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12 Great Gift Ideas to Celebrate Women's International Day

08 March 2022

You want to show appreciation for a remarkable woman in your life this Women’s Day, and we have incredible ideas for you! We all know picking the right gift for any occasion takes a lot of effort and can feel like an impossible mission. We have compiled a list of thoughtful and practical gifts for different categories of women in your life that you might want to give a token as we celebrate women globally. Whether you’re looking for something romantic, funny, or just plain useful, we’ve got you covered. So browse through our list and find the perfect present for the lady in your life!

Spa Gift Basket

1. Spa Gift Basket

She’s been working hard to accomplish more in life, so what says I see your hard work better than a spa gift basket? Put a smile on the woman you’re looking to appreciate this Women’s Day with a spa gift basket. You can customize it to your liking, especially if you have an innate knowledge of brands she appreciates and has good insight into her taste.

If you have no clue on where to get started, we suggest having items like bubble baths, shampoo, conditioner, body spray, bath salts, bath bombs, coconut oil and other natural bath oils, shower puffs, soaps, and maybe scented candles too. You could throw in some sage as well or an essential oil diffuser to make bath time that much more relaxing.

This gift set works for a range of women. It could be a colleague, wife, sister, or mother- all of them could do with some relaxation, so you can’t go wrong with a spa gift basket. Don’t forget to get quality products and spruce up the packaging.


2. Jewelry

There’s a reason jewelry has been a go-to gift idea for centuries-it simply works. You can give jewelry to women in both a professional or personal capacity. Something like a watch is a good gift for a woman in a professional setting while you could give something a bit more informal and intimate such as earrings or a necklace to a special friend or family member.

Try to get something classy and in their personal styles, so that they don’t just keep the jewelry in their dressers or drawers but they get to wear it. If you don’t exactly know individual styles then go with classic choices like pearl jewelry, simple classic pendant on a gold or silver chain, or tiny loops. Avoid vibrant pieces unless the person is artistic.


3. Books

An appropriate gift on Women’s Day should probably send the message that you see this woman and you support her empowerment–books are a splendid way to express this. You could get her a collection of books or just one, probably accompanied by a card.

Some books that promise to enrich women's lives include bestselling titles like The Book of Gutsy Women by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton, Icons by Micaela and Monica Ahanonu, Becoming by Michelle Obama, and Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout, among others.

You can get a book for any life sphere, self-help books, money management, spiritual growth, career growth, or cookbooks. But ensure to pick out something that will add value to that woman’s life.


4. Flowers

Flowers seem rather obvious, but they always get the job done. Send your colleagues, bosses, wives, mothers, and daughters a lovely arrangement of flowers, and they will definitely feel remembered. With a wide array of flower types and colors, you can easily get a bouquet that sends the right message.

You could send lilies to your boss or white orchids to show appreciation and respect. Red roses would be perfect for women with whom you have a personal relationship with because you’d also be expressing affection. Yellow flowers convey friendship–a group you shouldn’t forget. Peach-colored roses for your mentors as they show thanks and gratitude. Or green roses for a new love interest as they convey good news and new beginnings.

Whatever the selection, show some thought and maybe put in a little card to reinforce the message.

Kitchen Appliances

5. Kitchen Appliances

With so many sophisticated, contemporary kitchen appliances and items, you’re bound to find one that expresses your exact message. For the women who love cooking, kitchen appliances such as ovens, coffee grinders, meat subscription boxes, knife sets, and holders are just a few of the items you could consider gifting them. Show them you see and support their interests in the kitchen.

For the busy woman who hardly has time to make proper meals, get them something like an air fryer or an instant pot that makes their time in the kitchen easier. The woman you want to gift could have a passion for the environment so you could get her reusable straws to go with an energy-efficient blender or juice extractor. Know the person you intend to gift and then get creative with your gift combinations. Kitchen appliances are thoughtful yet practical gifts.


6. Perfumes

There’s a reason perfume is a popular gift for almost all occasions. Scents convey many messages and have various effects on the person receiving the gift. You need not struggle to choose the right perfume because there are so many to choose from and they’re easily accessible. Simply narrow down the message you want to express and pick out a fragrance that does the job.

However, remember that scents are a personal thing, so you might want to pick a perfume that’s in that woman’s style or something close to your preferences. Otherwise, you can get perfumes for boss ladies, for the homely woman, for the adventurous woman, or one that just expresses admiration and love. Watch top perfume vloggers, the good ones break down the target audience for any scent you might be thinking of buying.

Inspirational Quote Print

7. Inspirational Quote Print

Women’s Day is all about inspiration to continue working towards a better world, so inspirational quote prints are pretty much in theme. Get an inspirational quote print from online stores such as Etsy. You can also have one custom made with one of your favorite quotes from a famous woman and while at it you can add an ergonomic home office desk to place it on-she’ll never see this coming! Inspirational quote prints provide inspiration and make a wonderful addition to interior décor.


8. Plants

An ideal gift should convey effort, express emotion, and also be useful to whomever you’re gifting. Giving people plants is becoming more common and with good reasons. Plants, unlike flowers, are much easier to care for so you can give them to anybody without adding the extra pressure of caring for them. Additionally, plants are good for the environment and purify the air around them. Different plants convey varying messages so you have a list to choose from as you consider which one to give an influential woman in your life this Women’s Day.

Send a snake plant to your colleague to symbolize good health wishes and also acknowledge their persistence. Got a woman who just got promoted? Get her a money plant as a symbol of good luck and wealth. A cactus plant can seem a bit controversial but it symbolizes resilience and we all know resilience is almost synonymous with being a woman, so this could be appropriate for just about any woman in your life. You can play around with the aesthetics of the plant pots, and help the women in your life enjoy a livelier living or workspace.


9. Furniture

It’s International Women’s Day, a day to acknowledge and assess the state of gender equality in the society. Get the women in your life gifts that go beyond just showing affection but support their quest to achieve greatness. In a world where people need to put in extra effort to negate the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, good furniture that helps with physical fitness and increases productivity is an excellent gift choice.

Get an under desk bike for the lady who spends hours on end in the office. Does the woman in your life love to knit or read books? Get her a chair that suits her hobbies and interests. Furniture and related accessories are functional, thoughtful, and unique gifts that will enrich the lives of your loved ones.


10. Date

Many times the perfect gift is quality time. Set aside sometime on Women’s Day to take the woman in your life for a lunch or dinner date. Take them to a special place to help them relax and feel appreciated. Enjoy quality conversations, celebrate their wins with them, or lend a listening ear if they’re having a difficult time. A gift doesn’t have to be something tangible, the change of environment and good company can do wonders for just about anybody.


11. Chocolates

If she loves chocolate then an assortment of chocolates is a gift that she’ll appreciate. You could get the woman you want to appreciate a basket of chocolate or artisanal chocolate to make it feel extra special. You can pair chocolate with other gifts too. Don’t forget to put some thought into the presentation of the package. There’s a special feeling that unwrapping a beautifully packaged gift elicits. You might also want to stick around to watch their smile form as they shred open the wrapping paper to reveal what you got them.

Premium drinks

12. Premium drinks

Who says premium whiskey is a reserve for the boys’ club only? Get that boss lady in your life a bottle of good whiskey to acknowledge their accomplishments. You could also get them a bottle of aged wine, depending on the woman’s preferences.

Our Gifting Takeaway

Like many other things in life, you’ll hardly reinvent the wheel when it comes to gifting. However, having a clear vision of what you want your gift to convey makes it easier to choose the perfect gift. It also helps to know the person you intend to gift. The last thing you want is for them to keep your gift locked up in a closet somewhere because it doesn’t align with their lifestyle despite them being grateful for your gift. This list gives you good ideas, and you can always mash-up these ideas to make the women in your life feel seen and special this Women’s Day.