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The Magic of Music

16 July 2021

“Music is the strongest form of magic.” – Marilyn Manson. I think no one on this planet is capable of being unappreciative of music. Everybody does because I believe Manson’s statement about music that it is a form of magic. 

 I think everybody agrees that when we listen to music, we seem to be in another world, our own reality where we always want to be. It also brings us to an emotional illusion that we want to feel and have right at that moment. That is why music is something that is magical and wonderful.

We like music because we can relate our experiences to the lyrics of a particular song. For example, love songs make us feel in love and loved at the same time. There are also sad songs about broken relationships, unrequited love, and separation. They make us feel that we are part of that particular song especially when we have experienced the same situation in the song.

What happens when we listen to a particular kind of music or song that we love? According to an article published online, (https://www.popbuzz.com/), there several things that happen to our body when we the song or music we love: 

  1. You get “a rush of dopamine” which is the brain’s “feel-good” chemical. That is why, when we hear our favorite song or tune, we play it over and over again as it makes us addicted to listening to that particular song.
  2.  The research found that music also stimulates the visual part of the brain. For this reason, listening to music that relates to us, we make some imagery or imagination in our head.
  3. Music can alter how we see faces. "After hearing a short piece of music, [listeners] were more likely to interpret a neutral expression as happy or sad, to match the tone of the music they heard." - The Smithsonian"
  4.  Stress levels are lowered when watching a concert. "Watching a concert as an audience member led to a decrease in stress hormones (cortisol, cortisone, and the cortisol-DHEA ratio)." -Gramophone”
  5. Listening to music loudly can make you more social with a desire to be closer to one another

No wonder, we feel a certain kind of high when we listen to our favorite music genre or song because biologically, there are certain things that happen especially in our brain when we listen to music. As such, we form imagery in our mind that may be an imagination based on our experience and also something that we want to happen in the near future. For example, meeting a new person who could be your knight and shining armor.

Another research on music ( affirmed that “ https://www.cambridge.org/) that “music is a communication of “world view as the feeling of reality." As I understand it, music is also a form of communication just like speech. So, music or a song, in particular, conveys different feelings or emotions, depending on your favorite song. We like different music genres, too, which makes listening more enjoyable and exciting. Some of the music genres are: (https://www.openmicuk.co.uk/)

  • Jazz - history-wise, it began in the 1900s in New Orleans. It features a mixture of rhythms and tempos focusing on solo entertainment
  • Hip-hop - developed out of a cultural evolution in the United States highlighting vinyl records mixed on turntables including rap genre
  • Funk - has a syncopated beat and heavy bass lines and distinctive grooves, originally from African American influences, and takes cues from Soul, Jazz, and R&B.
  • Easy listening - more on mood rather than any specific musical traits. It omits vocal performance to favor easygoing rework of popular pop and rock hits
  • Garage - came directly from the evolution of electronic dance music, drum and bass, and soul/R&B.
  • K-Pop - Gangnam Style is one of them. several forms are present such as pop, electronic music, rap, R&B, and even classical music
  • Latin music - pertains to Latin America and its influence on Spanish and African roots. A kind of music that is "very percussive."  
  • Metal or heavy metal - a subgenre of rock music that features a band setup with electric guitars, bass, and drums. 
  • Motown - a creation of Motown Records, a subsidiary of Universal that is best described as a pop-soul hybrid. 
  • Opera - a key part of the classical music tradition in the west featuring vocal performances which is a "story told to music."
  • Pop or Popular music - evolving and is designed for the masses. Anything that is played on mainstream radio can be classified as pop.
  • Rap - a style of vocal delivery that developed with hip-hop in the United States
  • Punk - a British music genre. The punk-rock is characterized by heavy, fast guitars, simplistic songs, and basic recording techniques
  • Mod - or modernist music became prominent and popular in the working-class area of the UK in the 60s. It was strongly influenced by modern jazz and northern soul.
  • Rhythm and Blues (R&B) - originated in African American communities in the 1940s.  
  • Reggae - originated in Jamaica in the 60s is a fusion of traditional Jamaican folk music with jazz and R&B; it became popular through the work of Bob Marley

Listening to a favorite song or a particular genre is one activity that is already part of our lifestyle as modern music and songs evolve, listeners become more sophisticated and picky in their kind of music. As music is one of the most lucrative industries in the world, investors are focusing more on this industry for more revenues that are worth billions of dollars.

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