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What People Love About the FlexiSpot Standing Desk Converters

22 May 2020

The FlexiSpot standing desk converters have been gaining traction for their usability and health benefits. These sit-stand desks are finding their way to more home offices as more table-bound individuals look for ways to stay healthy despite the long hours of work.

There is a lot of standing desk converters out there but the ones from FlexiSpot standout from the crowd because of their quality and price point. Suffice it to say that this potent combination has attracted customers, and they have plenty to say about their positive experience with the FlexiSpot standing desk converters.

Here are more reasons why they would strongly recommend the FlexiSpot standing desk converters to their peers:

  1. They are easy to use – There are reviews where customers say it only took them five minutes to set up their standing desk converter. This is because the FlexiSpot standing desk converters already come pre-assembled and ready to be used immediately. Just place it on your existing desk and transfer your monitor or laptop on the top shelf. It has a space for your keyboard and mouse right under. Once that is done, you can raise or lower the desk to your preferred height.
  2. They come in different sizes and different weight capacities – Our customers love having a wide selection of FlexiSpot standing desk converters to choose from. If you have a corner desk and have a screen that is 28 inches to 35 inches, you can opt for the ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters M4 - 41" Corner. For a single screen up to 27 inches, the Compact Riser Standing Desk Converter is suitable for you. FlexiSpot will have the standing desk converter for you, whatever your needs are.
  3. They have no difficulty in height adjustment – It takes little effort to move the FlexiSpot standing desk converters, most of which have 12 adjustable heights. There will be no struggle because it has a mechanism that will do most of the carrying. Just lightly squeeze the single hand bar and lift using only 13 lbs. of force. Lowering requires just 3 lbs. of force. Some customers even say that they can only do this with one hand!
  4. They are sturdy – One of the best things that customers notice is the quality of material and workmanship in the FlexiSpot standing desk converters. The design and flexibility are commendable and customers even say that their purchase could last for years.
  5. They are affordable – In these uncertain times, we know you need to make purchases that will be worth every penny. Buying the FlexiSpot standing desk converters falls under that category. This useful ergonomic furniture will make your home workstation a healthier place. Our customers are happy that their purchase did not break the bank, and yet they were able to get the value they were looking for.

Be Part of the Home Office Wellness Movement

Staying healthy must be prioritized to combat the virus. Being able to sit and stand will make you less prone to fatigue or any sickness stemming from a sedentary lifestyle. Bring the FlexiSpot standing desk converter to your home office to see why our customers are pleased that they made the right choice for their personal and professional life.