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Work From Home Essentials

13 March 2024

Working from home has many benefits and perks. Due to this reason, many people switched to working from home permanently after the Covid-19 pandemic. For some, it was a blessing, while for others, it was impossible to get any work done from home. If you are a single parent or have small children and prefer working from home, it is important to make sure that the environment is conducive to working from home.

Advantages Of Working From Home

Here are some advantages of working from home:

You have flexible hours

Can watch the kids while working

Save on commute time and money

You can work more comfortably

You don't have to dress up for work

You can work from different locations and even work while traveling if you choose to

You can work with physical disabilities

The Disadvantages Of Working From Home

With advantages, there come drawbacks as well. Here are some disadvantages of working from home listed below:

It is difficult to separate your life hours from your work hours.

You miss being connected with your coworkers

You feel isolated and disconnected

You may lose the creative energy and spark that comes from the office environment

Being at home can be distracting

You may feel fatigued and unmotivated due to a lack of work-from-home setup

Working From Home Without A Proper Setup

people working from home often begin working on their beds, dining tables, couches, and rugs or mats. While it was okay to do that in the beginning, it soon began taking a toll on their bodies, causing exhaustion and exertion. Improper seats, incorrect postures, and inadequate support can cause our bodies to become fatigued. Numbness, joint pain, swelling, and spinal misalignment can occur. It is important to make sure to work out of a proper work-from-home setup.

it is recommended to create a proper work from setup and environment as it has the following benefits:

it is a designated space for you to work in

it keeps all your important documents organized in one place

you are less likely to be distracted

it reduces fatigue and stress on your body

it boosts energy and keeps you motivated

it creates a more professional work environment

boosts productivity and improves your performance at work

Work From Home Essentials

If you are planning to work from home then you must invest in creating the ideal home office for yourself. If you don't have an extra room in the house, you can always choose a corner in a room and combine your home office with a living room or lounge in the house. Here are some ways that you can create a home office for yourself.

Choice Of Space

The choice of space is very important. Since you will be spending a large part of your day in this space, you must ensure that it is comfortable and cozy. It should ideally be brightly lit and have large windows to allow plenty of natural light and allow for ventilation and, ideally, a pleasant view of the outdoors. If you have an extra room in the house with large windows, this should be the ideal room for you to make your office in.

if you are combining your home office with the living room space, make sure to choose a spot with a large window nearby or across from you so you can get a view of the outdoors. It helps to look away from the screen after every 30 minutes to give your eyes a break and prevent yourself from burning out. It is also a great way to keep an eye out for visitors such as the mailman, delivery man, children playing outside, or a pet playing outdoors. Make sure it's a space that is not too noisy and not too isolated. It shouldn't be too hot or uncomfortable, and there should be good ventilation in the room; otherwise, it can get hot and stuffy.

Ergonomic Lighting

Ergonomic lighting refers to the ideal lighting in the work environment. It should ideally be enough to keep your eyes from getting strained. It is not recommended to work in dim light, and neither is it recommended to work in a glare. Both situations can cause eye discomfort, pain, and strain on the eyes as visual disturbances.

The best kind of lighting is natural light. The more natural light there is, the less strain there is on the eyes, and the more you can save up on lighting bills. It is recommended to incorporate large windows to allow plenty of sunlight in the room or get skylights where windows are impossible to create. It is also suggested to put screens on windows or frost windows to prevent glare while working on a computer screen. Glares can also be reduced by placing plants right outside windows to diffuse the light.

Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic chair is one that encourages and maintains the ideal sitting posture while working. Ergonomics focuses on designing the kind of furniture to ensure that the spine and back are in perfect alignment and no added strain is placed on the body. Ergonomic chairs have the following features:

They have a height adjustability function

They have wide and comfortable seats to support the hips and thighs

They have a movable and swivel function to allow movement while remaining seated on the chair

They have appropriate backrests to support the upper and lower back

They have ideal lumbar support to support the natural S-shaped curve in the spine

They have armrests to maintain the arms at right angles to the body so that the shoulders are not hunched, rolled forward or raised.

Ergonomic chairs help to maintain the correct sitting posture which is extremely important when sitting for prolonged hours. FlexiSpot has fantastic options for the best ergonomic office chairs that can be ideal for a home office.

Ergonomic Office Desk

An ergonomic office desk or workstation is where you do all your work. The most important feature of an office desk is the correct height. It can strain the head and neck if you are not working at the correct height where your head is held straight instead of bent over or looking up. This is why it is important to make sure to place the monitor or screen at eye level so that the user can work in the ideal posture. This can be a problem when working on laptops as work desks are at a lower height. This Is where desk risers come in handy. Desk risers are fantastic office aids that can be placed on top of your regular office desk. The desk riser is convertible and can be elevated or lowered according to your wish. FlexiSpot has some great office desk options and the classic riser standing desk, which is a great addition to your home office. It has the advantage of creating more desk space as it can give you added desk space. It can be raised to your eye level, allowing you to work while standing.

It is recommended to take frequent breaks when you have been sitting for too long. Users should ideally get up after 30 minutes of prolonged sitting to make sure their legs don't become stiff and their body doesn't become tense. Flexispot has options for standing desks as well, and many companies are encouraging the use of standing desks as they have many health benefits that contribute positively to productivity and performance. The healthier you feel, the better you will perform at work and the more energetic you will feel. This will boost the energy and performance of the user and is a great investment for use in the office as well as at home.

The Final Word

Home offices are becoming very common now, especially after the pandemic. It is essential to build a proper designated workspace if you plan to work from home; otherwise, it can get very distracting. Not only does that hinder your focus and attention at work, not having a proper work office can also get in the way of your health and productivity at work. While it may sound easy and flexible to work from home, that isn't always the case. To get into a proper work mode, it is important to have the ideal work environment. It is important to create this environment by getting the best ergonomic furniture and office aids to ensure that the work-from-home experience is productive and successful.