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Avoiding Procrastination with the Help of Ergo Products

27 July 2021

Backlogs and Body Pain Counter Progress

Body pain and backlogs are the arch-nemesis of the most dedicated workers in the company. When someone experiences these things, all his goals and work plans for the week might be affected. This is because once you experience body pain, you might procrastinate and create backlogs. What's worst is it could make a chain reaction where all the other activities would be delayed. 

While some people have high pain tolerance, you might be the type of person who finds it difficult to accomplish a task when you experience body pain. 

In that case, there Flexispot could help you overcome that problem through the help of the ergonomic products that they offer, these ergonomic products could help you not just in accelerating movements but in preventing ergonomic problems such as:

  • neck soreness
  • shoulder pain 
  • arm pain
  • lumbar pain 

These ergonomic problems, if left untreated, could get worse and could affect your movements and concentration. Hence, Flexispot offers the best ergonomic products in the market such as standing desks, stand-up desks, sit-stand desks, ergonomic chairs, and ergonomic office organizers. These pieces of furniture and equipment could help you:

  • Improve your posture

At Flexispot, you may avail products that could help you have a better posture. These are the ergonomic chairs that have precise measurements and even sides that allow you to keep your balance when sitting on these chairs. Compared to ordinary furniture, the ergonomic chairs from Flexispot are ergonomically designed so you could protect your lumbar and avoid spine strain. An example of ergonomic chairs that have this kind of feature is the Ergo Office Chair 9051. A big and tall chair that is made with leather that could give you absolute comfort when you sit on it. 

This ergo office chair has a superb rocking function that reaches up to 120 degrees. That means, when you want to take a deep rest after long hours in the office, this could give you the chance to rock back and forth while are safely seated on it. 

If you feel that your head is aching, then you may lean your head on the thickly padded headrest that could support your head when you feel lightheaded or you feel dizzy.

With this headrest, you can ensure that you would be able to sit properly supporting your neck and shoulders. When you can support your neck and shoulders, you can move freely and you can avoid the pain in those areas, this could help you maintain a good posture.   

  • Avoid slouching 

When you can maintain a good posture and you can avoid severe neck and shoulder pain, you can be able to avoid slouching too because you know there would be no total pressure that would be put on your neck and shoulders. Thus, you can ensure a straightened spine when you sit on the ergo chair just like the office chair 9051. This could be better with the Flexispot standing desk. 

At Flexispot, there are sit-stand desks that could provide features that could help you alternate movements when in the office. An example of that is the Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk EN1. This has a stable and sturdy structure that has 2-stage legs that helps the smooth and fast transition of the standing desk. It also has a sit-stand reminder hence when you use this, adjusting the height of this desk would not be difficult at all. With this kind of function, you would be able to avoid slouching when seated on the chair in front of the desk because the desk would adjust to your height. 

  • Improve blood circulation 

At Flexispot, you could also avoid the sedentary pain that you might get because of prolonged sitting. These pieces of equipment from Flexispot could enhance the blood circulation in the body and could protect you from sedentary pain. Ergo chairs like the Under Desk Bike V9U and Sit2Go 2in1 Fitness chair would propel the blood circulation in your body that starts from the legs and feet. With the 8-resistance levels that you could set on through the resistance dial, you could control your cycling and pedal on the fitness chairs moderately. The intensity of your workout would also be up to you. What's amazing about this is you can do both exercising and working without getting off the fitness equipment. This could help you multitask a lot when you use any of these chairs. 

  • Strengthen your core 

When you decide to use the ergonomic equipment mentioned above, you would be able to strengthen your lower and upper body. Aside from the desk bike and fitness chair, Flexispot also offers a kind of equipment that allows the whole body vibration. That one can be achieved with the Vibration Plate Exercise Machine VB1.

This vibration plate has a 50Hz frequency and a speed level that reaches up to 99. This means that when you use this vibration plate, you could sweat a lot and strengthen your core. When you have a strong core, you can make sure that you will have a strong sense of balance and you would not easily have severe lower torso pain. Hence, this piece of ergonomic equipment would be very helpful for you. 

  • Develop a faster metabolism 

When you use fitness equipment such as the Exercise Machine VB1 or Desk Bike V9U, you can also develop a faster metabolism. This is because as you perspire, your muscles contract, and there is better blood circulation along your body. 

Final Thoughts

With all these pieces of ergonomic equipment from Flexispot, you can be sure that you could avoid the body pain that leads you to procrastination and leaving a lot of backlogs in the office. Using the ergo products mentioned above could ensure an improved posture and performance in the office. Plus, you can ensure that you would be able to avoid all the ergonomic pain that would lead to illnesses in the future.