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Transform Your Home Office into a More Spacious and Impressive Work Area

22 June 2021

There are a lot of conveniences to urban living. The convenience it offers unsurpassable, 24-hour convenience stores, proximity to workplaces, entertainment, shops and so much more. This is why a lot of people from rural areas move to cities and urban places. There are a lot of pros to living in the city but there are also some cons. One of those is living in small or cramped living spaces.

While some opt to hire interior designers to correctly and accurately make the small home office look more spacious for the work from a home worker, they can also decide on how to make it more roomy, providing more movements and making the space sufficient for working productively.

Transformative Techniques

One of the techniques to transform your small space into a spacious home office is to dispose of other pieces of furniture that are not really needed and just place all those that you have to work with so as to have more space. For example, you can opt to remove one table and just place your work table with an ergonomic chair to go with it. If space still allows you to have a file cabinet where you can store your office supplies and other essentials, that would be better.

Another technique is to paint the home office area with a white hue or brighter but not really loud color paints to make the space more roomy. You can choose to paint that area with white or off-white or “shades of white” color or maybe you can also opt to use pastel colors that are simple and pleasing to the eyes. Having these colors would surely make your home office more spacious and satisfying to see.

You can also have some decorations in that area by hanging some pictures or paintings which you would like to see on the wall that would complement the color and space of your home office. You may also buy some other decorations but see to it that they will not distract to your goal of making that area more spacious and cozy. 

Flowering plants could also be placed at the corner of the room for an added positive vibes that would inspire you to work efficiently and productively for the entire work hours. We know that flowers evoke a positive atmosphere and give beauty to any part of a room. There are also decorative plants that you could place at the corner to make the room greener and refreshing to look at.

The lighting of the room is also essential to make the room more spacious to look at. Proper lighting which is not strikingly bright will enhance the overall design of the room and will make it more roomy because of the proper lighting. It is best when you have a sunny room wherein when you open the window, the sun shines through the room which gives a positive aura and motivates you to start your work in the early morning after coffee. Of course, you can have your coffee any time as you are working at home and enjoying the convenience of making coffee as you wish while you work. I think that is one of the reasons why many employees and freelancers opt to work at home rather than in the office.

Your desk should also be big enough to accommodate your computer or laptop and other devices that you need which should be within your reach. Important files could be stored on your small file cabinet and on the pedestal you can put your books or a flower pot for aesthetic appeal.

So, it is actually up to you to decide on how your home office will look roomy and cozy for you to work on. We have individual differences and preferences when it comes to transforming our work area into a more spacious one wherein we can work comfortably and productively as well.  

Designing or decorating a space depends also on your personality. If you’re the type of person who is an extrovert, you would want your workspace to have more decorations and with brighter colors and some other pieces of furniture like chairs for some tete-a-tete moments with your friends. You know, extroverts like to talk about things, share ideas, and listen to them as well.

For the introverted type of personality, the “less is more” strategy would possibly work well with less furniture in the work area and colors may be simple such as white pastel complementing the personality and character of the worker.

On a Budget?

If you are low on a budget, you may not buy a work table or desk for your workspace. There is a good solution for making your desk a better one than buying a new one which may cost you a lot of money. Why not buy a desk converter from Flexispot which is cheaper and more affordable than a new desk? For your information, Flexispot has a wide range of home office furniture including desk converters to fit your needs.

One of the best desk converters is the GoRiser Standing Desk Converters ML2a space-saver standing desk converter that is ideal for your small home office space. It has good features that you would find perfect for your work area.

It is height adjustable. Just push the handle to the right to adjust its height with its six (6) height settings to accommodate a wide range of users. It also rises and folds in a straight up-and-down motion to keep the desk within its own footprint to maximize workspace.

Its ultra-sleek design saves space and is ideal for small workspaces, compact, and lightweight to fit on tables and desktops with limited space. 

It holds any size laptop, mouse, etc. that is up to 26.4 lbs. In addition, it has a skid-resistant base that keeps the converter from sliding or shifting.

It is made of a durable steel frame with a very steady foundation for safe working and other activities. Why not visit the Flexispot website now!