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10 Misconceptions About Gaming Chairs

17 November 2023

Game chairs are the next big thing for all gamers. But there are several misconceptions that revolve around these highly specialized pieces of furniture. If you are into the gaming business and looking forward to upgrading your furniture, and aren't sure if you should go for a gaming chair or not, then this post is for you.

In what follows, we look at some common misconceptions about gaming chairs so you can better understand their function and then decide whether gaming chairs are right for you.

So let's get started.

Misconception #1: Gaming Chairs are Expensive

A popular misconception revolving around gaming chairs is that they make expensive pieces of furniture. But let's not forget that all gaming chairs are not made equal. You will find gaming chairs that are created with greater comfort in mind. You can also find gaming chairs that are made using top-quality material. In that case, you will have to pay a higher price in exchange for the top-notch features and materials you get. However, you can still find high-quality options for a gaming chair that won't break your bank.

To get a gaming chair that fits well within your budget, you have to do your research and get in touch with reliable ergonomic furniture suppliers who can provide you with the best combination of features, quality, and affordability.

Misconception #2: Gaming Chairs are Not Designed With Comfort in Mind

Many individuals who need comfortable, ergonomically designed chairs often do not opt for gaming chairs as they believe that they are not designed for comfort.

The reality, however, is different.

If you are looking for a chair that helps you sit comfortably while allowing your body to maintain a natural posture, then you can't find anything better than a gaming chair. A gaming chair is designed to provide you with the same kind of comfort as an ergonomic office chair. However, it also features extra padding behind your back and neck so you can enjoy greater comfort as you sit while gaming.

While it is true that prolonged sitting can hurt your posture, there will eventually be a need to get up and walk around every few hours, even when you use a gaming chair. However, while sitting, you can enjoy greater comfort as you choose a gaming chair over a regular ergonomically designed office chair.

Misconception #3: Gaming Chairs are Only Optimized for PCs

It is common for individuals to believe that gaming chairs are optimized for PCs only. But that isn't the case.

Gaming chairs are not only designed to be used along with computers. Rather, they can be used as a replacement for your couch and also for your boring ergonomic office chair.

Since gaming chairs are designed to provide users better comfort than most other chairs, they can be used as a replacement for any piece of furniture you use for sitting.

Misconception #4: Gaming Chairs Aren't Durable

Given the outlook of the gaming chairs, another misconception that revolves around them is regarding their durability. It is believed that gaming chairs aren't designed to withstand years of use. However, that's not sure.

Like any other durable chairs, gaming chairs are designed to be used for years. However, it doesn't mean that gaming chairs are indestructible. Depending on the material used and how often you use the chair, a gaming chair from a reliable supplier can serve you for years with appropriate care and maintenance.

However, if you choose a low-quality gaming chair that is built using plastic or other non-durable material or if you don't excessively misuse your chair or do not provide proper care and maintenance, you might likely end up with a broken gaming chair soon.

Misconception #5: Use of Gaming Chairs Negatively Impact Productivity

Some assume that using gaming chairs can negatively impact their productivity. They believe so because of the exceptional level of comfort that gaming chairs provide. It is due to maximized body support and comfort that individuals believe that sitting on a gaming chair rather distracts them, especially when they are trying to get work done.

Again it is a misconception because, like any other ergonomically designed chair, a gaming chair helps improve your posture while reducing fatigue. Moreover, it maximizes support to your neck, shoulders, and back so you can get more work done faster without feeling fatigued. The reality is that the use of gaming chairs help individuals with desk job focus more on their work and get more and better quality work done.

Misconception #6: All Gaming Chairs Are the Same

Most people assume that all available gaming chairs on the market are created equal. Though gaming chairs may appear similar, but they are not all created equal.

Each gaming chair you may find on the market possesses unique features that make it stand out from the rest. You will find certain gaming chairs that provide better support for your back than others do, but you can also find certain gaming chairs that allow for quick and seamless height adjustments. Similarly, some gaming chairs may have features like headrests, armrests, and lumbar support.

Given that there are several types of gaming chairs available on the market, you need to know what type of gaming chair is right for you before you choose one for yourself. To find the right gaming chair for you, you should contact a reliable gaming chair supplier like FlexiSpot and rely on online reviews to determine which gaming chair is best for you.

Misconception #7: Gaming Chairs Are Not Stylish

This is one of the misconceptions that appear to be the most logical, however, it's a fallacy, and there isn't any reality to this. Gone are the days when gaming chairs used to be the bulky unappealing piece of furniture in homes. Today, you can find stylish and sleek gaming chairs that can conveniently be a part of your home space. Many modern gaming chairs are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs, so you opt for the one that gels in well with your space.

Misconception #8: Gaming Chairs are Too Heavy

Perhaps this is the biggest reason why people may be reluctant to invest in a gaming chair. However, it is only a misconception that gaming chairs are no longer too heavy. While gaming chairs used to be heavy in the past, manufacturers like Flexispot understand this concern. They are now creating lighter-weight versions of gaming chairs, such as Fluorescent Racing Style Chair 1325, a uniquely designed gaming chair that is lightweight and easy to move around.

Learn more about Fluorescent Racing Style Chair 1325 here.

Misconception #9: Gaming Chairs are Only For Serious Gamers

One of the common misconceptions about gaming chairs is that only serious gamers need gaming chairs. The myth is far from reality because gaming chairs are made for individuals who spend long hours in a sitting position using their computer and not just for gamers.

Gaming chairs are ergonomically designed to maximize support for the user as you spend time in front of your screen, regardless of whether you are an office employee or a serious gamer.

Misconception #10: Gaming Chairs Are Only For Kids

Another popular misconception about gaming chairs that we cannot ignore is that gaming chairs are for kids. The myth revolves around the fact that the average age of a gaming chair user is between 15 and 20.

While that is the average age of gamers, the user of gaming chairs is not restricted to gamers only. Since all individuals with a desk job can benefit from the support and comfort of a gaming chair, the exceptionally comfortable gaming chairs are not just for kids but are for everyone.

The Reality About Gaming Chairs

The truth about gaming chairs is that they are all about exceptional comfort for the users regardless of whether a gamer or a non-gamer uses the chair. You can find pretty stylish and sleek gaming chairs that can conveniently gel in with your office or home outlook. Moreover, gaming chairs aren't optimized for your computer as they can be used as a regular piece of furniture that provides exceptional comfort and support to the natural position of your body.

Furthermore, you can find affordable gaming chairs that can serve you for years; however, to get the right one for yourself, you will need to do some research and check online reviews so you can make the right choice for yourself.

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