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Top 7 Office Design Tips to Boost Team Productivity

24 May 2021

Did you know that some office design tips can help you take your team productivity to the next level? 

As it turns out, workplace design can have a significant impact on the productivity, focus, and efficiency level of employees. If your office layout is inefficient, your employees may get distracted and engage in unhealthy habits.

We’ve prepared this guide to help you create a workspace that improves team productivity while maximizing creativity and customization. 

Best Office Design Tips You Should Try

By following the tips below, you can help your employees feel more focused and comfortable. When they walk through the door, they’ll feel like they truly belong there. This will positively impact the quality of work they do. 

Improve the Office Layout If you’re concerned about team productivity and efficiency, it’s time to revisit your office layout. First, you need to identify the needs and challenges of your workspace and your team while taking the company culture, employees’ working styles, and your budget into account. This may seem like a lot of work but it’ll make the process of designing the workspace so much easier.

While many companies prefer open plans, research suggests that employees feel the most comfortable and happy. In case your budget doesn’t allow you to provide each employee with a private workstation or this approach doesn’t align with your company culture, you can invest in standing desks to allow your employees to work however they like. Additionally, you can always ask your team for feedback and suggestions on what type of office layout they like. 

We recommend getting your hands on the Series. Its dual-motor, anti-collision lifting system promises exceptional loading capacity and stability. With just the touch of a button, you can enjoy greater lifting speed, even at the highest weight capacity of 275 lbs.

Thanks to the high-grade steel tubing, the desk frame shows unbelievable resistance against scratches and stains. The anti-collision function prevents desktop damage while the desk is in motion. Moreover, the desk comes with an advanced control panel that allows you to switch positions with ease and receive notifications when it’s time to stand. The best thing is that you get to choose from three stylish desktop options: solid wood, bamboo, and laminated surface.

  1. Allow People to Move around while Working

Sitting long hours every day in the same spot can take a toll on your employees’ health as well as productivity levels. Taking quick, short breaks at regular intervals throughout the day can help freshen their minds and get out of a productivity slump.

If you want to boost team productivity, you must allow everyone to take breaks and reenergize while working. During these breaks, they can take a walk, stretch their bodies, and recharge mentally. Most importantly, they’ll be able to beat the sedentary lifestyle. So basically, you’ll be reducing stress and improving productivity in the workspace. 

One easy way to go about this is by installing sit-stand desks in the office. These desks allow workers to switch between a sitting and standing position while working. You can also invest in fitness chairs that come with caster wheels and pedals. Moreover, if you have a big budget, you can also dedicate some areas where employees can exercise. 

  1. Understand the Psychology of Color

Each color has a different psychological effect on human emotion and behavior. So, you need to be mindful when choosing the color palette for your office. 

Let’s discuss how the human psyche is affected by primary colors.

  • Black 

Although black signifies authority, you can use it as a complementary hue to add a luxurious look to your workspace.

  • White 

White color is usually associated with cleanliness. Since it can be uninspiring, it’s best to use this color in the kitchen and open space. 

  • Blue

Blue is perhaps one of the best colors for boosting team productivity because it promotes relaxation and creativity. 

  • Yellow

Yellow color is popularly used by companies to promote positivity and happiness among team members.

  • Red 

Red is known for increasing mental energy flow and is seen as an overpowering color. You may use it in social areas in the office. 

  • Green 

This color conveys growth and nature and is believed to boost creative performance. 

  • Orange

Orange color promotes happiness and mental stimulation. You can use it to highlight your best design elements. 

  • Purple

This color is often seen as unnatural but it speaks royalty and ambition. 

  1. Prioritize Comfort 

One of the best office design tips is to invest in office products that add to your employees’ comfort. 

When your employees spend eight hours sitting at the desk, they become susceptible to experiencing pain and discomfort in the neck and back. A sedentary lifestyle can impact their health and overall well-being, ultimately compromising their productivity and efficiency levels. 

The onus of making the work-life flexible, comfortable, and fun for your employees is on you. A simple way to ensure comfort and convenience is by providing each employee with a comfortable chair. When they have a comfortable chair to sit in throughout the day, they’ll automatically feel good and productive. 

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair is an excellent option that’ll take your workplace comfort to the next level. This high-performance chair features a 3D lumbar support system to ensure an unmatched seating experience every day. It also comes with 4D adjustable armrests that support the arms and elbows all day long. Thanks to the 1350 lounge tilt option, the user can recline in comfort whenever they take a break from work. The curved backrest is designed to conform to the contours of the neck and spine. The user can choose from three height adjustment levels for maximum comfort. 

This ergonomic chair has a fleece mesh made of chenille and K+R fiber that responds sensitively to temperature. Proper ventilation and protection of delicate fabrics are a guarantee. Furthermore, the depth of the seat also adjusts according to the body shape. Overall, the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair is a highly durable and comfortable product that promises optimal comfort while working.

  1. Pay Special Attention to Meeting and Conference Rooms

Managers tend to spend a lot of time in meetings and conference rooms. Hence, you must focus on improving the design of this space to boost team productivity.

For starters, you must ensure sufficient natural light in these rooms to improve mood and reduce drowsiness. You must also make sure that all the furniture and equipment is functional and comfortable. Apart from this, choose the right colors to make the room look more inviting. It’s also important to get rid of distractions, including wobbly tables, flickering lights, and background noises. 

Another important thing to note is that the room should be large enough to accommodate all the meeting participants. The idea is to make people feel comfortable so they can focus better on the task at hand. 

  1. Add Plants 

Adding plants in the office is a great way to make employees feel at home. That’s because people instantly connect with nature. Plants also contribute to an improved environment by cleaning the air, alleviating stress, and cutting noise. Besides, making your office cleaner and greener requires little effort. There are several low-maintenance plants that you can get to boost team productivity. 

  1. Encourage Workspace Personalization 

One of the most important offices design tips is to allow your employees to bring their true personalities to the office. People are more productive and engaged when they’re allowed to personalize their workstations. 

Workspace personalization also helps reduce stress and makes employees feel more comfortable in the office. By encouraging team members to showcase their unique identities, you also get a chance to get to know them better. This ultimately creates a sense of belongingness in the office. 

The Bottom Line 

Designing your office space is a crucial task that can get as creative as you like. Small decisions like keeping plants in the office and allowing employees to personalize their desks can make a huge difference in the team productivity level. Most importantly, you should consider making your office more ergonomic by providing your employees with a high-quality standing desk and a comfortable chair. 

Apart from this, make sure the office is well-lit and organized. The layout should work for the company as well as your employees. The colors you decorate your workspace with can also impact the productivity and efficiency of employees, so make sure you understand the psychology of colors to make smart, well-informed decisions. 

Now that you know about the best office design tips to boost team productivity, get ready to create a well-rounded workspace that supports your employees’ needs and ensures optimal comfort throughout the day.

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