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Unrivaled Size Guide for FlexiSpot Adjustable Bed Base and Mattress

11 May 2022

Complementing a comfortable mattress with the best adjustable bed base is blissful. You’d never want to leave the bed!

However, the size of your mattress is just as crucial as the texture. Of course, the bed base size must be suitable for your mattress as well. Without the perfect size of both bed base and mattress, you may as well kiss a good night's rest goodbye.

With the subcategories and variants in the market, picking the perfect size might not be as easy as it seems. To achieve the daunting task of finding a picture-perfect size, you need to be familiar with how the sizing works. Or have someone you can consult.

Luckily, we are here to be that guide! This is your all-inclusive size guide to ensure your good night's sleep is attainable!

Now, let’s get to business.

 Adjustable bed sizes and mattress sizes

What’s the deal with Adjustable bed sizes and mattress sizes?

As far as sleep technology is concerned, the adjustable bed base is terrific. It’s almost magical. You can rest in any position of your choice. Plus, you can ease any pain or aid circulation to any part of your body by simply adjusting the bed.

The best part is that it’s available in any size you can think of-- like a mattress. It also follows similar sizing dimensions as a mattress.

Now, the important thing is picking the exact size that suits your needs.

If you’ve scurred the corners of an online or physical mattress store, you’d realize that the queen size seems to be the queen of all sizes. For some stores, it’s the default.

Although it might be the popular size, there are several alternatives as you will soon discover.

The primary factor that should determine your bed base and mattress size is the size of your room. However, that’s only one of many factors. Below, you’ll find the things to consider before picking your bed size.

Mattress Dimensions

Popular Bed base and Mattress Dimensions

Twin Bed Dimensions

Suitable for: Bunk beds, kids, single sleeper


A twin bed will fit a 7 x 9 feet room. But it’ll probably eat up most of the space. However, a twin bed in an 8 x 10 square foot room leaves space to fit other furniture like a dresser or work desk.

This mattress size is the smallest in the market. And it’s 38 x 75 inches.

The compactness makes it suitable for individual sleepers. It’s perfect for your kids or adults who live in mini apartments-- like a studio.

Twin XL - 38” x 80”

Suitable for: Anyone with a small space, tall teenagers, and single adults.


The twin XL bed would fit an eight x10 room perfectly. It can also fit into a narrow room with about 7 feet width. Twin XL dimension is a long version of the twin mattress and is more common in college dorms. It’s 5 inches longer than its counterpart, the twin mattress.

Besides being a student bed, it’s an excellent choice for tall teenagers and anyone who needs to conserve space. You can also combine it with a split king-size adjustable bed base-- you could get creative.

Full - 53” x 75”

Suitable for: Guest rooms, young adults, and cuddly couples.


A full bed base and mattress can’t fit into a room lesser than 10 x 11 feet. This bed base size is a comfortable option for young adults trying to start a life. Or recent college graduates living alone. Alternatively called couple, the full bed dimension is 16 inches wider than a twin bed. We won’t recommend this bed for couples who share their beds with kids or pets, but it suits a guest room.

Queen- 60” x 80”

Suitable for: Adults who love to have enough space while sleeping, or couples


Queen size bed fits a master bedroom that measures 10 x 10 feet. Check most mattress stores, and you’ll realize this size is popular. It’s often used to furnish a master bedroom because it's one of the big sizes. At 60 x 80, queen size bed is spacious enough to accommodate lovers and anyone who cares for a sizable bed.

King- 76” x 80”

Suitable for: Sharing with children or pets, for couples who love their space


A King-sized mattress and bed base is best suited for a sizeable master bedroom. Something around 12 x 12 feet room.

At 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length, this mattress provides sufficient space for couples to sleep and sprawl. They can also choose to share their beds with a pet-- all’s well and good. A king-sized bed can handle it.

This bed size doesn’t have to be single. Two twin beds merged is called a split king bed. Regardless of whether it’s a king-sized or split king, you’d have a space to sprawl and enjoy sufficient space.

California King - 72” x 84”

Suitable for: Couples who want luxurious or excess space, for a couple who share beds with kids or pets.


To own a California king mattress, you must have a 12 x 12 feet master bedroom to house it. At 72 inches wide and 84 inches long, the California king mattress is the longest and biggest mattress on the market.

The length makes it the first consideration for people taller than 6 feet. But generally, anyone can use the California king-size bed provided you want excess space. Or if you love to share your bed with people.

Factors that determine your mattress size

Factors that determine your mattress size

Your mattress and bed base are like investments. They go a long way in determining your work productivity, sleep quality, and mood. These two sleep tools work hand in hand to chart your health course regarding sleeping.

Almost all bed base models and mattress types have variations of standard sizes. So, which one should you choose, and why?

Find the answer to those questions below.

Who’s Using the Mattress

Do you share your bed with your kid? Partner or Sibling? The answer to these questions can change your suitable bed size. If you sleep alone, you might want to strike the California king-size and king-size mattresses off your list. The full, full XL and queen size will serve you well.

A queen or XL mattress or bed base would be more fitting if you love to sprawl and move around in your sleep. But if you are a sleeper that loves to save space, go for the twin and full XL sizes.

Sharing your mattress would change the game entirely. To co-sleep with your partner conveniently, consider a king or California king size. Similar sizes will work if you both share your bed with your kid.

Room Size

Your room isn’t meant for your bed alone. Consider the space for a couch, your closet, and enough space to move around. All these should come to play while picking a bed size. Having a humongous bed in a tiny room isn’t healthy. First, you will struggle to move around your room; this also translates to stress. An overcrowded space causes sleep difficulty. Your bed is a place you retire to after a long day, don’t make it a pain in your ass.

Bedroom Location

This factor hardly affects bed bases. They come in bits and pieces; so, you have to mount them in your room. We wish we could say the same for mattresses-- but the location of your apartment matters. Maneuvering a California-sized bed through a narrow stairway isn’t a riddle worth solving. Frankly, you may never find an answer-- or the answer might be a hell of stress.

And if your bedroom isn’t on the first floor, you may want to consider the stress of taking it up an almost endless flight of stairs. Although bed-in-box mattresses may simplify this process, you still need to be careful.


Of course, there’s a budget. After ticking all others off your list, your budget determines what you can or can’t buy. Once you have ticked off all other factors, take time to set a realistic budget. Check for the best brands and mattress materials.

Your Body Size

Don’t forget to take your height and weight into consideration as well. For instance, a 7-footer could never fit into a twin mattress that is 75/80 inches long. A California king size will be more appropriate. And if you are a plus size who loves a spacious bed, a queen-, full-, or king-sized bed is most suitable.

Max Weight Capacity

There is always a maximum weight capacity for adjustable bed bases. When it reaches the maximum, it becomes susceptible to breaking. Note that the total weight includes the mattress and the sleeper’s weight.

Hence, you should add up your weight and mattress weight to decide which adjustable bed base suits you. Try to buy a bed base with a maximum weight capacity above the weight you intend to place on it. This leaves space for flexibility-- like when your kids want to share your bed or when you change your mattress.


Mattresses and bed bases come in varying sizes. There’s something for everyone. All you need is an excellent guide and a reliable store. For the adjustable bed base, FlexiSpot’s got you-- It would be the best sleep decision you ever made!