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The Ergonomic Benefits of an Organized Desk

19 July 2021

Desks with Clutter Cause Confusion

Do you sometimes experience this? You have a long day ahead in the office. You need to finish a report by 4 pm and it's not just 10 am. You are literally in a panicky mode because you see lots of paper on the table, office tools on the right side, and your cup of coffee on the left side. Then you got the writing tools near your device. This could give you chaos and confusion. Now, what do we mean when we say confusion when there are lots of clutters on the table? This is a feeling or a state of becoming clueless about how you could put your plans for the day into action. At times, you tend to forget the most vital plans that you have for the workday or you forget some instructions for yourself. When these things happen to you, there might be:

  • Misunderstandings between you and other colleagues 
  • Shortcomings or mistakes with your output
  • Stress and fatigue 

Among the three effects mentioned, stress and fatigue are the most common. Usually, office workers experience the feeling of tiredness even during the early hours of work. The clutters on their work area could make them feel exhausted and these could affect their mood and concentration. Most of the time, there are office workers who complain of:

  • Feeling dizzy 
  • Losing your sense of balance 
  • Experiencing ergonomic pain such as neck pain, headaches, back pain, and leg pain

So, if you experience these things when you work at an office table with much clutter on the surface, you need to declutter and make way for a clear workstation. This is because when you have an organized and less messy station, you create a conducive workplace for yourself. This could create a good effect on you and your coworkers too because they would get inspired by you. Aside from that, there are other advantages of having an organized desk. These advantages could be your guidelines in putting up a clutter-free office desk. 

Picture Perfect: A Clutter-Free WorkStation

Imagine a workstation that is free from disturbances or clutter on the surface. A desktop with nothing but the most important stuff that you need for the work hours such as:

  • Devices

Your laptop, printers, and scanners, or computer are the most important devices that you need during the day's operation. Putting them all around your workstation would be very advisable and ergonomic because the first thing about an ergonomic-friendly workstation is you must be able to get all the things that you need in a reach of your hand; reaching them out should be less than 20 seconds and there should be no pressure put on your arms and shoulders when reaching for these objects. Hence, with your devices, they should be beside you or just a few inches away from you to avoid strain and pain 

  • Writing tools and the like

Pens and markers should be placed on a holder that is also just beside you. These should not be scattered on your desk surface because this might fall off from the table or if not it would still be a piece of clutter on your desk. However, the best place to put these writing tools is inside a drawer that could be a good place for your office materials. The rule of thumb here is you need to make sure your work surface should be clear of obstructions and would not look congested. 

  • A notepad

This could be a small one where you could write all the instructions and reminders for the day. This is also apart from your planner where your bigger plans every week or monthly basis can be written. The notepad would serve as a grocery shopping list or a quick checklist in case you need to remember all the details or instructions in a day. Sticky notes could be advisable however there are times that they become an eyesore especially when you have a lot of tasks to do in a day. Hence, it's better if you would write all on a notepad. 

So, as we mentioned earlier, the rule of thumb is in making a more organized work area, you need to put out only the things that you need most. Avoid putting stuff like photo frames or stick a lot of DIY office decors on your workstation especially if you have limited space. This could help you breathe easily and move freely while working. This is also the reason software like Microsoft Office is created to make reminders, reports, and presentations so handy and manageable. It is for you to lessen the possibilities of experiencing ergonomic problems. 

Clutter-Free Through Flexispot It Will Be

You might be thinking of purchasing equipment now that could help you in organizing your desk. It is highly recommendable to make your desk clutter-free and revolutionized through Flexispot- the true home of the best standing desks, sit-stand desks, and ergonomic chairs. 

At Flexispot, countless desk organizer products could help you clear up your workstation. First on the list is the Mesh Desk Organizer DO01. This is a multi-dimensional piece of the organizer. This is because even with its small shape, you may avail various types of holders and an upright section that could cater to your different organizer needs. Most of the common organizers, you could not divide well some spaces and allot them in smaller partitions, hence you usually end up having more chaotic storage spaces or your office needs such as paper clips or writing tools are mixed up thus it still becomes disorganized but with the Desk Organizer DO01, you can make sure that you can organize well your office needs. 

Flexispot is not just a company of superb standing desks or stand-up desks, it is also a provider of well-structured mobile file cabinets. Here at Flexispot, your storage experience is above your expectations. They go the extra mile to create ergonomic file cabinets. An example of that is the Mobile File Cabinet CB2 which has a circular arc design. This is revolutionary as well because the usual file cabinets have sharp edges that might pose a threat for office workers like you. This file cabinet could give you a smooth transition too when opening the drawers; these drawers do not get stuck as well unlike the ordinary office file cabinets that do not have smooth rolling movements on the side. The Mobile File Cabinet CB2 could offer you this superb protection against spine strain and shoulder pain when accessing your files or storing some documents. This file cabinet could surely protect you from any ergonomic pain that could harm you in the long run. 

Final Thoughts

Indeed, when you organize your work area, you could have a less stressful day at the office because it could accelerate your speed and could keep away the clutters that could harm your posture and ergonomics. Thus, trusting Flexispot could help you make this task easier.