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How to Maintain the Best Ergonomic Standing Desk Position

01 June 2021

Standing while working is undoubtedly becoming the new standard in the workplace. People are beginning to recognize the numerous advantages of standing for long periods each day.

As a result, standing desks are quickly becoming a must-have piece of office equipment in any workspace. Standing desks' ergonomics make them an excellent tool for increasing productivity, health, and participation at work.

There are correct and incorrect methods to stand when using these standing desks. To get the benefits of standing for long amounts of time, you must have the proper ergonomic standing desk position. Here is all you need to know about standing desks and how they work.

What are the Benefits of Using a Standing Desk?

In the office, you spend most of your day in front of your computer screen, which leaves little room for you to stand for the essential amount of time each day. Sitting for an extended time has been linked to a variety of health issues, including back pain.

Through a standing desk, you drastically increase the number of hours spent standing each day without interfering with your work. However, this does not immediately eliminate all of the difficulties that come with sitting for lengthy periods.

Instead, you must follow particular procedures to guarantee that you are effectively using your standing desk. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when utilizing a standing desk and how to avoid them.

Common Errors When Using a Standing Desk

If you already have a standing desk but have not observed any of the benefits, it is because you are committing these typical errors.

Having Bad Posture When Standing or Even Sitting

It is no surprise that proper posture is a crucial factor in general health and well-being. However, it is uncommon for us to pay awfully close attention to our posture regularly. Bad posture is known to reduce the amount of time you can spend standing each day while also causing pain similar to that experienced when sitting for a long time. It can also create a variety of health problems, ranging from general fatigue to more serious diseases including blocked blood arteries.

Not Adjusting your Standing Desk to the Proper Height

When you adjust the height of your standing desk to a standing posture, you will probably notice that it does not match the correct height of your body. That being said, when it comes to height changes, a common rule to follow is to keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle and your computer screen slightly below eye level. To ensure that the height of your standing desk is correct, you should perform certain calculations.

Standing for Too Long

When you initially start utilizing a standing desk, studies suggest that you start by standing for no more than two hours at a time and gradually increase to four hours. You should alternate between sitting and standing positions during this period. It is critical to remember that too much of anything, including standing, is harmful to you. As a result, you should avoid undoing the benefits of standing by completely forgetting to sit.

How Would You Function at Your Ergonomic Workstation While Standing?

As previously said, employing a standing desk can lead to a slew of typical blunders. One of these blunders is failing to adopt the proper ergonomic posture for standing desks. Adding a standing desk to your workstation is a fantastic method to improve your general health, productivity, and performance.

However, failing to use the proper ergonomic standing desk position can significantly reduce the benefits of using a standing desk. As a result, we have identified the most critical aspects to consider when it comes to the ergonomic standing desk posture you should utilize when standing at your adjustable office desk.


When putting together your ergonomic office, make sure your display is squarely in front of you and at least one arm's length away. The top of your computer screen should be just below or at eye level while you stand next to your standing desk. The placement of the displays is also determined by the percentage of time you want to spend on each monitor and the type of work you intend to conduct.


Integrating a good quality standing desk into this ergonomic workstation is a crucial aspect of having the correct ergonomic standing desk position. The Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top - 48" W of FlexiSpot is a fantastic standing desk to consider buying.

Proper Posture

When using an ergonomic desk, you should always try to keep your neck, head, legs, and torso vertical and roughly in line with one another. Additionally, you can include a footrest on your desk to allow you to change your weight from one foot to the other. Not to mention, when standing, you should wear shoes that provide adequate support.

Keyboard and Mouse

Placing your keyboard and mouse on the same surface is a terrific way to create an ergonomic workspace. Additionally, the ergonomic posture of this mouse and keyboard at the desk should be at a distance that allows you to maintain your elbows near to your body. While using your mouse or typing, it is also a good idea to maintain your wrists straight.

Important Sitting Advice

A standing desk, as previously said, is not just for standing. It is critical to take breaks from standing and alternate between sitting and standing positions throughout the day. Throughout your working day, schedule sit-stand sessions. Too much of something can have negative consequences and stand for too long is no exception. It is clear from this that restricting yourself from sitting at your ergonomic desk is not in your best interests.

The beauty of an ergonomic standing desk, such as those offered by FlexiSpot, is that it allows you to adapt the way you work. Sitting up straight while working assists your neck and back to stay in better shape. Furthermore, it assures that the health advantages of adopting such an ergonomic design are not negated.

Final Thoughts

You can start reaping the benefits of your adjustable ergonomic desk now that you have gone through this ergonomic desk tutorial and are in the ergonomic standing desk position. It is also worth noting that the quality of your standing desk will have an impact on how successful this ergonomic posture at the workplace is.