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An Incomparable Standing Desk Converter

16 August 2021

In my more than 20 years of working in an insurance company, I always dreamed of having a more comfortable table and chair in my workplace. I suggested once to my boss to procure a set of tables and chairs for me as I was really experiencing more discomfort and neck pain with my old office furniture. Unfortunately, it was not granted immediately due to lack of funds and you know sometimes companies had certain financial priorities over trivial things such as a new table and a chair.

I did not anymore insist on having one because it was not only me who was complaining about painful lower back and shoulder aches due to excessive sitting on an uncomfortable and thinly padded chair with a table wobbling from time to time due to voluminous files of documents on that table.

Adding to my agony were the tangled computer cables, electrical wiring that we had to arrange on the side of the floor for us to be able to walk without slipping or falling on the floor. My company was a small insurance firm that had more than 50 employees when I was still with it. We enjoyed fringe benefits as it was generating revenues for life and non-life insurance policies.

We had many clients as the company runs smoothly with claims processing completed on due date and payment to clients was done on time. Although our building and some amenities were absent, nevertheless, I enjoyed working with the company as years went by where I also established good and genial relationships with my co-workers as if we were a family. Our company was good at public relations with the clients and with employees as well.

We were given time for team building wherein we went to some scenic spots such as a beautiful beach where we enjoyed swimming, eating, and we had fun together with our own families and co-workers. However, working in the office was really hard given the scenario that we lacked good furniture and our space was not that big to accommodate freer movements for everybody.

Pondering on my work situation, I considered the advantages and disadvantages of working in that company. Eventually, I found out from my list that it was more advantageous to stay in the company for several reasons.

Studies had proved that employees stay in the company not only for financial remuneration but also for some other personal reasons which I had had at that time. Job satisfaction is more than economic reasons for staying in the company for employees.

One of my reasons for staying in my company for several years was that I enjoyed the company of my co-workers and I treasured every moment with them because I know they were true friends, true-blue co-workers in the sense of the word.

Another reason was that the salary I was receiving was good enough for a worker like me to live decently and sufficiently because I could buy the basic necessities and I was able to save money at that time preparing for my retirement.  

Lastly, the company was near my home so I did not have to commute or use a car to get to my office. Proximity to the residential area was also one of the reasons in some studies why co-workers stick with their companies for longer periods of time.

In other words, my reason for leaving was because of the pieces of office furniture which were really almost unfit to be used for performing my job which was not granted at that time. In other words, the advantages outweighed the disadvantages of staying in the company. So I stayed and completed 22 years of service together with several employees who were also retires at that time.

Until now, I wish that I had the wonderful ergonomic chair from Flexispot or a standing desk converter so I could place my computer on it and be more productive at work.

Unlike several years ago, today, ergonomic home and office furniture proliferate in the market offering more comfort and functionality for the work environment. Ergonomics as an applied science has gone a long way to make things support and work with humans to make working more comfortable and enjoyable even for long hours of working.

At Flexispot, you can choose to buy a new piece of home office furniture such as a standing desk or an ergonomic office or you also have the option to save your money and just buy a desk converter for your old working desk. In doing so, you do not shell out much money for new furniture. In this case, I highly recommend the Motorized AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters EM7L - 40"  which offers fantastic features that you will greatly appreciate. You will love to own one of these.

The Motorized AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters EM7L - 40" is an electric desk riser meaning you can adjust to any posture you like such as sitting or standing easily because it is motorized. You can lift and lower your desk without the struggle of traditional risers, perfect for sufferers of back, elbow, shoulder, or wrist pain. It is also a space-saver that all you need is to put it on top of your old desk or table to work productively.

The robust motor stays smooth, silent, and stable, even under its maximum load of 55lbs. Leave the heavy lifting to us so you can focus on the more important things. Also, the heavy-duty construction will enable you to use multiple monitors and adorn your workspace with your office supplies and other essentials with its combined 55-pound weight capacity for desktop and 11 lbs. for keyboard tray.

It also has a removable keyboard tray and a U-shaped desktop and an oversized keyboard tray for laptop users, from a 17-inch laptop to a full-sized keyboard and mouse. On top of these, this perfect desk converter has an integrated cable management system that keeps your workspace tidy and neat and promotes safety eliminating unsightly tangles for maximum efficiency.

Are there still other features to look for? I think this is the best desk converter that you will ever have. Have one for yourself and learn more about other Flexispot products on the website.