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Reasons Why Your Gaming Desk Should Be a Standing Desk

06 September 2021

Gaming has become a hobby or even a professional career for many people, especially this pandemic. Many individuals spend most of their time in front of a computer screen. 

It is safe to assume that gamers are seated for long hours. This positioning can affect one's health, both physically and mentally. A sedentary routine can cause harm to the body and affect one's way of life. 

However, even if this is the case, we cannot control what gamers prefer regarding their playing experience and positioning. We can only suggest and shed light on a newer and better approach to gaming.

Gamers have the option of sitting or standing to play. While this is a matter of personal preference, most gamers and developers may be uninformed of the health dangers linked with prolonged sitting. Choosing a stand-up gaming workstation is the answer.

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk EG1

What Are the Benefits of Using a Standing Gaming Desk?

Lower the Risk of Health Hazards

Your health should be your top priority as a gamer or developer. Consider how much time you spend sitting in front of your computer. 

Medical study shows that sitting and working for long periods might be harmful to your health. Obesity, cardiovascular difficulties, pains, sprains, and other health conditions are all possibilities.

So, What's the Plan?

The most incredible preventive options are sit-stand gaming workstations that may be elevated or lowered for height. Manual adjustments, a crankshaft, or electric motors can all be used to raise or lower these. 

While the first two types of standing desks are less expensive, the electric standing desk's usefulness and convenience of use cannot be overlooked.

The majority of height-adjustable gaming workstations have a speed of one to 2.3 inches per second. Isn't it quick? Naturally, gamers cannot put their games on hold merely to make sure the desk is raised. You are seeking quick fixes so you can keep playing or grow your game.

Being healthy may not be a primary priority for many gamers and developers. Perhaps gamers and game creators would be interested if we talked about another reason.

Ergonomic Gaming Desk with Mouse Pad - 63" W

Experiment with Gaming

Many gamers prefer to play their games while standing. While there is no scientific evidence to support this, talks with gamers have revealed that the gaming experience and energy levels are drastically different while using an adjustable gaming desk. 

As you stand to play, you have the option to sway your arms, turn your torso and legs, step forward, or stomp as you destroy an enemy on your screen.

If you tell a gamer about the health benefits of standing workstations, they might frown. When you add the health angle, their ears perk up, and they ask, "Could you please repeat that for me?" or "Could you please tell me more about this?"

Standing up and working or playing does break the monotony of sitting. Your body muscles are recruited as you stand and work/play. They require energy to move, which they obtain from your blood sugar. 

Consider what happens if your blood sugar is not utilized; your body stores it, leading to diabetes, obesity, and other health problems.

It is not good when they do too much of something. Sitting is the same way. It is not advisable to stand all of the time while utilizing a standing gaming workstation. 

You will become exhausted and need to take a break. As a result, having a sit-stand desk for gaming is critical.

Standing is beneficial to your health since it reduces shoulder and neck stiffness, backaches and impacts the entire neck, back, and arms.

Improved Concentration

Have you ever seen a sniper perched in a chair, ready to fire? The majority of people would say no. True. On the other hand, standing up to play boosts your concentration and concentration on the work at hand. 

You will feel more involved, and your mental clarity and alertness will improve. This may be seen in any movie, game, or everyday situation.

You are hyper-focused on the screen since your alertness is high. As you stand, your reflex actions tend to grow. As a result, you are in a better position to move, as you are not hampered by a chair's arms or your ability to break into a run vs. sitting.

When you stand more frequently, you can observe changes in your body. A standing desk could give you a boost in performance by standing.

Gaming Desk GD1B - 48" W

What to Look for When Buying a Standing Gaming Desk

When looking for a standing gaming workstation, there are a few things to consider. The following should be your priority:


When you are playing a game, you will want to be sure your standing gaming desk is stable, even when it is lifted to the maximum height available. Always verify the reviews, the full size offered, and the desk's structural strength. 

When using a keyboard or joystick, you do not want the desk to shake or your systems to tumble over owing to a shaky table frame. Always choose a motorized gaming desk with a steel frame and robust frameworks. 

You could be employing a gaming computer desk to accommodate numerous monitors. As a result, stability is essential when using a standing desk.

Climbing Speed

When using a motorized gaming desk, the climb rate is the distance that the desk frame climbs. Electric motors that are best in class will rise at a rate of 2 to 2.3 inches per second. 

For an electric standing desk, the faster the rate of ascent, the better. Why? Because you can raise or lower the desk more quickly without disrupting your game. 

It will convert your desk from sitting to standing faster even when you are not playing games or in pause mode. Do not forget to check out our blog about the optimal gaming desk height.

Desktop with Spill-Resistant Surface

The majority of people carry a cup of tea or coffee to the office. You may, however, occasionally return with a glass of water. As a result, you must choose a spill-proof desk that is simple to clean and maintain.

L-Shaped Standing Desk E1L

Desk Dimensions

When choosing a desktop, do not worry about the amount of space you are going to need. Look for desktops that can accommodate all of your displays. Make sure there is enough space between the monitors. 

For easy access to most regions of your desktop, some gamers prefer an L-shaped gaming workstation. The majority of your gaming desk accessories can be organized, thanks to the ample space.

If you want to explore your options for an L-shaped gaming desk, you can check out FlexiSpot's L-Shaped Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desks

If you are looking for extra space and more moving room for your gadgets and peripherals, this might do the trick for you.

Every desktop is crafted with FlexiSpot's superior 1" thick, ecologically friendly chipboard built to last so that you can work with complete confidence.

The best part is that the entire desktop raises and lowers together, ensuring that your display and other accessories are always at the perfect height.

Wrapping Things Up

To summarize, gamers cannot overlook the necessity of a standing gaming desk for their entire health and well-being. 

Other variables, such as improved focus, presence, and more, contribute to the game experience.