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Top 6 Types of Standing Desk Converters

14 August 2020

Standing desk converters are some of the most versatile forms of ergonomics in the market today. With its flexibility allowing you to turn any desk or surface into a fully functioning ergonomic tool, the possibilities seem endless! With this however comes the difficulty of choosing between a multitude of different designs. From varying heights and functions to different designs and upgrades, the different types of standing desk converters can get overwhelming! In this article we’ll be exploring the top 6 types of standing desks converters in the market. With this we hope to help you find the standing desk converter that works best for you!

Electric Types

The electric standing desk converter featured in this photo is the Electric EM6W. Designed to be stylish and convenient, what makes this electric standing desk converter unique is its integrated wireless charger and magnet board. Electric desk risers like this are known for hassle free transitions that are made with the use of a lift motor system that can be adjusted at a push of a button. Electric standing desks are perfect for you if you’re looking for hassle free adjustments.


A Z-Lift standing desk converter refers to the shape of the standing desk converter. Unlike the electric type, Z-lift types are often manual type desk converters. A unique type of Z-lift desk converter is the FlexiSpot Portable T2B. Unlike bulkier Z-lift desk converters, this Z-lift standing desk converter is lightweight and versatile. What makes this standing desk converter unique is that the legs can be adjusted to form other shapes to ensure stability. Perfect for on-the-go users.

Similar to the Z-lift standing desk converter, the X-lift is defined by the frame that supports it. What makes X-lift type standing desk converters so appealing is the immense amount of support they can provide. While Z-lift types are perfect for lightweight setups, X-lift types are perfect for heavier loads and provide great stability. If you’ve got a setup with multiple monitors, check out the FlexiSpot M7 series for better stability and support.


Post & Base

The post & base standing desk converter is defined by a centralized support for the standing desk converter. The CompactRiser M5 is one of the best post & base standing desk converters in the market. This standing desk converter is perfect if you’ve got a limited workspace or a small cubicle. Make the most of your space with this standing desk converter.

Corner Standing Desk Converters

Corner standing desk converters are defined by their corner top desktops that allow them to easily fit in corners. The FlexiSpot M7C is the perfect example of this. With a design fit for nearly any corner and large desktop space, this is perfect for anyone looking to optimize their desk all the way to their corners.

Top 6 Types of Standing Desk Converters


Hover Standing Desk Converters are essentially monitor arms with a workspace attachment. While aesthetically pleasing, the stability these standing desk converters provide is essentially non-existent. Although the hover provides more desktop space, we warn against the use of this due to stability concerns.  

Choose what works for you!

That wraps up our top 6 standing desk converter types! We hope we’ve helped you decide what the best standing desk converter works best for you. For a complete breakdown of all the different types of standing desk converters check out this Buyer Guide for more information! Whatever you choose, always remember to find the standing desk converter that works for your needs!