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We care to provide a better life.

We tend to be a better company by caring more.

Our approach to sustainability

Improving people's lives has always been one of the main tasks of our company. We know it's a long way to make a difference globally and make a big difference, but we've decided to start now.

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Our sustainable and integrated solution

Choose the right material

Material selection is an important part of our mission to produce sustainable furniture. Choosing the right materials from the very beginning allows us to limit the ecological footprint of human activity while ensuring the longevity and recyclability of our products.

We always use the materials that are easy to recycle or have already been recycled. In the case of wood, we make sure that it comes from sustainably managed forests and that the products made from it are equipped with the relevant certifications.

At the same time, we invest a lot of energy in research and development to increase the share of upcycling and to develop recycled materials.

Sustainable development of society

Support for the protection of rainforests

The tropical forests are unique habitats. They exert a great influence on the climate and water balance of the earth and are home to about two-thirds of all plant and animal species that live on land. For this treasure trove of nature to have a future, we must fight for its preservation. FlexiSpot supports WWF in protecting rainforests, biodiversity and the planet on which we all depend.