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The Most Ideal Standing Desks with Spacious Drawers from Flexispot

08 June 2021

The Challenge of a Disorganized Work Area:

When we see ourselves working around an area with lots of clutters on the surface, it somehow creates an effect on how we could handle our tasks. At times it affects our speed because we need to do extra tasks such as fixing the table, getting rid of the clutters, and so on. This may not immediately affect our health but there are disadvantages of having desks that are cluttered with lots of stuff on the surface such as: 

  • losing focus on the important task for the day

This happens when the work area is cluttered and disorganized. A lot of people lose focus on their tasks when there are pieces of paper in the work area or there are extra containers on the desk. This may lead to confusion and may distract the person when concentrating on a certain task.

  • dizziness that may create an impact around the head and neck

At first, people would not find the connection between a disorganized table and dizziness but if you take a closer look or observe these, others who find a lot of clutters in their work area not just lose focus, some end up getting dizzy while working. People with migraines are prone to having an attack when their work area is disorganized. 

  • stress and fatigue that affects the spine and lumbar 

Aside from headaches and migraines, worse cases involve stress that causes the spine and lumbar fatigue. Try to notice that when the work area is disorganized, it affects our mood and concentration. When these effects hamper our mood and energy, it creates havoc on our bodies. Hence, some feel drained after long hours at work. 

In this case, this kind of predicament at work could be solved through the help of suitable ergonomic solutions. There are products engineered with precision and are on the cutting edge. These ergonomic products are from Flexispot. Where the best ergonomic chairs, office supplies, and standing desks are offered. These products are well-built to suit the needs of dedicated office workers who experience lots of challenges in their everyday activities in the office. Now, when we talk about standing desks from Flexispot, we could always find products that are a combination of modern style and superb functionality. Aside from that, other reasons are choosing these standing desks from Flexispot is a great choice. These reasons are:

Reasons Buying the Flexispot Standing Desks is a Smart Choice:

  • Standing desks from Flexispot are known for the single-motor and dual-motor lifting systems. Regardless if it's a single-motor or dual-motor, both lifting systems help the user save time in moving along the work area because the chair itself does the job of adjusting to the preferred height of the user. 
  • Flexispot Standing desks are known for being well-motorized. This is the reason these standing desks have the optimal performance such as the lifting speed of each standing desk from Flexispot.
  • Standing desks from Flexispot are convenient to use because they have anti-collision features that's why even during the lifting, one should not need to worry that things would fall from the table or the vase would tumble and hit the ground. It is because these standing desks are made with sharp precision hence the surface is flat and even plus the bases are created sturdy. 
  • Standing desks from Flexispot are known for their sturdy metal base that helps the product lift itself smoothly and could bear a heavyweight such as the weight of devices used in the office. 
  • Most standing desks from Flexispot are known for the programmable height presets that help the user choose their preferred height. In a home where more than 2 people are sharing these standing desks, this kind of feature helps the product to be used with ease by multiple users. 
  • Charging devices is not difficult anymore too because with Flexispot standing desks one could easily charge his device with fewer cords around the work area that in some workplaces become the cause of wire entanglement or worse are accidents. 
  • Flexispot Standing desks could also help a person have a proper posture because these products are flexible and could help one avoid bending or slouching. Most of these standing desks have sit-stand reminders too. Hence, an active routine could be ensured with these products. 

Now, looking at the features of Flexispot standing desks, we may consider that these products could help a busy worker organize his work area. These products could also help a person maintain a proper posture and be safe from accidents like wire entanglement. So, in the next part of our discussion, we will talk about the 

Three Standing Desks that Could Help One Organize his Work Area:

These standing desks could make one organize his space because of the drawer embedded in these products. These standing desks are:

Esben Standing Desk UD4: 

  • The standing desk comes in two models that have different features of this standing desk:

UD4EW: has the basic up and down keypad; does not have the built-in charging ports; does not have the height memory function and anti-collision system

UD4W: has the premium 6-button keypads; has the built-in charging ports, height memory function, and anti-collision system. 

  • This standing desk has a spacious drawer that has a drawer size of 11.8 for height, 20.5 for width, and 1.6 for thickness. With these measurements, one could easily organize his work area and keep that office stuff that could occupy much space and become a nuisance. 

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top

  • This glass top standing desk is known for its lifting capacity that is 110 lbs. 
  • It has 4 programmable height presets that would allow multiple users to save their preferred height setting and use the product effectively. 
  • It has a spacious drawer that could help anyone who wishes to keep some belongings such as tablets, a planner, and other office stuff neatly in one place while doing some work. With the desk measurements of: 12.4" for the height; 26.2" for the width, and 1.57" for the dimension, one could surely organize his workspace effectively. 

Theodore Standing Desk

  • Others refer to this as UD1B. This standing desk is a product that could also help you organize your work area with an integrated drawer that makes your workspace clutter-free. 
  • This also offers an integrated drawer that has the following measurements: 11 inches for the height; 21.8 inches for the width, and 2.6 inches for the dimension. This drawer could help you store some other belongings that could clutter on the surface if they would not be kept away. 

Final Thoughts:

When we become preoccupied or stressed with the work situation, keeping our work area free from clutters becomes a challenge because it becomes time-consuming and at times we need to focus more on finishing a task. However, with the proper routine and continuous practice, we would be able to organize our work area without stressing ourselves out in the end. Choosing superb standing desks could help one overcome the challenges brought by a disorganized workspace.