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Water Crisis: What We Can Do About It

12 July 2021

Let’s face it. The water crisis is looming and we have to do something about it. It is reported that “By 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages. And ecosystems around the world will suffer even more.” (https://www.worldwildlife.org/). 

This prediction is just a few years from now and we can do something as individuals to prevent a more serious problem in the near future. We know that water is one of the most essential things in human life as well as all that are living on earth including animals and plants. In short, everything will suffer, including the ecosystem.

Some people may not understand and may not care about it, but if we experience having no water to drink or to use for other necessities, then we will realize that we have to do our share in reducing this huge problem in the future. In fact, with the severe weather conditions that we are experiencing like drought and intense heat, water will be scarce and that is scary because it can cause illness or death.

 With only 3% of the world's freshwater, it is possible that the water source will be scarce and be unavailable in the near future. There are some reasons for this according to the article published online.

  • Water pollution - this is caused by several things such as:

1. pesticides and fertilizers that are used in the farms and washed away into the rivers and seas or bigger bodies of water 

2. sewerage system or human wastewater which is not well maintained        

3. industrial wastes that are dumped and go to the waterways

4. human garbage wastes that can also reach the waterways and pollute them 

  • Agriculture - 60% of the water is wasted on faulty irrigation systems and the "inefficient application of agricultural methods causes the drying out of rivers and other water sources." 
  • Population growth - increasing population causes more consumption of water, and people also cause pollution with increased volume of wastes from food and from the human wastes that pollute the water sources.

The water crisis is almost here with us and we can do something to prevent this from happening or at least reduce water scarcity by doing our responsibility towards managing the ecosystem such as:

  • Educating other people about saving water and promoting awareness on water scarcity

This we could do through social media. We can disseminate information and also upload videos on the importance of water and how we can make the water resources clean and free from pollution. We can also educate people on how they should dispose of their trash properly and make the surroundings clean. Waste segregation is a great help towards a better and clean environment.

  • Recycling wastewater. There are countries that recycle wastewater for reuse such as Israel, Australia, Singapore, Belgium, among others. In doing so, we use water efficiently instead of wasting it.
  • Improve irrigation water systems -as mentioned before, the ineffective irrigation system also affects water pollution if left untreated or fixed.  
  • Saving rainwater - this is also a viable solution to prevent water scarcity for domestic use. When the rain comes, we can save them for future non-potable use.
  • Water pricing - this may be agreed upon by the community and the city government
  • Desalination plants can also be established, if possible, and viable to a community

We can think of other ways at home to at least reduce water scarcity if only we have the resolve and initiative to do so. We cannot rely on the government to do everything for us, lest water will be scarce in the near future. 

At home, we should conserve water by using rainwater to clean our cars, watering plants, and other non-potable uses. Turning on your faucets to their minimum capacity may reduce water consumption and may save water for future use.

We can also have more water containers at home to save more rainwater so that we can have spare water when we need to use them for other domestic use.

In some communities, they came up with slogans or poster-making contests among the community residents to promote awareness about water conservation and pollution. It was a welcoming gesture from the community members that almost all the young residents joined the contest with prizes coming from the city government and some concerned citizens.

It was a successful feat and advocacy that other communities launched similar contests not only for the purpose of boosting awareness about water conservation, but it also bolstered camaraderie and rapport among community members as they stood in unity to support the advocacy.

Other communities had launched video-making contests towards the same goal and have been successful to have the community members and neighborhood with their families in making videos showing how they can help conserve water and make it clean by not polluting waterways and bodies of water. They had pooled their creative skills and resources to make a successful video show that promoted fun and excitement as well.

Families can also make one activity to promote advocacy such as water conservation and to have a certain kind of quality bonding with family members. One way is to have a big table to plan and to put these ideas into writing.  

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