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Zen Workspace

22 April 2021

Zen Workspace: Achieve Piece of Mind in the Simplest of Ways

Have you been using the same table setup for the longest time? When was the last time you’ve reorganized your table that actually ended up different and not just a tidier version of the previous one? Is sitting in front of your table bringing you more stress than encouragement? Perhaps it’s time for you to consider turning it to a Zen table and see how a few simple changes can transform your table into something that will boost your mood and outlook. 

Here are a few tips to help you turn your droning workspace into a Zen environment that will lift your spirits and even get those creative juices constantly flowing. It’s like building yourself a personal sanctuary.

  1. Choose a Color Palette 

This does not mean you’ll be repainting your space (but if you can, why not, right?). Think of two of your favorite colors that will encourage energy and tranquility. It might be conflicting, but we’ll explain why later on. As much as possible, these colors should match your main background color so it doesn’t become distracting because that’s the exact opposite of what we’re trying to achieve here. The colors will help you achieve balance while you work. These can be the new color for your coaster, pen holder, pen, notepad, or whatever other items you keep in your workspace. The calming color will help you maintain inner peace. You can look at the one that brings you energy whenever you’re feeling a little tired or unmotivated.

  1. Re-organize Your Desk Space

Visualize your space and figure out the most essential part of the table that you utilize the most. This can be where your computer sits and which side you use to write notes or do other work. You’ll quickly realize that there’s so much space on the table that you don’t necessarily use but may be full of clutter. So the first step here is to empty your table – not a single item in sight. Now, carefully position only the essentials on the surface of the table. Start with your computer and nothing else. Doing this process one at a time will allow you to assess your next moves carefully. If you need pens and paper all the time, find a good spot for it that is non-obstructive. If you don’t need these every couple of hours, you can put your pen holder and notepad behind your computer’s screen. Now that there are three items on the table, start visualizing where you’ll put your cup of coffee or tea. Leave that space open or put a nice coaster and use it as a “permanent” place to keep the cup. If you do have other items that you use sporadically, best to keep them in a desk drawer or on a shelving unit. Keep the rest of your table’s space clear – this will make sense later in the list.

  1. Bring Life in Your Workspace

Plants are living things, and that can be a simple addition to your workspace that will bring you a lot of good. It can be anything from a small indoor plant such as a fern, succulent, or even a cactus. Plants are known to absorb the “bad air” and release “good air” that will, in all technicality, allow you to breathe in fresh air even when you’re indoors. Air is not necessarily the only benefit that plants can bring your workspace. Having something green around you will also give you a sense of nature that adds to a calmer environment. Best of all, it could be a good constant reminder that there is life beyond the mundane. Even you need nourishment, care, and time to breathe and grow. 

  1. Improve Your Lighting Situation

Your overhead lighting might seem sufficient, but adding a couple more will change the dynamic of your workspace. If your office is near a window, keep your window open or raise the blinds or draw the curtains. Natural light will brighten your space and give you a warm feeling that you could not explain yet makes you feel better. But if you don’t have an accessible window, adding another lighting fixture that offers softer lighting will help. This is especially true of your overhead lighting is too bright. On the other hand, if your overhead lighting is quite soft (you know it is when simply moving over your note casts a heavy shadow that practically blacks out what you’re reading), you’ll need to add another fixture like an LED lamp to provide you lighting support. You can’t be Zen if your eyes grow tired or irritated, so this simple change can give you great benefit.

  1. Switch to Ergonomic Furniture

Complete your Zen workspace with furniture that can actually improve your life and overall wellness. Ergonomic tables and ergonomic chairs are especially designed to support the body’s natural movements and proper posture. It will allow you to move comfortably and efficiently. It also encourages good blood circulation that will not only prevent you from developing aches and pains, but it will even lift your mood and overall disposition in life. 

Once you have all of these in play, feel free to personalize your space further. Play music while you work and see if that helps your productivity. If you’re not so much into having an audible presence while you’re working, try adding a piece of art near you. It can be anything from a nice photo of something that makes you happy, landscape, or a memorable moment. The key here is to add an element that makes you feel happy.

Transforming your workspace from a regular working area to a Zen space might feel like a lot to do, but it can be a fun experience and an opportunity to let your creative juices flow. It might be a different kind of creativity since it’s a different activity from what you normally do, but a break in monotony can be exactly what you need to restart your energy levels.