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You Should Relax

16 July 2021

Being nervous and stressed out is common and the need to slow down and relax is of utmost importance to be able to maintain our physical as well as mental health. Various studies show that being tensed and stressed out impacts the way we live and how we perform our work in the workplace. This situation of being tense and stressed out is prevalent in America as one study has indicated. 

There are identifiable elements and situations that we face every day that cause tension and stress at home and more in the workplace. Major classification of stressors was identified by Mayo clinic ( such as: 

  • Acute stress - known as the fight-or-flight response. It is “your body's immediate reaction to a perceived threat, challenge, or scare. The acute stress response is immediate and intense, and in certain circumstances, it can be thrilling. Examples of acute stressors include having a job interview or getting a speeding ticket.”
  • Chronic stress - “persistent stress can lead to health problems, such as headaches and insomnia. The chronic-stress response is more subtle than is the acute-stress response, but the effects may be longer-lasting and more problematic.”

When you feel confused and almost unable to think about what to do when faced with challenges, it is beneficial to know the different stressors so that you may think of ways to combat such feelings and situations. Mayo Clinic also identified some of the stressors we face in our everyday lives :

  1. Social - that is, meeting new acquaintances in school or at work may make a little bit nervous and tensed that may lead to stress
  2. Workplace - the work itself produces stress coupled with a demanding boss, co-workers may also be a source of stress when you try to adjust to them to be accepted by the group. 

Checking emails and more workloads are also a source of stress in the work setting.

  1.  Major life changes - positive changes can happen such as new marriage, promotion, new house. However, there are also negative changes such as the death of a loved one and divorce.
  2.  Unpredictable events - Out of the blue, uninvited house guests arrive. Or you discover your rent has gone up or that your payment has been cut.
  3. Environment - The input from the world around us can be a source of stress. Consider how you react to sudden noises, such as a barking dog, or how you react to a bright sunlit room or a dark room.

The pandemic also is a major stressor today with some health protocols to follow when we go outside our homes. We are stressed out and tense when we unconsciously break social distancing procedures, forgetting to wear face masks and face shields while out on the street.

These feelings are within us or internal as Mayo clinic named it and there is there emotional stress we encounter every day such as the following:

  • Fears - such as failures, contracting diseases such as Covid-19, fear of flying, or fear of public speaking, among others
  • Uncertainty and lack of control - “ Few people enjoy not knowing or not being able to control what might happen. Think about how you might react when waiting for the results of a medical test.” Fear can also be felt when there is uncertainty on job security, 
  • Beliefs - your attitudes, opinions, or expectations such as the expectation that you are going to be promoted in your job, or your opinion that runs counter to public opinion will also create or sow fear

The good news is that tension and stress can be treated if we allow ourselves to relax and learn stress management to avoid further adverse effects that could possibly impact us.

  1. One of the ways to avoid being tensed and stressed is to know exactly what is the cause of our stress. Being able to identify the root cause of stress is almost solving this issue. Have you heard of the saying that goes ” if you know the problem, one-fourth of it is solved?” I think this is a good reminder that all possibilities to reduce or eliminate come from you. You have to be in control of any situation or challenges that you have to surmount every day.
  2.  Relaxing your mind may help you to get rid of stress in a tense situation. For example, when you are confronted by security personnel for not wearing face masks in a crowded place, do not think that you will be jailed for not wearing them. Sometimes, what we expect to happen does not necessarily happen. It is just in your mind and expectation.
  3. Another alternative to relax your mind is to listen to music. Music soothes our emotions and the negative feelings that we have. Inspirational music or relaxing music is a tried and true option to ease the stress in you.
  4.  Relaxing could be also mean a warm bath to calm down and loosen up
  5. Write a heartfelt letter to someone you dearly loved. In this way, you share your feelings and thoughts, negative or positive. Sharing your emotions with someone who understands you would help you to relax and calm down.

Aside from these, relaxing can be done with physical activities such as physical exercise. When you exercise, you focus more on what you do which is more positive and exercising can do wonders biologically. Thus, you prevent further serious problems that may impact your physical and mental health.

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