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Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Workplace

04 July 2023

Have you ever heard anyone say, "my workplace is perfect!"? The chances that you may have never heard this before are high because the code to the perfect workplace stands uncracked to date.

While employers are changing how they think and do things, they still haven't let go of the traditional practices, even today. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, employers were forced to adopt modern ways of operating their businesses. Had it not been for the pandemic, the concept of remote and hybrid working models would still have been rare.

Today, employees are more aware of their rights and how their employers can improve working conditions. Employers who put in the effort to make workplaces safe and healthy for their employees enjoy better employee retention, while those who still don't see employees as humans continue to face the challenge of their employees resigning.

If you're concerned that your workplace doesn't provide the ideal working conditions for your employees and your employees may leave because of it, you've come to the right place. We've put together a detailed guide to help you create the perfect workplace. Here in this blog post, crack the secret to creating the perfect workplace with us!

What is a Perfect Workplace?

Before we start, you should first have a clear understanding of what precisely a perfect workplace means. A perfect workplace is one where employees feel safe and aren't at risk of work-related injuries and ailments, the employees engage in healthy competition, employers practice transparency, employees feel comfortable voicing their concerns without the fear of facing repercussions, employees don't feel overworked or stressed, and most importantly, where employees feel happy.

The definition of the perfect workplace seems too hard to achieve practically, but the good news is that it's not impossible. It's a long, continuous process, but very much possible!

Importance of a Safe and Healthy Work Environment

Employees are the pillars of any business. The employer lays the foundation with the ideology, mission, and vision, but the employees execute the business plans. If you don't put your employees first, they won't be able to do as much for your business as they're capable of. It's high time you leave the business-centric mindset behind and take the first steps toward implementing an employee-centric work environment.

The question is why it is important. Continue reading ahead for answers.

Improved Employee Productivity

When you provide your employees with a safe and healthy work environment, they'll be able to work with greater focus and dedication. The result will be higher quality, error-free outcomes. Employees working in a comfortable environment where they don't experience discomfort or pain display higher productivity and efficiency, which is precisely what every employer wants.

Higher Employee Retention

Your efforts to make your employees feel safe and comfortable at work won't go unnoticed. Your employees will appreciate all that you do and stick along longer. Losing employees is a nightmare for any employer. But by providing your employees with the right work environment, you'll have a loyal team of workers who're willing to go the extra mile for you.

Less Absenteeism

If your employees aren't comfortable at work or have to work in conditions that put them at risk of work-related injuries and illnesses, you should expect frequent absenteeism. The day's work is delayed when an employee doesn't show up at work. Every minute of work that is lost is lost business. However, a safe and healthy work environment ensures the employees don't get injured or unwell and don't call days off.

Reduced Healthcare Expenses

Employers have to bear healthcare expenses for employees who've fallen sick or gotten injured due to wrong practices at work. Healthcare isn't cheap. If you ensure that all your employees are absolutely safe at work and there are no risk factors that could harm them, your healthcare expenses will decrease significantly.

Creating the Perfect Workplace

Your efforts and money spent to create the perfect workplace will go a long way. You'll benefit in more ways than we've discussed above. Creating the ideal workplace isn't the easiest task, but it's every bit worth it.

Let's walk you through the many tips to help you create the perfect workplace. You're just a few moments away from unlocking the big secrets!

Do a Risk Analysis of Your Workspace

The first and the most important step towards creating the perfect workplace is to identify all the factors that are coming in the way of making your workplace an ideal place to work. Any factors that pose any safety risks to the employees or can be a source of discomfort should be identified and addressed. You should hire a professional ergonomist to do a risk analysis to identify all the possible risk factors. Once you've identified all the areas where you need to work on, you can move towards setting a budget and working on an action plan.

Make Your Office Comfortable for the Employees

The perfect workplace is one where employees are happy. Employees will only be happy if they're comfortable and safe at work. Start with replacing your office furniture with modern, ergonomic varieties. Ergonomic chairs like the Premium Ergonomic Office Chair (C7) and ergonomic desks are your best bet. Ergonomic office furniture ensures that every employee is safe and comfortable at work. The thing about ergonomic furniture is that it can be adjusted to suit an individual's comfort needs which means every employee will be able to adjust the furniture to suit themselves so that they can work in the correct posture.

Incorrect posture at work is the root cause of most work-related injuries (musculoskeletal disorders, majorly). These health problems start with minor discomfort before becoming painful, affecting productivity big time. But when the employees are working in the correct posture, the risk of work-related musculoskeletal disorders and injuries will be significantly reduced, and your employees will be able to put all their focus on work.

Work on Your Office Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important but also the most neglected factor when it comes to creating the perfect workplace. Most of the focus stays on furniture, office design and layout, and employee comfort. But did you know that if the lighting isn't proper, your employees' productivity and mood can get affected? That's true!

If you want to transform your workplace and ensure it's the perfect place to work, make sure there's a lot of natural light in your office. Redesign the space and incorporate large windows to the layout to ensure your office is infiltered with plenty of natural light. Natural light has been found to boost mood and productivity.

For additional lighting, make sure you're installing the right lights. Warmer-toned lights are suitable for break and meeting rooms as they promote a sense of relaxation and calmness. Blue-enriched lighting reduces fatigue and enhances employee performance and mood, making them suitable for brainstorming rooms. Middle-tone lighting keeps employees alert which makes them suitable for conference rooms.

Incorporate Adequate Storage Spaces

If you don't have enough storage cabinets in your office, it's high time you get more of these storage units. A cluttered office space affects employees' mental health and wellness. It can trigger stress, anxiety, and frustration, all of which can affect their productivity at work. Ensure every employee has personal drawers and cabinets to store their personal belongings and official files and documents so their workstation doesn't get cluttered.

Encourage Open Communication

Most employers carry an aloof persona that makes the employees feel they're unapproachable. Such employers cultivate stress and fear among their employees, which isn't healthy for the employees. If you want to foster a safe and healthy work environment, you should encourage open communication so that your employees can be vocal about any concerns that they may have. Open communication between employees and employers reduces stress and anxiety in employees. A stress-free work environment boosts productivity and efficiency and ensures employees feel good at work.

Design Relaxing Rooms

Sitting in front of the computer for several hours at a stretch is bound to tire the employees out. If an employee feels tired and fatigued at work, they'll not be able to work with utmost focus and attention. Encourage your employees to take breaks and relax between work. Design relaxing rooms in your office where the employees can sit, relax, chat, engage in board games, or lie down for a while.

Invest in Ergonomic Equipment

Other than ergonomic furniture, consider investing in other ergonomic equipment varieties like ergonomic keyboards and mice, backrests, footrests, under-desk treadmills, etc. All these equipment varieties will reduce the stress and fatigue on the employees' bodies and ensure that all your employees stay physically fit.

Closing Word

The perfect workplace isn't an idealistic concept only. It's practically possible to design a workplace that's perfect in every sense. It all starts with acknowledging the fact that your employees are the most important asset for your business. Creating the perfect workplace isn't easy. It's a long process, but consistency and transparency are the keys here. Take your employees through the journey of transformation with you rather than imposing changes on them. Work as a team and excel as a team.