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The Power of Nature featuring Flexispot

16 July 2021

The pandemic has kept us all cooped up indoors.

We are recoiling from a virus that assaults our airways, and we hope that we will make it through these trouble times.

On the flip side, the trees, considered as the lungs of our planet, have been quietly healing the world — all without our intervention.

The atmosphere outside our homes has improved tremendously due to a substantial drop in the carbon pollution we regularly emit if we're not undergoing a lockdown. In most parts of the world, the smog that affects every city has dissipated. Indeed, the reduction in pollutant emissions has been so substantial that, from orbit, you will see it.

Merely reading it gets you pumped up to go outside and enjoy the breath of fresh air – if only you weren't terrified of the virus drifting via the atmosphere. However, here's a piece of advice: Time spent outside your homes is far more plausible to benefit you than to damage you. Essentially being outside can help enhance resistance and general wellness.

According to studies, our circumstances can significantly affect our stress and anxiety levels, which affects our health. Whatever you see, hear, and feel at any given instant affects your emotions and how your neurological, hormones, and immunological systems behave. An unfavorable surrounding might make you feel apprehensive, upset, or incompetent. This increases cholesterol, pulse rate, and tense muscles, and also a weakened immune response. 

Pleasurable conditions change all of the above. And everyone, irrespective of age or ethnicity, finds nature soothing. 

Being outdoors in a forest or merely witnessing and admiring beautiful sights of nature helps alleviate aggression, worry, and tension while increasing cheerful sentiments. Not only does access to nature improve your psychological health, but it also benefits your physiological well-being by lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, muscle weakness, and the generation of chronic stress. Nature can even reduce your risk of dying early.

But what can you do to spend more time reveling in the beauty of nature? Here are a few recommendations for getting your daily dose of nature's healing powers responsibly and carefully.

  • Sunshine For Your Mind, Skin, and Health

It is commonly established that ensuring proper vitamin D levels correlates with defense, and reports have highlighted its effect on flu particularly. Numerous medical authorities feel that ten to fifteen minutes of direct sunshine exposure is sufficient to enhance Vitamin D production, which means that simply strolling into your garden or onto a porch can provide a healthy dose of sunshine. Additionally, direct sunshine helps recalibrate your body clock, which can help you sleep better — an additional immune-system regulator.

If you are unable to comfortably go outside, spend some time sitting by a sunny spot. There are also supplements that will give you an additional dose of vitamin D. Your concentrations should be between 50 and 70mg/ml, but have your physician check them as soon as possible.

For the majority of the population — particularly those living in the northern latitude — a regular dose of 2,000 IUs of vitamin D3 is sufficient. Individuals with darker complexions may require more supplements; melanin reduces the absorbance of the sunlight.

  • More Nature, Less Technology

Not having enough time devoted to the natural surroundings, primarily as a result of time wasted looking at your smartphone or displays, has been related to unhappiness, inevitably. Further shocking everyone is experiments that link screen time to diminished understanding and generosity. And the hazards are significantly greater than those associated with despair and loneliness. According to research, time spent in front of a computer was related to an increase in mortality, even when regular exercise was accounted for!

  • Sweat It Out(side)

Although the lockdown restrictions remain in place, the majority of countries allow individuals to access parks and other outdoor venues for small stretches of time to workout, recognizing that exercise enhances resistance and is a wonderful way to relax. However, social distance standards should still be followed. Prior to leaving, locate the least busy area in your vicinity.

  • A Whiff and Touch of Nature

Our sensory faculties are deteriorating. We no longer feel, hear, or see objects outdoors in the same way that we did generations before now.

One method to reconnect is to have touches of nature in your home or even going on a nature hike with a buddy. According to another report, pinene, an aromatic chemical component released by coniferous trees, has tons of proven positive impacts on our overall well-being.

When you are unable to venture outdoors, resort to fragrances. Due to the fact that the majority of the chemical compounds contained in herbal extracts are relaxing, smelling them can also help you physically and psychologically.

If you mostly spend your time working in front of a computer, you can invest in ergonomic standing desks that are specially made with the beauty and elegance of wood. FlexiSpot has the best ergonomic standing desks that feature a sustainably sourced wooden desktop. Here are a few of our bestselling desks and the accompanying customer review. These desks will surely brighten up your room with a cozy nature feel:

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

“I considered other possibilities but fell in love with the bamboo desktop and opted to shell out money for it. Moreover, I adore it. The surface is quite lovely, and its material is rather pleasant to the hand. The legs are solid, and the motor operation is fast, silent, and quite pleasant. I truly enjoy the wide height range that the three-stage framework gives, and hence did not mind investing an additional fee for it.

Some points to consider:

- This is a fairly substantial desk. As a result, it is powerful and strong that it can support a considerable amount of weight. However, you may choose to get assistance in transferring it. I purchased a three-stage frame and a 55" tabletop, which meant I was ranting and raving while transferring and carefully flipping it throughout construction.

It took me more than one hour to assemble it all together since I wanted to ensure that everything would be in its proper place. I am aware that some were able to accomplish the task substantially more swiftly.” - Julian M.

Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk

“I had been looking for a few weeks for a fantastic standing desk until a friend mentioned Flexispot. I purchased the Willow since I could customize the color scheme and size of the desk, the framework color, and the pad type. I chose the bamboo medium size with an ivory frame and basic keyboard. It's been fantastic! I enjoy the ability to manage a lengthy workday by varying my body posture. Standing helps me stay alert during lengthy meetings and makes me feel less exhausted than if I sat all day.

There are really only two minor drawbacks: It was a nightmare to assemble - the instructions, while comparable to those from Ikea, are less than comprehensive, and several of the pieces refused to come together without my hubby's aid. Additionally, I dislike the way the cables dangle from the motor. However, they are minor details, and in the grand scheme of things, this is my new favorite furniture! I certainly devote sufficient attention to it.” Steffani K.

Spending time outside and reveling in the beauty of nature can surely heal us all. It also goes to say that we must take utmost care of our surroundings because we can only get one in this lifetime. Take the time and effort to make the world a much better place for the next generations to come.