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Why You Shouldn't Give Up On Your Dream

13 October 2021

Picture this. You’re a chemical engineer at a fast-moving consumer goods company. You grind it out every day from 9 to 5 and have a regular monthly income for your family. You’ve paid all your dues and you have savings in your bank account. You’re stable but why do you feel stuck? 

Sometimes when it’s late at night and everybody in your household is already asleep, you get up from bed and your reflection in the mirror follows you. You look back at the life you’ve lived. You ask questions. What if your parents didn’t separate when you were still young? What if your brother never got sick? What if you never got your girlfriend pregnant? 

passionate musician

In college, you were a passionate musician. You loved writing songs and singing them. You even took to the streets to go busking, wanting to share your music with the world. But the dream was slowly taken away that you felt it might not really be for you. A year before university ended, your absentee father stopped giving money. Your brother, who was still in middle school, had a brain tumor. Your girlfriend of five years suddenly tells you she’s eight weeks pregnant. 

Looking back, the struggles helped you finish your engineering degree, pass the licensure exam and land a job that now funds your family and mother’s expenses. But still, you linger on your dream. What could have happened if you said yes to go with your friends on a tour? What if you made more songs, more EPs, and found your own producer? What if a song of yours blew up and you’re suddenly on the ranks of Kurt Cobain that you’ve always idolized? 

The memories, the dreams, the songs flashed back into your head. What could have been? 


Yes, we understand that you now have responsibilities. You’re now a family man and a father who loves his five-year-old daughter very much. But that ringing in your head, that throbbing in your heart just never goes away even though you haven’t picked up a guitar for years. You’re the only one who would truly know what’s best for you, but please know. You’re never too late for the dream you set out to do. You won’t ever know how it feels to live your dream if you don’t even try to come close to it. Come to think of it, this is the perfect time for you to pursue a musical career: you have a stable source of income; singers can become famous on the Internet overnight; you don’t have outstanding debts. 

Why you shouldn’t give up on your dream:

You will always live life wondering what could have been

  • You will always live life wondering what could have been. Regret will surely follow you anywhere you go and you’ll start building resentment over the path you landed on and did not choose to be. 
  • You will always feel stuck. Because you never chase for your dreams and let life move itself for you, you would have never satisfied your human need for growth. 
  • You will always feel like a failure. No matter what you do, you will always feel that you could have done something but you didn’t. You will always feel like you failed yourself and the dreams that you once had. 
  • You will never know how close you are to success.Once you give up, your dream will never have the chance to come true. The breakthrough that you’ve been waiting for could have been approaching you but you already gave up too soon.

 You will make your loved ones proud

  • You will make your loved ones proud. Once your family and friends see how happy you are when you finally achieve that dream of yours, you will know that it has always been worth it. 
  • You’ll be living your dream. The ultimate goal is to live that life you have just been dreaming about before. When you don’t give up on your dream, your chances to make it come true quadruple and once you get there, you’ll be able to taste success. You wouldn’t dread waking up every day. You would be more present in your relationships. You would become a better person. 

Now that you’ve decided you would give your dream another shot, it’s time to take some baby steps and do whatever it takes to live that life you’ve always been dreaming about. One way is to put your ideas on paper and write actionable steps on how to execute each one of them. An item that might just help you is a standing desk from FlexiSpot that can capture your ideas at any time.

Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk

Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk

This height-adjustable whiteboard standing desk from FlexiSpot may just be your dream maker. The desk is a dry-erase whiteboard desktop that is 48 inches wide and 24 inches tall. It is 0.7 inches thick and is made of PET high-gloss film that ensures a smooth and durable surface for writing notes with a dry-erase marker and erasing them with a cloth or eraser. Dreamers like you will have fun capturing your ideas as they come and writing all of them on this standing desk. 

This desktop can also be turned into a functional whiteboard by flipping it to a different angle which may be 0°, 60°, 70°, 80°, and 90.° Just lock it at an angle that will best suit your activity, whether that be reading, writing, drawing, or conceptualizing ideas. 

If you’re the type who can’t keep still, you will most likely love that you could move this height-adjustable whiteboard standing desk around the room because it comes with four easy-rolling caster wheels that can glide smoothly and turn 360 degrees on any floor surface. To switch things up some more, the desk can easily shift from seated, standing, and under-desk cycling heights. 

Final Word

Let go of the fear and the doubts in your head. Who cares what others will say? Who cares if you fail one after another? You’ll only live the life you’ve always imagined if you have the courage to try.