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Ideal Accent Chairs for Fabulous Young Ladies

10 June 2021

About Young Ladies:

Female teenagers start to explore more of their talents and skills once they reach puberty even before the age of 13, they finally express themselves and show their identity. Around this age, they explore and most of them start to love make-ups, clothing articles, nail art, and so on. This is the time they finally show their feminine side. Most female teenagers start to become fashionable and stylish. If you're a parent whose child is starting to flaunt her inner fashionista then you may give her the most sought-after accent chairs in the market. Accent chairs could provide not just extra volume and life in your teenager's makeup room but could also protect her from spine-related injury especially if you choose the ones from Flexispot. 

The Flexispot Accent Chairs:

At Flexispot, you may be assured that products such as the ergo chairs, standing desks, and office organizers are superb and made on a cutting edge. These products are engineered with precision and could protect people from spine-related injury and other illnesses involving posture. Hence, they have made sure that the accent chairs that they manufacture are superb and could protect your teenage daughters from having a stooped posture. You might be having a future beauty queen or a sports enthusiast, or a doctor then these accent chairs are the best options for her and if you're going to be more interested, these features below could answer some of your inquiries about the Flexispot accent chairs: 

  • Flexispot accent chairs are made with a structure that follows the curve of the spine. They are ergonomically fitted to enhance the sitting position of the user and protect her from getting numbed and strained after sitting for a long time. 
  • With ordinary chairs, most people experience pain in the lower back especially the buttocks area and the hips but with Flexispot accent chairs, we may be sure that her lower torso would be safe from the sedentary pain. 
  • Ordinary chairs in the market are not perfectly designed to protect the skin of the users from the bugs that might be thriving along the inner part of the cushion. Sometimes, we feel the rashes and itch with ordinary chairs, then just after a close inspection, we would just find out that bugs that cause skin rashes have already lived in the cushion. This is not the thing with Flexispot accent chairs because these products are tight-fitted and are made with materials that are insect-proof. 
  • Flexispot accent chairs could give the most comfort to your daughter while sitting because of the material of the cushion and the design of this product. It would not make your child feel stressed when sitting here. Her back would be protected as well. Hence, practicing a proper posture with this chair could be very ideal. 

Now, with the product features enumerated above, you may be ensured that you're going to choose the best ergo products when you purchase the Flexispot accent chairs. To further discuss, we will also talk about the specs and design of the best accent chairs from Flexispot. These are the most sought-after products in the market that could cater to your daughter's ergo needs. The following accent chairs are: 

The Sought-After Accent Chairs in the Market:

We're going to start with the chair that is known for its color and shape that is perfect for the feisty and stylish young ladies. This accent chair is the:

Scalloped accent chair 1049

  • This accent chair could be purchased for just $139.00. It is such a great buy because your child could enjoy sitting on a chair that has a backrest measurement of 16"x29" which is perfectly fitted and would not make her spine area numbed and in pain even after long hours of sitting here while doing her project or putting on some make-up. 
  • The sitting area of this accent chair is 29"x26". This could relax her lower torso and would not give her the spine fatigue that most usually experience with ordinary chairs. 
  • The total height of the accent chair is 33". Hence, it would be just right for your teenage child. It could perfectly fit in her room and could be a good addition to her interior design because having a place with this accent chair is Instagram-worthy. 

Accent chair 005

  • This accent chair comes in 5 colors: black, pink, gray, blue ,beige
  • For just $99.99, you may bring this home and put it in your daughter's room; such a practical way to accentuate her room with a sophisticated design. 
  • It has a seating area of 18"x23". It has a wider seating area that could bear the weight of a teenager while safeguarding her from having spine fatigue. 
  • It has a backrest size of 15"x18" hence it can ensure your child's proper posture with this accent chair because it is wide enough to safeguard the spine and neck. 
  • It has curved sides that could also protect her arms and shoulders from getting strained. 

Accent chair 008:

  • This accent chair comes in 5 colors too which are blue, grey, green, beige, and pink. 
  • It has a seating area that is 18"x19". This one is wider than the first 2 accent chairs but you may purchase this for just $94.99. With less than a hundred dollars, your daughter may be protected against the spine strain that she might experience when sitting on ordinary chairs. 
  • The backrest size is 18"x18". A little narrower than the first 2 accent chairs but gives the same ergonomic protection that your daughter needs when sitting. 
  • The total height measurement of this chair is 38". This is taller than the first 3 accent chairs so far hence it could cater to the ergo needs of taller young females. 

Upholstered Swivel Accent Chair With Wheels Rubi

  • This is the accent chair that has the most detailed stitching; carefully-lain stitches that make the cushion intact with the frame. This could ensure the safety of the chair from the bugs that may thrive within the cushion. Thus, your daughters would be free from the possible skin itch caused by the bug bites. 
  • It is made with curved armrests that could protect her from arm and shoulder pain. 
  • It has a seating area of 29.5" x 18.8". It's almost the same in measurement with the Scalloped accent chair but it just has a wider backrest size which is 20.8"x19.6". 

Ribbed Low Back Armless Swivel Desk Chair 1391L11

  • This accent chair has a soft padded seat and a rust-proof seat. Thus, you may ensure that the chair that your child will use is sturdy and durable.
  • It has a seating area of 18.11"x 14.37". This may not be as wide as the other accent chairs but it could also provide the ergonomic solution that your daughter will need when sitting. 

Final Thoughts:

Young ladies start to express their beauty and intelligence as they grow up. They find their ways now to express who they are and as parents, we must be there to guide them in their teenage years and it is essential to start it by giving them ergonomic solutions so they would not experience the pain and strain that may affect their posture and confidence. Hence, the best choice for this is the ergo accent chairs from Flexispot.