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Working From Home is Still Preferred

05 July 2021

Many employees like to work from home and prefer to be home when the pandemic is over. In fact, 43% of full-time American employees want to work away from the company workspace where they used to be. They have different reasons for this preference as they have observed the more advantages they reap from staying at home to do their office work.

I, for one, also share the same sentiment that most employees have with working from home or telecommuting. After a year under the pandemic, I realized the advantages of doing my workload in the comfort of my home, and like most of the employees, I have my own reasons for doing so.

One reason is that I do not feel too much stress because my surroundings are different and more relaxing as I am able to see my cozy bed and when I look out my window I can see the greenery of plants and trees and my flowering plants such as roses boom under the blue sky. It is so delightful to see them in refreshing vivid colors. The fresh air permeating through my window makes me feel fresh and inspired to tackle my work for the day.

Another reason why telecommuting is more beneficial than working in the office is that I do not get tired of commuting from home to work, staying for about two hours on the bus feeling stressed due to traffic jams. Telecommuting also saves me time, effort, and money compared to being at home to work.

At home, you can replace the lost man-hours due to telecommuting with other things you can do at home.

Things such as napping or arranging some pieces of furniture, making snacks, and other doable and more useful things to do. Doing such things gives you more time to focus on other tasks for the day. 

Bonding with family members is as good as bonding with your co-workers in the office. I think it is more fun to play or to just be with your family doing enjoyable things with them such as playing with table cards, puzzles, Pictionary, and other things to play that will stimulate the children’s mind. This is I think are more worthy of your time and theirs too. It will also veer them away for some time, from using their smartphones that snatch their attention most of the time. 

I think they can reap more benefits in playing and having interaction rather than just focusing on playing or watching videos on their smartphones. We know that there are some health risks from too much use of smartphones, especially for young people. By playing together sans smartphones I think it is a smarter way to spend quality time with our family members.

In addition, the money we spend on commuting and buying lunch during break time in the office could be part of our savings.

The more savings we have, the more we attain financial freedom. We can buy what we want at any time and we could build plans for future business with our savings such that we do not worry much about financial problems in the future. 

We cannot rely on others to help us with our financial difficulties as they come. These days, people are losing their jobs, they spend more for their health to fight diseases such as covid-19 which is fatal and also burdensome for our pockets. So, they cannot help us when financial constraints happen to us. In this case, we must always be ready when these come and we should try to save more money to solve some financial problems that will come our way.

Most employed Americans are on the same page as me: working from home is better than commuting and performing your job in the office. We save more effort, time, and money by doing our work at home.

We can also make some changes in one area of our home to transform it into a workspace by designing it according to your whim and according to your preferred design with the pieces of furniture to be placed in that work area.  

I suggest that you visit the FlexiSpot website so you could see some of the home office furniture it has that are really functional, ergonomically and aesthetically designed for workers like us. I have one product in mind that I am sure you will love to own.

This is the Home office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9.  It is actually similar to a stationary bike that has a desktop so that you can do your work on it while cycling to maintain and boost your physical health. If you have this wonderful product, you will experience a work-life balance as you perform your tasks efficiently and productively while you enjoy your home and family.

This desk bike has wonderful features that are interesting and enjoyable. For example, it has eight (8) resistance levels to choose from when you want to cycle in a more intense way for more muscle workouts. It has also a movable desktop that moves up and down, forward and backward to allow you to move freely as you wish.  

The desk bike has four casters that move smoothly and quietly so that you can move it anywhere from room to room. You can also choose to work in your garden in the middle of a refreshing view to make your day more productive and efficient with a clear mind. The rolling casters by the way can swivel 360 degrees for a smoother gliding and movements.

One more exciting part of the desk bike is that the seat is height adjustable so that every family can also use it and you can adjust the height while sitting comfortably on the fully padded seat. It is the coziest seat you will ever have.

Durability is out of the question because the desk bike is built with premium quality materials that pass rigid tests before it is offered for purchase to its consumers.

You can learn more about this product and others by visiting the website now.