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10 of the Best Home Office Improvement Ideas that You May Not Have Ever Thought About

11 November 2021

Working from home comes with so many perks. You don't have to conform to office politics, and you don't have to commute or spend your salary on lunch. The list is endless. A home office provides the ideal launchpad for your enterprise.

It works well whether all you need is a computer to run your business or simply need some creative space for getting your thoughts or paperwork in order. A home office can be a game-changer if you strongly believe you're the most ambitious professionals out there.

However, being at home doesn’t always translate into more productivity. That’s because most people tend to port the concepts of a conventional office into a home environment. 

Your mind gravitates towards those soulless cubicles embellished with tacky mementos like family photos, office supplies. And the muted yet spirited chatter about weekend getaways or upcoming presentations. But, what you need is a swift shift from the corporate culture you've gotten so used to.

It's time to freshen up your home office! Here are 10 of the best ideas for making it more comfortable and practical. Whether you're looking for a few quick fixes or want to go all-out, these ideas will help take your space from drab to fab in no time.

Upgrade to an Ergonomic Office Chair

1. Upgrade to an Ergonomic Office Chair  

Picture this –You’re working against the clock, back slumped over a computer screen, and your neck bent in an awkward position. What was once a minor crick in your back, shoulders or neck suddenly becomes something that can stop you right in your tracks.

Taking painkillers or stretching provides relief. But, even that is short-lived. A comfortable Ergonomic Office Chair can help you avoid such aches and pains. Ergonomic office chairs are designed for optimal lumbar support, reducing back pain, and keeping your head in the game.

A Reliable study shows office workers equipped with ergonomic office chairs had fewer complaints about back, neck, and shoulder pains during their workdays. It also found that overall productivity rates increased by over 17%.  

Declutter your Workspace

2. Declutter your Workspace  

Cluttered desk = cluttered mind, so get rid of any papers that have been piling up, donate what you no longer need, and get organized from today onwards with everything having its place.

If you have too many things within your reach or sight, you are liable to get distracted and sidetracked as you try to power through your tasks. Eliminating all the clutter can help you remain engaged in whatever you're trying to achieve.

You can start by minimizing all the decorations adorning your desks, like paperweights, stationery, or sticky memo notes. Sticking to having only the bare necessities on your desk can help you stay laser-focused. 

What about all your paperwork, overflow stationery, and other tools? Well, having a Mobile File Cabinet ensures that they don’t clutter your space but remain within reach. To top it off, you can move it around if you need more space and it can also double up as a steady work surface.

Organizing your home office to eliminate clutter helps you save on the time spent sifting through your “junk” to find one thing. And, it also helps you clear your mental space so you can focus on one or two things. 

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

3. Take Advantage of Vertical Space  

Sometimes things get so messy in a home office that it spills over into the living room, kitchen, or other rooms. Adopting a different approach to storage can help you reduce, if not eliminate, such a situation. So, it helps to have a hybrid approach to storage – thinking of horizontal and vertical storage possibilities. 

But, how can you work vertical storage into your home office? It's simpler than it sounds and won't cost you that much (especially if you have a DIY mindset.) All you need to do is make full use of your walls by adding shelves and high bookshelves into the mix.

Then you can store the things you don't need to use on the higher shelves. This saves the lower shelves for the documents, electronics, and other tools you use more frequently. 

clamp-on power strip with USB ports

4. Reign in the Cable Chaos 

They dangle, trip you, and the worst thing about cables is that they introduce a distracting level of clutter into your workspace. However, triage measures won’t suffice for reigning in the chaos bred by having looping tangles of cables in your office.

After all, you need them to power and connect all the devices you rely on to make your work easier. A clamp-on power strip with USB ports can help you eliminate those messy extension cables from your creative space.

This versatile accessory also allows you to plug in USB-powered devices without the need for their adaptors, making your workspace that much tidier. All your cables and cords can also remain tangle-free when they are housed in a Cable Management Tray.

With that in place, your home office becomes less cluttered and hazard-prone. 

Standing Desk

5. Get a Standing Desk  

Working from home means that your commute is reduced to just walking into your workspace. This means you get to walk to fewer meetings, train stations, and other places. With time you may start to notice a dramatic increase in weight.

Equipping your home office with a sit and stand office desk can help you cut back on such a sedentary existence. 

This type of desk can revolutionize your workstation. It offers such a versatile and practical approach to working from home. Not only does it boost your productivity, but it also prevents you from slouching on your chair all day.

What’s more, it’s rich in advanced features that further optimize your storage, lest we forget! It comes with a classy design that sets your office apart from the other rooms in your home. You can easily shift from your favorite sitting position to the most ideal standing position.

And, you can keep your eyes on your monitor while your hands remain engaged on the keyboard and mouse. It helps to think of a standing desk as a triple threat –Enhanced ergonomics, effectiveness, and productivity in your workday.

2-in-1 fitness chair

6. Pedal Your Way Through the Stress  

Most people assume they’ll have loads of time to hit the gym once they become remote workers. But, that may not be the case. Working from home introduces all the creature comforts and distractions of your home into your work environment.

So, at the time, you may fall behind your schedule and have to go into overtime to catch up with your tasks. However, you don't have to miss out on leg day if you pair your standing desk with a 2-in-1 fitness chair. But, what is this marvelous contraption anyway?

Well, it's a mini exercise bike that has an ergonomic office chair strapped to the seat post instead of a bike seat. It operates silently so you won't be distracted by noise. You'll also enjoy using the calorie tracker and customizable cardio resistance setting.

So, it’s not merely a great way to pedal away the stress but also a way to edge closer to those seemingly unattainable fitness goals.

dual monitor mount

7. Enhance Your Computer Screen Real Estate 

No one can debate the fact that two computer screens are better than one. However, it's all about how you configure them to enhance your workflow. For one, having many computer screens on your desk significantly reduces your work surface. Your monitor can also fall off a standing desk if it’s programmed to raise or lower when you’re not at your workstation.

So, how does one forestall such predicaments? Well, the solution lies in a handy yet affordable dual monitor mount. You can attach any form of monitor onto your mount. Then safely clamp it onto the edge of your desk.

You don't even need any specialized tools, and the operation can be concluded in less than 2 minutes.

Clamp-on Adjustable Keyboard Tray

8. Mind Your Arms and Wrists  

An unspoken advantage to remote work is that you don't have a supervisor. So, you can work while sitting, standing, lying prone on the ground, or even on a yoga ball or beanbag chair. The only thing that matters is you're able to dispense with your tasks within the stipulated schedule.

However, one area that most people neglect is ensuring their wrists and arms remain comfortable when working on a desk. The best way to ensure this is laying out your keyboard and mouse in parallel with your elbows.

Getting an ergonomic Clamp-on Adjustable Keyboard Tray is your best bet in ensuring that regardless of how you sit or stand. This handy accessory extends beyond the edge of your desk while holding your mouse and keyboard firmly in place.

White Board

9. Ditch the Posted Notes for a White Board  

Computers have revolutionized the modern workplace more than any other device. However, we are still limited in the way we can interact with these devices. The only input and output devices we currently have are monitors, mice, keyboards, and graphic tablets.

Monitors are excellent, but even they have a limiting virtualization capacity of 12" to 24" in most cases. Adding a whiteboard to your home office seems like an analog approach. But, it gives you a wider surface to etch out many ideas while you're workshopping some concepts.

Whiteboards can help you bang out flowcharts, mouldboards, storyboards, and other visualization devices in a manner that's theoretically impossible on a computer.

A Dependable Router

10. A Dependable Router

A spotty internet connection while working from home can be a career-ending setback. It gets between you and your daily goals. And imagine how unprofessional you'll look if you can't depend on your Wi-Fi during those vital video calls.

The worst thing about it is you can’t call one of the geeks from the IT department to sort it out. That’s why it pays to get a reliable router when setting up your home office. The best thing about a router is its reliance even when faced with a spotty connection from your ISP (internet service provider.) 

It also gives you an accessible endpoint for diagnosing the problem. And, the internet isn't short of DIY videos and articles covering how to repair such devices. 


With these few tips, we’re sure you’ll be able to convert any room within your home into a hub of productivity and efficiency. Now, the only thing left is to make it personalized so it can be an extension of the inner you.

So, feel free to add some decorations, mementos, and other personal totems that ground your energy to the space. Feel free to add any essential upgrades that we may have skipped in the comment section below. We'll appreciate it, and your suggestions may feature in our article if we update it soon.