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13 Essential Tips to Optimize a Small Office Space

07 September 2021

Managing a small office space has always been a tricky deal. Unfortunately, it’s a deal that all remote workers need to master. There are no shortcuts. You need to fully grasp the act of using everything within your space to its full potential. 

The small office space includes your desk, office chairs, shelves, among others. You should figure out ways to navigate a small office without interfering with work.

By this single act, you can boost your work productivity and effectiveness. Sometimes, when your work drags, it may be due to your work environment or workspace. Seemingly trivial factors like insufficient lighting, flawed creative designs, and unfitting workstations can tamper with your work negatively. 

Gradually work becomes overbearing, and your focus strays from your tasks. To avoid mental frustration at work, you need workable solutions to a minimalist space. 

It’s your lucky day; here are useful tips to help you make the most out of your minimalist office. 

Importance of Maximizing Your Small Office Space 

Doesn’t matter if you share a studio space with someone or have limited space in a family apartment; you need to consider solutions to small office issues. An ergonomic design may seem inconsequential, but it can surprisingly make a mini space appear bigger. 

That’s how much difference these tips can make. We are concerned about improving your work productivity and solving impossible office space problems. So, we’ve unveiled seven tips that can help you resolve space problems.

Consider Your Office Space Needs

Having a small workspace has its demands, and this is one that you mustn’t ignore. Deciding on which workstations or office equipment to buy shouldn’t be spontaneous. When you have a space to work with, the first step is to plan.

Your storage needs? What is the equipment you need? What are the essentials, and what are "frivolities"? It would help if you answered all these questions before making attempts to set up your office space. 

This gives you an overview of what your space would look like and the things you need to exempt. When you make plans, you have a target and direction. It also lessens your burden when you start setting up. 

So, if you haven’t made plans, take some time off and go back to the drawing board. 

wobble stool BH2

Consider an Office Stool

The clunkiness of several office chairs can become a problem if you don’t have enough space to accommodate them. As a small space office solution, an office stool can serve as an alternative. Flexispot has the height adjustable wobble stool BH2, which you can use instead of an office chair. 

You can pair it with adjustable standing desk pro series that has similar adjustability settings as well. These two workstations will fit your workspace and afford you diversity between sitting and standing in between work.

This wobble stool doesn’t take much space; it’s ergonomically healthy and can easily fit into your budget. Plus, it’s a healthy alternative to long hours sitting in an ergonomic chair.


  • Facilitates healthy sitting posture
  • Reasonable price range
  • The sitting is comfortable and conforms to your body structure
  • Provides proper circulation of blood
  • Affordable maintenance


  • You can’t use it for overtime shifts 
  • Using an ergo stool on a carpet isn’t a great idea.

task lamp TA1004BK

Lighten the Room

Lighting is one heck of a mood influencer. Luckily, you get to decide whether you want your workspace light to influence your mood negatively or positively.

Different light or lighting stages emit peculiar emotion ranges. Low lighting can reduce your emotional spectrum to spur positive or negative outcomes. 

While trying to maximize your office space, try to set a relaxed mood or ambiance with unique lighting. It’s important to plan your office lighting while designing your cute office space. Unfortunately, most remote workers never prioritize light while setting up an office.

According to research, warm lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere that gives a homely feeling. Hence, before you set up or while setting up your office, your choice of light should be one of the first considerations.

For example, a table lamp that allows you to create a diverse lighting ambiance would be an important addition to your office. Get yourself one or make the necessary changes and feel at home while you work.

Comhar all-in-one standing desk glass top

Use a Proper Desk Setup

Your desk setup, like other factors, can either consume office space or manage it reasonably. The first move should be buying ergonomic workstations that can fit into a minimalist office setup if you have a small office.

Comhar all-in-one standing desk glass top is a good example of a portable desk that can fit into a small space. 

Customize your office with Comhar all in one because it will fit into any space. This desk has a large desktop for a laptop and an embedded drawer for trinkets and office equipment. It comes in white and black colors. So, you can pick up any color that appeals to your workstation's creativity.


  • Heightened energy level
  • Embedded drawers
  • Sturdy and durable desk frames 
  • Blends into your home office design
  • Top-notch manufacturing materials
  • You can alternate sit and standard postures during work

cable management tray CMP502

Rearrange Cables

A tangled cable mess is never a way to breed productivity. If you have different monitors connected to the wall, the wires must stay organized or arranged. 

Organizing your cables in the workspace helps you fend off distractions. When you have a space cluttered with cables mess, there’s a high probability that it would take extra space. 

A cable tray can make your cable organization simple and classy. With that out of the way, your office will appear to have more space.

Speaking of cable trays, flexispot’s cable management tray keeps your cords together and helps tidy up your desk. And the installation process is nothing compared to the level of organization you’ll enjoy while using it.   

Strive for a Creative Approach

One way to maximize a small space is by letting your creative juices flow out to influence the space. You can capture a relaxing mood with a particular color on your wall. Or try personalizing your space artistically and introducing colors that are personal to you.

Color psychology isn’t a one shoe size-all concept. It varies depending on the personality of a person. However, cool colors like blue fall under the cool terrain in most people’s color psychology.

Warm and bright colors are proven tools that can effectively make your space appear bigger. On the flip side, darker color tones suck up your office space and make it look smaller.

Go Paperless

Technology presents us with an alternative way of doing things. In this case, technology has given us digital documentation as replacements for physical documents.

Paper takes a lot of working space. We agree that it’s better to have copies of some important documents. However, it wouldn’t hurt to go paperless. It would save you space and make your workspace less cluttered.

There is software that can make digital business contracts and signing a cinch. Having a digital filling system goes beyond making extra space; it’s an organized and neat way of handling documents.

Mark Out the Dead Spaces

Every workspace has a dead space. This may be a bit confusing, but we’ll break it down. Dead spaces are spaces that you can’t use in a room. For instance, you can’t place your desk in front of a fireplace; that’s a dead space.

For most workspaces, there’s a space like that. It could be the space behind the door or a random space that you can’t use. You must factor out these dead spaces to be sure of the workspace you have left. 

If you boycott this stage, it might foil your plans eventually. Moreover, a realistic workspace plan isn’t complete without actual knowledge of the square footage available. 

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

Maximize Corner Spaces

We all have that corner space that seems useless. You can afford to keep leaving it that way if you have an excess workspace. But when you have a small office space, no space is useless—except dead spaces. 

Your corner space could be useful, and it doesn’t have to stay empty. You could buy a minimalist corner desk and save up the space that would have held a normal desk. However, having your desk facing two walls could be a turn-off. If that’s the case for you, not worry. There are other ways to make a corner space useful.

For example, you can tuck away your storage cabinet or shelves neatly. Or it could be a copy machine. Ditto on your decorations, garbage, and mesh cabinets. 

You don’t necessarily have to place anything there; it could be a mini artistic corner that brightens up the room. The corner space walls can have beautiful designs to trigger your creativity.

Whatever you do, don’t leave a corner space useless—especially when you have a small workspace. 

Under Desk Drawer S01

Clear Your Under-Desk Space

Given, a clear under desk space is keeps your legs comfortably free during work. Besides the comfort, clearing the space under your desk creates a large space illusion. 

So, can you place a file cabinet under your desk? No. Undoubtedly, a file cabinet encourages organization and serves as a storage space. But it’s not a welcome idea if you are struggling to maintain small office space. 

You can replace file cabinets with floating shelves, for instance, since it won’t consume any open floor space. Or get any other storage shelves that hang on a wall will work just fine.

Embrace Flexibility

Flexible workspace allows you to deviate from traditional office setup and save space as much as you can.

With proper planning, you can easily map out how you intend to use your office space. Keep up the personalization vibe and, at the same time, make it ergonomically fit. Besides those two rules, there are no other rules. 

Make sure you are comfortable and that your space is clutter-free.

Flooring Ideas

Rug covering is by far one of the most popular floor coverings. And it might seem basic and harmless, but with a small space, a carpet isn’t suitable. 

Here’s why. Rugs have a way of clamping up and shrinking an enclosed space even more so when the space in question appears small already.

Go for wall-to-wall flooring as it makes a room appear bigger than normal. However, avoid using floorings like wood, or you will have to deal with an echoing workspace.

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Rearrange Your Office Furniture

Office setups are of various types. When you have a minimalist office setup, it becomes necessary to arrange your desk and stool or ergonomic chair properly. 

This minor task can affect how much space you get to save in your office and how cluttered it looks generally. 

To start with, your desk should be placed in a corner space, if possible. Summarily, it would help if you positioned all your workstations with intentions to maximize the office workspace.


Your small office space shouldn’t affect your work efficiency in any way. If you follow these tips, there’s every possibility that you can make a tiny office space bigger than it is. Although trying to arrange and maximize your space, you may encounter challenges and struggles with figuring out your needs. 

But essentially, find out warm colors that give you a relaxing feel; and arrange your ergonomic workstation following a minimalist office setup. Remember that a stool can easily replace office chairs and offer a healthy alternative. Don’t forget to enjoy creative lighting that lifts your mood.

Utilizing a small office workspace is a feat that is unachievable without the necessary knowledge. Not to worry, those seven tips will help you achieve this without stress. 

So, keep the atmosphere positive and relaxed because It’s about time you figured out what works for you and what doesn’t.