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26 July 2021

Different Faces of a Workstation

An office is a place where all your knowledge and skills are honed. This is like a second home for all of us. Different offices also have different needs for equipment. One of the vital portions of the office is the workstation. This is where you stay for more than 6 hours a day hence you need to make sure that you would be ergonomically protected regardless of the dimension of each office cubicle. 

So, when we talk about making it ergonomically protected, how possible could that be? First, it is important to know how many square meters your office is. Second, you have to think of the number of workers there would be in your office and the pieces of equipment. Third, you must think of the best office equipment that should be put in each of the workstations. 

With that, you may trust Flexispot for your office chairs and desks needs. This is because, at Flexispot, you may find the best sit-stand desks that could help your employees alternate their movements when working. You can also find here the most superb standing desks that could help you optimize your work as you do multitasking and there are also the ergonomic chairs from Flexispot that protect your lumbar and hips well. 

So, let us talk about how workstations could be ergonomically protected and how those workstations and ergonomic products could go well together. 

The Right Pairs for Ergonomic Protection

The most common workstations that you might find in the offices are: 

  • Cubicle Workstation 
  • L-Shaped Workstation
  • Linear Workstation

These workstations differ in size and could accommodate a different number of workers. The largest among the three is the cubicle workstation. This is because most cubicle workstations have more than 2 partitions. Some look like a mini office as well. When you want cubicle workstations in the office, you must have at least a 40-60 sq meter office. This is because cubicle workstations would need a wider space compared to the L-shaped and Linear workstations. 

When it comes to the standing desks that you may use at the cubicle workstations, you may choose the bigger ones like the Modish Standing Desk that has an adjustable height of 49.2 inches and a weight capacity of 275lbs so you may put it on a larger space. What's good about this desk is it uses a dual motor lifting system. Hence, you could make sure that when you have this on your cubicle workstation, the movement of the worker could be optimized and all the materials that he needs here could be put on the sit-stand desk. 

The Modish standing desk is also beneficial especially when there is a lot of office equipment on the cubicle workstation that needs to be plugged in. When you have this stand-up desk, you may hide all the extra wires that may lead the workers to trip over. This is because the Modish standing desk could hide the cable wires from the electronic devices or equipment that your workers use when working. You may ensure a more organized and safer work area when you have this Standing desk. 

Cubicle workstations range from the single to U-Shape Management workstation. The dimension would also depend on how much equipment there would be. Usually, if the cubicle workstation would be a place for the management functions then office chairs like the Ergonomic Office Chair 9051 would be the perfect piece of equipment together with the other office chairs that could be used by your guests at your workstation. In that case, you could choose accent chairs (also from Flexispot) like the Scalloped Accent Chair which is smaller than the Ergo Office Chair 9051. With these ergonomic chairs, you may ensure that your movements in your workstation could be optimized. Your cubicle workstation may not be as spacious as the room but it could still provide privacy and space large enough to accommodate a guest. 

Another, this cubicle workstation is large enough to have office chairs as big as the Ergo Office Chair 9051 that has the padded cushion and headrest. Hence, working here will be sufficient and comfortable with this big and tall office chair. 

Now, if you prefer an L-Shaped workstation which is good for middle managers, senior staff members, and regular employees, you may consider the middle-sized sit-stand desks that are offered by Flexispot. Here, you may choose the standing desks like the Theodore Standing Desk-a combination of sophistication and functionality. This standing desk could fit a small L-Shaped Workstation. It has an embedded drawer that could hold all the materials that you need like the writing tools. You may also choose the Esben Standing Desk UD4 that has larger drawers and a built-in charging port. These standing desks may ensure a smooth transition and easy movement; these are height-adjustable. Most workers from the middle management and to the regular employees face a lot of challenges during the operations hence it is also good that they have the pieces of equipment that will offer flexibility that could help them do multitasking effectively. 

Senior staff members and regular employees could also multitask in an orderly manner especially when they choose standing desks from Flexispot such as the L-Shaped Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk. This is sturdy and could offer an extra desk even for 2 employees at the L-Shaped workstation. With this, you could still provide them the privacy they truly need and enough space for them to optimize their movement in the office. 

The last workstation that we are going to talk about is the linear workstation. This is the smallest among the three because when you set up a linear workstation, there might be 3-4 workers in the bay. Hence, middle-sized stand-up desks like the Crank Standing Desk would be advisable for this kind of workstation. This is because this desk could reach a height of 48.6 inches and has a weight capacity of 154lbs. Its width reaches up to 50.8 inches hence this is the most suitable piece of equipment at a linear workstation. 

When it comes to the office chair, you may consider the ones that offer both durability and flexibility. At Flexispot, you may choose the fitness chairs that have the 8-level resistance. They are also a chair and a piece of fitness equipment in one. So, when your worker uses this in the linear workstation, you can ensure that they would not experience a sedentary activity because of these pieces of equipment. 

Final Thoughts

Organizing an office is challenging especially when you want to maximize the workspace without putting your workers' health in jeopardy. Hence, if you are planning to put up, organize and design an office, Flexispot is here to offer you the best standing desks, stand-up desks, office organizers, and ergonomic chairs for your preference.