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The Ideal Ergonomic Chairs for Kinesthetic Learners

10 June 2021

Kinesthetic Learners:

They are very active. They learn by trying things and looking at examples. These children are very imaginative and they learn things by doing. They are the kids who enjoy arts, gym class, and they learn through talking and walking around. They give the high energy that other learners do not have and they give life in class. They are kinesthetic learners and today we are going to talk about them and how the ergonomic problems challenge them in discovering their truest potentials. 

Due to the nature of their learning, they are prone to injury and pain. In particular, they could easily acquire spine-related injury and cramps because of improper posture and movement. Thus, it's most important (especially these days that the school setting has been shifted to online) to let them practice the right posture and enhance their ergonomics with the proper choice of equipment such as the ones offered by Flexispot. 

At Flexispot, parents could find the best ergo chairs, accent chairs, standing desks, and office equipment that are sought-after in the market. These are pieces of equipment that are scientifically made to enhance the spine health of the users. For Flexispot, posture plays a vital role in everyone's total health. 

Posture and Ergonomics - The Flexispot Way: 

Proper posture and ergonomics could make an impact on somebody's health hence when one does not do the proper posture and has a very stooped posture, it could affect his:

  • blood circulation
  • movement 
  • concentration 

This has a huge effect on the performance of a kinesthetic learner because the intensity and level of his energy help his way of thinking and his learning mechanism. If he would have poor posture, his concentration might get affected and he would not be able to absorb all the vital information from the class especially in the current online setting in classes, the kinesthetic learners are challenged by this situation. At times they are behind the lessons and could not understand what is being taught. Thus optimizing his ergonomics could make a big help and choosing Flexispot could help enhance it more because these ergo chairs from Flexispot are:

  • engineered with precision and are scientifically created to optimize the spine health of the users. 
  • made with the right height adjustability
  • created to promote proper posture and blood circulation
  • built to increase the contact of the hips to the chair parts and lessen the pain caused by long hours of sitting
  • also made for kinesthetic learners who acquire effectively the knowledge they need through more body movements
  • made with the right gas lifting system
  • created with cushions and adjustors that help one maneuver the product with ease
  • made and have undergone numerous fatigue tests that could prove the durability of these products
  • made from robust steel that was shaped into sturdy frames that could bear even the heaviest weight.  

These are the reasons posture and ergonomics are well-promoted and enhanced with the Flexispot ergo products. In this next part of the article now, we would be enumerating the most sought-after products in the market that are all from Flexispot. These are the best ergo chairs and accent chairs that could enhance the body system of kinesthetic learners even they are studying at home. 

The Ergo Chairs and Accent Chairs for the Kinesthetic Learners:

The following are the most reliable ergo products from Flexispot that could help parents optimize their active children's class performance and learning. The following ergo chairs are: 

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

  • This is an ergo chair that has superb lumbar support that could lessen the sedentary pain that one could experience after long hours of sitting. 
  • This sedentary pain could affect the energy of the kinesthetic learner hence choosing this kind of chair could help him sustain his energy in class. 
  • It has a 4D adjustable armrest that could help him relax his shoulders and arms after class or in between subjects because kinesthetic learners are prone to energy depletion especially if their immune system is not that strong. Hence, this kind of chair is suitable for them. 
  • It has a strong 3D lumbar support system that is present in a breathable mesh that allows the student to move easily even when sitting on this chair. Class activities given to kinesthetic learners involve body movements thus letting him sit on this kind of chair is recommendable. 
  • If your child needs a backrest tilt, this chair is good because this is flexible and could be tilted up to 45 degrees. It is recommendable because there are moments that your child will be needing a break so this chair could support his back well as he takes a rest. 

Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B

  • The next ergo chair is also known for having passive lumbar support. It is built with a breathable mesh that allows the active airflow that would prevent the child from sweating and could enhance the blood circulation in his body. 
  • It also has an adjustable lifting armrest that could help a child relax his arms and shoulders after class activity. 
  • It could also assist him when relaxing his neck. This part of the body is severely strained too especially when improper posture is done during activities. With this ergo chair, your child could bring much force on the neck which may be harmful to his spine. 

Scalloped accent chair 1049

  • The last one is an accent chair that might not be adjustable but is still ergonomically designed to make the sitting experience of the user superb and safe. 
  • This chair has undergone a lot of fatigue tests that could prove that it could bear heavy weight and it would not easily get damaged. 
  • This chair has curves that complement the back and spine of the child. Hence, the child would not develop a stooped posture even sitting for long hours every class. 
  • This accent chair is also designed to prevent the bugs from thriving within the cushion and cause skin irritation. This one is carefully produced to give maximum comfort to our kinesthetic learners. 

Final Thoughts:

Whether the child is a kinesthetic learner or a visual learner, his parents must enhance his posture by letting him practice it with the proper pieces of equipment such as the ones offered by Flexispot. This is because once he tends to do an improper posture, it would affect his whole system and might affect his performance as a student. Hence, his spine health must be monitored and enhanced.