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Your Boss is Terrible and Here’s Why

27 September 2021

Interacting with a horrible employer at the office is not only a difficult issue for the personnel, but it also has ramifications for the total organization. Learning ways to recognize the indications of a lousy boss is essential if individuals want to avert a colossal catastrophe.

There are several results that may occur if individuals recognize the indications of poor management and alert the authorities:

1. This issue is addressed properly, investigated, and resolved, or everything may be ignored.

2. All of the complaints are rejected, and individuals will finally be forced to cut relations.

Effective team members would identify the potential risk that comes with working for a terrible employer and therefore should act swiftly to either assist such persons in improving their managerial abilities or dismiss individuals from the organization. Meanwhile, businesses exhibiting a hostile environment would keep operating as if none of it has transpired and would ultimately add insult to festering injury. As a simple worker, one should avoid working with similar organizations at all costs.

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For the hopeful job applicant, these are the tell-tale warning signs that they must take into consideration before applying:

  • Lack of Employee Review on Job Sites

Although not every company has every virtual platform, hopeful applicants must proceed carefully with their application especially if there is a lack of company reviews available for public viewing.

  • High Employee Turnover 

Most often than not, a high employee turnover is a major red flag that applicants should look out for. While there may be tenured professionals scattered across the organizational chart, they are not the best representation of why employees are leaving their posts in a matter of a year or two. The older ones are most probably waiting for their retirement which is why it would be better to stay put. Meanwhile, the younger generation of office workers now has the guts to resign when the company culture does not align with their goals, ideas, and beliefs anymore. Even if some of your ideals match the company, it is better to steer clear of companies with a high employee turnover.

Now that we have those company warning signs, it is time to focus on the person of the hour; The employer. Finding their trouble areas earlier would make it easier for everyone to adjust accordingly. May it is in the form of a complaint, suggestion, and even resignation; but we hope the last one never prevails so here is the list of the characteristics of a lousy employer:

Staff input is never valued by the employer

Staff input is never valued by the employer

When a horrible employer does not value input from staff, this is among the telltale indications that they are in total control of who is the authority. If a company does not have a rule in place that allows anyone to provide confidential recommendations or comments to the top tiers of administration, it is a strong indication that the company is uninterested in any of it.

It suggests that personnel are in opposition with administration guidelines and therefore individuals may not honor the leader or top executives whenever they refuse to follow company standards that are imposed by top authority.

A considerable turnover rate will suggest that there is an issue with the administration. If the compensation is more than the norm for the role, yet the departure rate is higher than the market norm for that post, there is a reasonable assumption that the administration is incompetent.

Showing a profound unawareness and ambiguity

Ambiguity is a worrying symptom of a subpar management's performance. It is essential for a business to have a distinct concept of aim, vision, plan, and individual administration ideologies. Ultimately, a member who has no conviction, someone who has perhaps modified their opinion quickly, somebody who is disoriented, or someone who has none of the tenacity needed to stay on course, would steer the firm to its demise. A clear sense of direction, as well as the will to stay through all of that, are indications of prosperity.

Workers who are exhibiting feelings of frustration, apathy, or embitterment because of the job

Workers who are exhibiting feelings of frustration, apathy, or embitterment because of the job

Incompetent supervision manifests itself in the early instance as an unfavorable attitude from the workforce. If employees are dissatisfied, it is a sign that things have been amiss regarding the company's operations. A further warning signal would be whenever employees are continually leaving and resigning from their positions. Nobody really aspires to work for a firm that has a negative approach toward its employees. Additionally, whenever a firm finds itself in difficulties on a regular basis, it indicates that they are making questionable choices. It has an impact on the personnel too though because irresponsible actions could result in a firm being forced to close in a matter of seconds.

Never recognizing employee rights to take a breather away from work

Whenever it pertains to indicators of an incompetent administration, as a worker, one must be concerned if the employer does not honor their vacation and sick leave.

Individuals who want the task completed with the greatest level of expertise must be able to manage schedules effectively. If they're at the workplace, employees must focus on the responsibilities assigned to them by the firm. Everyone, on the other hand, must promote a healthy work-life harmony and take account of their paid holidays. Employers must recognize this and take steps to ensure that staff is fit as well as happy. In an instance that employers begin phoning anyone over the holiday and requesting updates, it may be the reason to contemplate resigning the job altogether.

Raising expectations yet having unfulfilled promises towards every employee

Raising expectations yet having unfulfilled promises towards every employee

The factors above are two characteristics of a terrible employer. The competent leadership is completely cognizant of whatever might be or would not be feasible, and they don't fabricate comments for the purpose of influencing, pressuring or stifling other subordinates' opinions or assessments. Raising expectations and failing to deliver breeds contempt and a hostile corporate ethos, wherein individuals accept behaviors such as failing to fulfill obligations, being unaccountable, and dishonesty as usual.

Final Thoughts

Maybe it is their first time becoming a leader. Reality may have hit them hard with the realization that becoming one may be easy but acting as the boss is a hard job. Another consideration would be that they are just not ripe enough to take on the challenging job. Nevertheless, a company would never succeed with only one person at the top. If you are the boss, it is important to become the inspiration that company employees will have and always need. So, take a look at yourself and honestly assess yourself if you are exhibiting any of the negativity mentioned above.