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Your Guide for the Complete Desk Ergonomics with FlexiSpot

15 September 2021

Employee satisfaction has a significant impact on their productivity and efficiency at work. The majority of firms are hesitant to invest in chair and desk ergonomics, among other things. 

As a result, they put their employees' health and safety at risk. Employees frequently slouch during work. They sit in an unnatural position that causes weariness, muscle soreness, and musculoskeletal diseases, among other things.

Employees seated incorrectly do not feel the pressure on their backs, necks, bones, and muscles, among other things. However, the pain progressively progresses to something more unpleasant, such as Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD). 

This occurs due to a mismatch between a person's physical abilities and the job's physical needs. Many risk factors exist in various body areas, particularly the shoulders, hands, legs, fingers, arms, and back.

As a result, investing a few dollars in ergonomics can boost productivity and improve the working atmosphere. We have covered some important aspects of desk ergonomics in the following paragraphs, such as ergonomic desk height, ergonomic desk posture, and more. 

Let us look at the most remarkable ways to improve your work performance by having ergonomically suitable desks and good desk ergonomics.

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Ensuring that You Do the Proper Posture

Many times, we are reprimanded by our parents to sit up straight and do not slouch, especially when we were children. Despite sounding like a constant disciplinary routine, it is the best position for us to be accustomed to.

This proper positioning is a beneficial practice for all individuals. However, it is unrealistic and impractical because maintaining this stance all day is difficult. After around 5 or 10 minutes of keeping a good posture for desk ergonomics, we all slump.

In practice, good posture is all about safeguarding your spine's curvature, which is the most vulnerable part of your body. 

To achieve optimal ergonomics while sitting at a computer, you must maintain an inwards or concave curvature in your lumbar spine located in the lower back of your body. You must sit back to support your back until it feels helped to maintain the curve. 

Make sure to get a nice office ergonomic chair that has lumbar support or extra cushion space for this. If your chair does not have one, roll up a towel, sweatshirt, sweater, or other soft fabric and place it on the lower back. Make sure the roll is perfectly aligned with the curvature. You will notice the difference and increase your level of comfort over time.

If you are still slouchy and uncomfortable, try lifting your breastbone by about an inch. This will also provide you a comfortable posture, allowing you to work for long periods.

 Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

The Right Office Chair Can Do Wonders

The chair is another crucial aspect of desk ergonomics. If the chair is well-built and has good adjustability, it can provide you with a comfortable working environment. Spending hours correcting our posture without properly adjusting our chairs can lead to unproductive results. 

However, the majority of employees are unaware of its significance. As a result, their seats are always unadjusted. The majority of ergonomic equipment, such as the chair, is designed with ergonomics in mind.

As a result, changing such seats to your preferred level of comfort will not be an issue. Lower your chair so that your thighs and floor are parallel, and your feet are flat on the floor. Make sure the back of your seat is locked. This allows you to move your upper body freely and comfortably.

FlexiSpot offers one of the most comfortable and suitable ergonomic office chairs in the market. The Ergonomic Office Chair OC7 is the perfect fit for busy professionals. For employers and companies with lots of employees, it is best to get this desk to work without worrying about backaches and other body pain concerns.

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series

Having The Most Suitable Desk

Whether you choose an ergonomic corner desk or an adjustable standing desk, the workstation is always an essential aspect of office ergonomics. 

Make sure to leave enough room for your thighs, knees, and feet when changing the desk; small spaces and no room for legs can create discomfort and aggravation when working. Because most workstations lack flexibility, you will need to find other options.

This is where FlexiSpot's ergonomic standing desks that are height-adjustable for your every need come into play. The Adjustable Standing Pro Series can help you easily switch between standing and sitting. You can be more comfortable with the presence of an ergonomically designed product for your working needs.

Classic Riser Standing Desk Converter

Computer Monitor

Technology plays a vital role in our lives. It has been ingrained in our daily routines. May it is in our personal and professional endeavors, we utilize technology through our gadgets. We use computers, software, and smartphones, among others.

Let us face it: we live in a digitalized world. Nowadays, computers are used in almost every job. Employees spend the majority of their time on the computer. 

Most of our body parts, particularly the neck and eye area, experience pain due to this. So, what is the ideal method to support workstation ergonomics, i.e., height and distance, and where should they be placed?

To do so, set a comfortable distance between you and the display and extend your arms till the tip of your middle finger contacts the screen. That would be an excellent place to put your monitor. 

You can avoid neck-craning by using this technique. Close your eyes and find the optimum height for you. You should be able to see the address bar as soon as you open your eyes. All of these approaches contribute to a pleasant working environment, whether at home or in the office.


A pleasant working environment is critical to maintaining your staff's high productivity. Ergonomic desks, seats, and other accouterments are essential in this situation. So, go to a wholesale office furniture company and purchase some high-quality office equipment. 

To preserve desk ergonomics and optimal working circumstances, teach your employees how to maintain the proper posture, desk height, chair, and computer monitor. If you want to run a thriving business, you should never put your employees' health on the line since only a happy and healthy employee can keep your company profitable and growing. 

So, use the suggestions above to make your workplace a better place to work. Head on to FlexiSpot now and look for the best options for your company's improvement. Make sure that you will take care of your people better through the presence of ergonomic products.