools and office chair OC3B, you can be ergonomically protected because of the seat areas that they have. Both have cushions that promote active sitting and provide you with easy standing. Indeed, when you use these chairs, you could experience the easy transition from sitting to standing without the back pain that you usually experience with non-ergonomic chairs. 

Third, experiencing the proper ergonomics in the office is easy with the Flexispot ergonomic chair products. Another great feature of these chairs is they have the best curves of the backrest. These backrests could sustain a good blood circulation along your body because it follows the curve of your spine well. 

Some examples of these chairs that have the best backrest curves are the Scalloped Accent Chair 1049 that has a seat cushion that is made from a velvet material. Sitting on this is easy and could protect you against hip and spine strain because the cushion itself is installed perfectly on the metal frame so your back and the backrest would have close contact. 

When you sit on this chair, you can ensure that you would not feel strained and you can observe the proper posture because your whole back is well-protected by this accent chair. 

Lastly, you can get ergonomically protected in the office by resting your feet and legs on a footrest. Commonly, employees buy a certain product where they could rest their legs and feet aside from the office chair that they have but if you choose an ergo chair like the Flexispot Ergonomic Office Chair 9127, you can raise your legs and feet on the built-in footrest which you can find under the cushion which you can simply pull out when you need so or retract when you decide to stand up and get a break for coffee. 

The Office Chair 9127 is an ace product because it can help you relax and stimulate blood circulation along your legs after long hours in the office. 

Final Thoughts

Achieving ergonomic protection in the office is not easy without the help of the Flexispot ergonomic products. It's because these ergo products promise you great comfort and ease when working. Thus, once you choose to purchase them, you can ensure ergonomic comfort and you can avoid the sedentary pain in your neck, shoulders, arms, feet, legs, and spine. Most of all, with the Ergonomic products from Flexispot, you can ensure that you can alternate your movements in the office well.