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Yoga Moves For The Office Worker

10 May 2021

An average office employee spends 8+ hours working in front of a computer. Most often than not, an employee tends to stay seated for an extended time since everyone is chasing deadlines after deadlines set by their bosses.

Stop, breathe, take a moment to focus on yourself, inhale and exhale.

Now that you are calmer than when you were first reading this, how about you try some office yoga to help you clear your mind and keep it sharp for the workload ahead of you? Now you do not need a yoga mat and a spacious zen garden to practice these yoga moves. Instead, it would be best to have your ergonomic office chair and desk from FlexiSpot to have your peace of mind while at work.

1. Finger-Wrist Combo Stretch

As you may have noticed, a desk job is not kind for your tired fingers and wrist. So, this move is pretty easy to do while at work.

To start, raise your hands and rotate your wrists by drawing five inward and outward circles. 

For the next step, just like a child, close and open your fist as a way to release built-up tension from working all day.


Finally, reach out for your monitor with your palms facing it. Once you are in this position, apply gentle pressure on your palms to loosen your wrists. Keep switching from an upward to downward stretch until you feel all of the tension is gone.

This move may seem weird at first if you are not keen on fitness while at work. But you will be grateful as this yoga move will not only loosen the tension, it will also increase blood flow to your tired hands and wrists. 

2. Seat Twists

The significant part about office yoga is you do not have to invest in expensive mats and memberships to do it. It also takes just a few minutes to perform this next move that only requires your Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair.


For this move, start by ensuring a proper posture to maximize this seat yoga move fully. For example, rest your back against the Soutien's mesh backrest and do a few breathing exercises first to get you into the mood.


Keep doing your breathing exercises as you place your hands on the back of the cushioned armrest and twist your upper body to one side. Hold for a few seconds and repeat it for the other side.


Seat twists may seem simple, but your spine, abdomen, and obliques would thank you for the much-need stretch. After all, those parts keep you in an upright position for a long time at work.

3. Standing Pigeon

Your Kana Bamboo Standing Desk by FlexiSpot adds zen vibes to your office. But that is not all since you can also use this next yoga move on your desk. It is such a relaxing combo.

To channel your inner pigeon, stand up and move your right shin up on the edge of your desk. Keep your shin parallel on the desk's edge so you would not lose your balance. Now, this is the part where it gets interesting. Slowly bend over your right leg forward and feel your hips loosen up as you keep bending. Hold this position for a few seconds, and you may repeat on the other leg.

Your upper body may be keeping you upright all day, but your lower half carries the brunt of your weight. So it is only fair to give it some quality yoga love to keep yourself in top condition.

4. Crescent Moon Move

Looking at the moon is as therapeutic as this fourth yoga move you will practice in your office.

Start lifting your arms above your head and let your palms touch each other. While you are in this position, stretch your fingers as wide as you can and lean on from one side to another. Make sure to keep your breathing slow and steady. Remember, this office yoga is meant to be relaxing and good for your mind and body, so your pacing matters.

5. Mind and Soul Restoration

The final yoga move would surely put you in a calm and relaxed mood that is the perfect way to end this session. Think of this as a short journey to self-discovery and relaxation to put your overworked body at ease.

To begin, gently close your eyes and maintain your relaxed breathing. When your eyes are fully closed, imagine that you are in a space that is filled with aureate light. This space is also comfortably warm so you feel the tensions of your muscles relax on their own. 

Now, add a few greenery to your illuminated space. Imagine a grassy field where there are fruit-bearing trees that are waiting for you to pick the sweetest and freshest fruits to consume with your heart's delight. This fantasy would not be complete without a river with its water flowing gently. The birds overhead are also chirping songs of praise for the beautiful paradise you have created inside your mind.

As your five senses are all engaged, cross your arms upon your desk and slowly lay your forehead on it. Allow yourself to have this moment of peace with the perfect fantasy world that you have created. After a few minutes of healing and restoration, you will find yourself ready to face the work ahead of you.


Yoga does not need to be a complicated affair, especially if you are doing it in the confines of your office cubicle. While your work may be stressful, it is important to always look at the bright side of things and thank the universe for giving you a job that provides for your essentials and luxuries. So, to keep the stress from consuming you whole, follow these easy office yoga moves that are great for your mind and body.